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Wordpress Interview Questions and Answers

by sonia, on May 23, 2017 6:32:14 PM

Wordpress Interview Questions and Answers

Q1. What is WordPress?

Ans: Word press is a best Open Source CMS which allows it to be used free of cost.  You can use it on any kind of personal or commercial website without have to pay a single penny for it. It is built on PHP/MySQL (which is again Open Source) and licensed under GPL.


WordPress is an open source Content Management System (CMS), which allows the users to build dynamic websites and blog.

Q2. How safe is website on WordPress?

Ans:  The word press is safe to operate but still it is suggested to keep updating with the latest version of WordPress to avoid hacking.

Q3. Are there any limitations to a WordPress web site?

Ans: You can use WordPress for e-commerce sites, membership sites, photo galleries and any other type of site you can think of. The web site is created using the same html code as any other site so there are no limitations there either.

Q4. Do you need to have a blog in order to use WordPress for site?

Ans: WordPress was originally used as blogging software though it has since become popular for website also.  It is not necessary to have a blog to use wordpress.  Still having blog is commendable as it will help in search engine optimization.

Q5. From SEO point of view is wordpress helpful? Will it show the website on Google?

Ans:  It is one of the benefit of using wordpress, it has inbuilt SEO search engine. Also, you can have an additional plug-in in wordpress to help with SEO and rank on a popular search engine like Google.

Q6. What is the current version of wordpress?

Ans: You need to quote the current version of WordPress available in market along with the release date.

WordPress version 5.0.3 (which was released on january 9, 2019)

Q7. What are the types of hooks in WordPress and mention their functions?

Ans: There are two types of hooks 1) Action hooks 2) Filter hooks. Hooks allow user to create WordPress theme or plugin with shortcode without changing the original files. Action hooks allow you to insert an additional code from an outside resource, whereas, Filter hooks will only allow you to add a content or text at the end of the post.

Q8. What do you mean by custom field in wordpress?

Ans: Custom field is a meta-data that allows you to store arbitrary information to the wordpress post. Through custom field extra information can be added to the post.

Q9. What are the positive aspects of wordpress?

Ans: Few positive aspects of wordpress are

  • Easy installation and upgrade
  • In-built SEO engine
  • Easy theme system
  • Flexibility
  • Multilingual- available in more than 70 languages
  • Own data- no unwanted advert on your website
  • Flexibility and Easy publishing option

Q10. What are the rules that you have to follow for wordpress plugin development?


  1. Create a unique name
  2. Create the plugin’s folder
  3. Create a sub-folder for PHP files,  translations and assets
  4. Create the main plug-in file and fill in header information
  5. Create activation and de-activation functions
  6. Create an uninstall script
  7. Create a readme.txt file
  8. To detect paths to plugin file use proper constants and functions

Q11. What is the prefix of wordpress tables by default?

Ans: By default, wp_ is the prefix for wordpress.

Q12. Why does WordPress use MySQL?

Ans:  MySQL is widely available database server and is extremely fast.  It is an open source and it is available at no cost also it is supported by many low-cost Linux hosts so its easy for anyone to host their website.

Q13. Is it possible to rename the WordPress folder?

Ans: Yes, it is possible to rename the WordPress folder.  If WordPress is already installed you have to login to the weblog as the administrator and then change the settings

WordPress address (URI)  :

Blog address( URI) :

After making the changes, you can rename the folder or directory with the WordPress file in it.


Q14. How many tables are there in WordPress by default?

Ans: There are about 11 tables in WordPress by default. Note: With succeeding releases of WordPress this number will change. You need to check phpMyAdmin to determine the number of tables in a vanilla version of latest WordPress installation.

Q15. What is WordPress loop?

Ans: To display post WordPress use PHP code, this code is known as loop.

Q16. How you can disable the WordPress comment?

Ans: If you go on dashboard under options-discussion there is a comment “ Allow people to post comment” try unchecking the comment.

Q17. What are the steps you can take if your WordPress file is hacked?


  1. Install security plug-ins like WP security
  2. Re-install the latest version of WordPress
  3. Change password and user-ids for all your users
  4. Check your themes and plug-ins are up to date

Q18. What are the template tags in WordPress?

Ans: In WordPress template tags is a code that instructs WordPress to “do” or “get” something.

Q19. Does WordPress have cookies?

Ans: Yes, WordPress have cookies and WordPress uses cookies for verification of users while logged in.

Q20. In what case you don’t see plugin menu?

Ans: You can’t see your plugin menu when the blog is hosted on free as you cannot add plugin there.  Also, if you do not have an account of an administrator level on your WordPress is not possible to see plugin.

Q21. At what instance you get locked out of your WordPress admin and see your website as a blank screen?

Ans: This would likely happen when you have pasted a code from a website with wrong formats, also when you have pasted a code in a wrong location. It may also happen when your IP is banned

Q22. Why you use a static front page in wordpress?

Ans: Some WordPress users wants their WordPress installation to be more than a blog site. To give their page a look more like a real website page some users use static front page.

Q23. What are the plugins you can use to create contact form in WordPress?

Ans: To create a contact form in WordPress you can use plugin like Gravity forms or also you can use a free plugin contact form 7.

Q24.Why widget does not show up in the sidebar?

Ans: While using widget you have to ensure whether your theme supports the widget and if it does then it must show the sidebar.  If in any case if it happens that you don’t see the sidebar then it might be missing the “function.php” file or file similar to that.  This can also happen if you have forgot to save the changes in the widget or refreshing the older display of the page.

Q25. Is there any limitation for using WordPress?

Ans: No, there is no limitation for using WordPress.  WordPress can be used for innumerable purpose membership site, e-commerce site, photo-gallery and many more.

Q26. How is creating a site on different from

Ans: Most of the things are similar in both except the choices of themes and the usage of plugins.

Q27. Why is considered more secure than

Ans: is considered more secure than because they limit the themes and also does not allow installing plugin’s.  However the security is more dependable on how the hosting company is hosting your website( & also what are the steps they are taking to prevent the security problems.

Q28. Does de-activated plugins slow down a WordPress site?

Ans: No, de-activated plugins cannot slow down the WordPress site.  Wordpress only loads the active plugins and ignores everything else.

Q29. In what case we cannot recommend WordPress to our client?

Ans: We cannot recommend WordPress on following situation:

  • If client is working on non-CMS base project
  • If site wants complex or innovative e-commerce
  • In case of enterprise intranet solution
  • Sites requiring custom scripting solutions.

Q30. What are the essential features you look for a theme?

Ans: Theme selection differs according to the requirement, but an ideal theme would be something that would not restrict to use the number of pages, plugins or static homepage.

Q31. How Custom theme is different than Normal theme?

Ans: Custom theme allows for SEO search, but with a SEO plugin available it would not make much difference to normal theme. One benefit using the Custom theme is that it allows to make the changes without going much into the coding part.

Q32. How you can create a static page with WordPress?
Ans: To create a static page in wordpress, in the page section  you have to upload a php files to the server in the theme folder, and then select that as your template.  This allows you to add any page and look that you wanted for your blog and it will remain static.


Q33. Is there any other CMS better WordPress?

Ans: WordPress is no doubt a good CMS, but Drupal and Joomla are among the best CMS you can work with.

Q34. Which is the best multi-lingual plugin for wordpress?

Ans: Keeping all the limitations in mind, WPML would be the best multi-lingual plugin for wordpress .

Q35.Can you update your own content on the site?

Ans: It depends on the type of the site or project, but yes one can update their own content on the site.

Q36. What are meta-tags?

Ans: Meta-tags are keywords and description used to display website or page information.

Q37. What should one use for plugin development — custom post types or custom database tables?

Ans: There is no specific preference for plugin development; it depends on what type of plugin’s one has to develop. Though few recommend custom post type, as it has few benefits comparison to custom database table.

Q38. Can you host WordPress using  Amazon web services such as EC2, RDS, EBS etc?

Ans: Yes, you can host using Amazon web services.

Q39. Is there any way to write series in WordPress?

Ans: You can use organize series plugin to write series in wordpress.

Q40. What are the reasons why one should not hack WordPress core file?

Ans: The best reason not to hack the core files is that whatever you might be doing has to be reworked as a patch.

Q41. List some features of WordPress?

Ans: The features of WordPress are −

  • User Management
  • Media Management
  • Theme System
  • Extend with Plugins
  • Search Engine Optimized
  • Multilingual
  • Importers

Q42. What are disadvantages of WordPress?

Ans: The disadvantages of WordPress are −

  • Using several plugins can make website heavy to load and run.
  • PHP knowledge is required to do modification or changes in the WordPress website.
  • Sometimes software needs to be updated to keep the WordPress up to date with the current browsers and mobile devices. Updating of WordPress version leads to loss of data so it requires the backup copy of website.
  • Modifying and formatting the graphic images and tables is difficult.

Q43. What are the different types of gadgets present in the WordPress Dashboard?

Ans: The different types of gadgets present in the WordPress Dashboard are −

  1. Dashboard Menu
  2. Screen Options
  3. Welcome
  4. Quick Draft
  5. WordPress News
  6. Activity
  7. At a Glance

Q44. What is the use of Quick Draft section in WordPress Dashboard?

Ans: The Quick Draft is a mini post editor allows writing, saving and publishing post from admin dashboard. It includes the title for the draft, some notes about your draft and save it as a Draft.

Q45. What is the use of WordPress News in WordPress Dashboard?

Ans: The WordPress News widget displays the latest news such as latest software version, updates, alerts, news regarding the software etc from the official WordPress blog.

Q46. What is At a glance in WordPress Dashboard?

Ans: This section gives overview of your blog's posts, number of published posts and pages, number of comments. When you click on these links, you will be taken to the respective screen. It displays the current version of running WordPress along with currently running theme on the site.

Q47. What is Activity Widget in WordPress Dashboard?

Ans: The Activity widget includes latest comments on your blog, recent posts and recently published posts. It allows you to unapprove or approve the comment, reply to the comment, editing the comment or you can delete the comment or move it to spam.

Q48. What is the use of WordPress General Setting?

Ans: WordPress general setting is used to set the basic configuration settings for your site.

Q49. What is WordPress Writing Setting?

Ans: The writing settings controls WordPress writing experience and provides options for customizing WordPress site. These settings control WordPress's features in the adding and editing posts, Pages, and Post Types, as well as the optional functions like Remote Publishing, Post via e-mail, and Update Services.

Q50. What is the use of Post via e-mail option in WordPress Writing Setting?

Ans: This option uses email address to create post for you and publishes posts on your blog by email. To use this, you'll need to set up a secret e-mail account with a POP3 access, and any mail received at this address will be posted.

Q51. What is WordPress Reading Setting?

Ans: Reading Setting is used to set the content related to the front page. Here you can set the number of post to be displayed on the main page.

What is the use of Syndication feeds show the most recent field in WordPress Reading Settings?

The user can view the number of posts when they download one of the site feeds. By default, it is set as 10.

Q52. What is the use of Search Engine Visibility field in WordPress Reading settings?

Ans: It Discourage search engines from indexing this site, your site will be ignored by the search engine.

Q53. What is WordPress Discussion setting?

Ans: WordPress discussion setting can be defined as the interaction between the blogger and your visitors. These settings are done by the admin to have a control over the posts/pages that come in through users.

Q54. What is the use of Media setting?

Ans:It is used to set the height and widths for the images which you're going to use into your website.

Q55. What is Permalink setting?

Ans: Permalink is a permanent link to a particular blog post or category. It allows setting the default permalink structure. These settings are used to add permalinks to your posts in Wordpress.

Q56. What is Plugin setting?

Ans: Plugin allows easily modifying, customizing or enhancing wordPress blog or post. The wordPress Plugin is software that can be uploaded to expand the functionality of the site. They add services or features to wordPress blog.

Q57. What is wordPress Category?

Ans: Category is used to indicate sections of your site and group related posts. It sorts the group content into different sections. It is a very convenient way to organize the posts.

Q58. What is wordPress Post?

Ans: Posts are also known as articles and sometimes referred as blogs or blog posts. These are used to popularize your blogs.

Q59. What is Preview Post in wordPress?

Ans: Preview Post is to view the post before it is published to the user. It's safer to preview your post and verify how your post looks on website.

Q60. What is Publish Post in wordPress?

Ans: Publish is used to make the post available to all the users wherein every user can view that particular post.

Q61. What is Media Library?

Ans: Media Library consists of the images, audios, videos and files that you can upload and add to the content when writing a Post or Page.

Q62. What is Grid View in Media Library?

Ans: It displays all images in the grid format.

Q63. How media files can be inserted into the Wordpress site?

Ans: Media files can be inserted to your Pages or Posts from libraries, from local storage or from URLs.

Q64. What are pages in wordPress?

Ans: Pages are static content and often do not change its displayed information.

Q65. What is WYSIWYG Editor?

Ans: WYSIWYG Editor is similar to a word processor interface where we can edit the contents of the article.

Q66. What is Page attribute module?

Ans: Page attributes module allows you to select parents for your particular page. You can also set order of the pages.

Q67. What is Tag in wordPress?

Ans: Tag is small information attached to main content or post for the purpose of identification. It tells the visitors what actually the post is about. If the tag is mentioned properly then it helps to find the content very easily.

Q68. What is the use of Slug field in tags?

Ans: It is used to specify the tags URL.

Q69. What are link in WordPress?

Ans: Link is a connection from one resource to another. Adding links to your pages or blog posts helps you to connect to other pages.

Q70. What is the use of adding comments?

Ans: Adding comments allows your visitors to have a discussion with you. Comments are approved by the admin and then posted to be discussed further.

Q71. What is a Moderate comment?

Ans: Comment moderation is a process where, when visitors comment on posts, the comment is not published directly until and unless it is approved by the admin to be posted. It manages your comments so that there is no comment spamming.

Q72. What is the role of Contributor in WordPress?

Ans: Contributor can only write and edit their posts until published. They can create their own posts and pages but cannot publish them. They cannot upload images or files but can see your site's status. When they want to publish any post, it must be first notified personally to the administrator by the contributor to review. When the post is approved the contributor cannot make any changes once publishe

Q73. What is Theme Management in WordPress?

Ans: Themes make your websites display with modification. It includes image files, templates, css stylesheets etc that can help you to make your website look great.

Q74. What is Customize theme?

Ans: Customizing themes helps you to give a new look to your website. Here you can change background images/colors, add titles, and do much more.

Q75. What is Widget Management?

Ans: Widgets are small blocks that perform specific functions. These give design and structure control to the WordPress theme.

  • They help you add content and features.
  • They can be easily dragged and dropped in widget area.
  • Widgets vary theme to theme. They are not same for every theme.

Q76. Mention the steps to optimize your WordPress?

Ans: The steps to optimize the WordPress are −

  • High quality and meaningful content.
  • Have right names for images.
  • Use short permalinks that include keywords.
  • Optimized themes.
  • Sitemap in XML format.
  • Connect posts to social networks.
  • Beware of black hat techniques.
  • Delete your trash box.
  • Keep Checking Your Site Statistics
  • Keep checking your plugins.
  • Using Css and JavaScript effectively.

Q77. What is the role of Editor in WordPress?

Ans: The Editor has access to all the posts, pages, comments, categories, tags, and links. They can create, publish, edit or delete any posts or pages.

Q78. What is the role of Follower in WordPress?

Ans: Follower can only read and comment on the posts. Followers are the ones who have signed in to your account to receive updates.

Q79. What is the role of Viewer in WordPress?

Ans: Viewers can only view your posts; they cannot edit but can only comment on the posts.

Q80. What is Media Management?

Ans: It is the tool for managing the media files and folder, in which you can easily upload, organize and manage your media files on your website.

Q81. What is Multilingual?

Ans: It allows translating all the content into the user choice languages.

Q82. What is User Management?

Ans: It allows managing the user information such as changing the role of the users to (subscriber, contributor, author, editor or administrator), create or delete the user, change the password and user information. The main part of the user manager is Authentication.

Q83. Which is the PHP compatibility used for WordPress?

Ans: PHP 5.2+

Q84. What is Wordpress Dashboard?

Ans: The WordPress Dashboard is a first screen which will be seen when you log into the administration area of your blog which will display overview of the website. It is a collection of gadgets that provide information and give a glance overview of what's happening with your blog. You can customize your needs by using some quick links such as writing quick draft, replying to latest comment etc.

Q85. What is the use of Avatar field in Wordpress Discussion Setting?

Ans: Avatar is a small image that displays at the top-right-hand corner of the dashboard screen beside your name. It is like your profile picture.

Q86. What is the use of WordPress Address field in General setting?

Ans: It is the URL of WordPress directory where your all core application files are present.

Q87. What is the use of Mail Server in WordPress Writing setting?

Ans: It allows reading the emails that you send to WordPress and stores them for retrieval. For this you need to have POP3 compatible mail server and it will have URI address such as, which you should enter here.

Q88. What are Importers?

Ans: It allows importing data in the form of posts. It imports custom files, comments, post pages and tags.

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