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Leadership at the Peak


About Program

The Leadership at the Peak program focuses on the fact that it’s different at the top. myTectra understands that leading an organization is a powerful — and humbling — experience. Top leaders play an enormous role in the success of organizations. And, they need to excel in new ways. The challenges of leadership at the top are far-reaching, complex and essential to get right.

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What Do Participants Learn?

Top leaders gain a clear view of their impact on the organization and:

  • Develop clear action plans for organizational challenges & priorities.
  • Clarify organizational vision.
  • Explore their leadership effectiveness, within the organization & in comparison to other senior executives.
  • Improve external influence skills with boards, shareholders, partners & critical stakeholders.
  • Enhance executive image & communication skills.
  • Learn to balance & sustain their own energy.

Why Choose myTectra?

  • Check Track Record.
  • Training Methodology and Course Material.
  • Instructor
  • Standard Fees.
  • Syllabus

The Challenge

  • Business operations: the heart of all other challenges.
  • Strategic issues: setting & realizing vision, direction & goals.
  • Managing change: day-to-day & long-term.
  • Leading across levels, silos, cultures, backgrounds & interests.
  • Talent management: ensuring the current & future talent pipeline.
  • Individual impact: understanding  & adjusting leadership style.

Who Should Attend?

  • C-level & senior executives in the top three tiers of the organization.
  • More than 15 years of management experience & leadership responsibility for 500+ people.
  • Admission is by application.

The Result

What Participants Say About Leadership at the Peak Experience: 

Better Prepared

say they are better prepared for future responsibilities


say this program was worth the time & effort

Next Step

say they are better prepared to take the next step in their career

"myTectra Provides excellent leadership coach – myTectra's coach's are calm and collected, always making me feel at ease. He challenges my understanding of my ambitions and direction and has empowered me to find clarity and a plan for the future. I always leave sessions feeling more motivated and ready to make changes!"

Mani Paramasivam
CEO, Food Manufacturing

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