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Leadership Training

Providing focused training to leaders and deep immersion into specific leadership topics.

Servant Leadership Program

Leadership is the pillar on which the progressive and successful change is built.


This program enables leaders to move to the next level by developing behaviours and skills to serve their people...

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Women Leadership Development

myTectra helps you better prepared for future responsibilities.


An in-depth journey to help develop and grow effective women leaders. The program consists...

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Leadership at the Peak

Help top leaders to explore their leadership effectiveness, improve external influence skills and plan for organizational challenges.


The Leadership at the Peak program focuses on the fact that it’s different at the top. myTectra understands...

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Inspiring Value-based Leadership

Learn the role of values in the workplace and build awareness around your own value systems.


An immersive one day program to help senior leaders align to a common purpose, define and examine the company...

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Executive Coaching

Provides greater level of self-awareness to help overcome limiting beliefs. The coaching helps in building strong leadership and talent development.

Executive Coaching-800x500

We provided personalized  Executive Coaching services, focusing on helping senior professionals move to...

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Leadership and Effective Teamwork

Helps you in developing leadership skills, teamwork and organization dynamics, how to build effective teams.


The Leadership at the Peak program focuses on the fact that it’s different at the top. myTectra understands...

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Reinventing@40 Workshop

This unique workshop combines practical solutions from real-life experiences and principles of design thinking to will help managers understand the process of reinvention.


Reinventing@40 is the first of its kind unique one day workshop which allows managers to relook...

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Career Transition Management

Learn how to build a brand, to take charge of careers. This program is suitable for companies recruiting from diverse backgrounds.


The Career Transition and Lateral Hire Integration program is an immersive journey to help...

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Science of Happiness @ Workplace

Explore workplace happiness frameworks, initiatives,and challenges. It addresses challenges around lower level of motivation and lower level of attention.


Employee Happiness is the next level of Employee Engagement!! Happier employees mean...

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