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Internet of Things (IOT)

Training Mode: Class Room / Live Online

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IOT Training in Bangalore - Live Online & Classroom

IOT Training course observes iot as the platform for networking of different devices on the internet and their inter related communication. Reading data through the sensors and processing it with applications sitting in the cloud and thereafter passing the processed data to generate different kind of output is the motive of the complete curricula. Students are made to understand the type of input devices and communications among the devices in a wireless media.

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Business Overview of Why IoT is so important
Case Studies from Nest, CISCO and top industries
IoT adaptation rate in North American & and how they are aligning their future business model and operation around IoT
Broad Scale Application Area
Smart House and Smart City
Industrial Internet
Smart Cars
Home Healthcare
Business Rule Generation for IoT
3 layered architecture of Big Data — Physical (Sensors), Communication , and Data Intelligence
Introduction of IoT: All about Sensors – Electronics
Basic function and architecture of a sensor — sensor body, sensor mechanism, sensor calibration, sensor maintenance, cost and pricing structure, legacy and modern sensor network — all the basics about the sensors
Development of sensor electronics — IoT vs legacy, and open source vs traditional PCB design style
Development of sensor communication protocols — history to modern days. Legacy protocols like
Modbus, relay, HART to modern day Zigbee, Zwave, X10,Bluetooth, ANT, etc.
Business driver for sensor deployment — FDA/EPA regulation, fraud/tempering detection, supervision, quality control and process management
Different Kind of Calibration Techniques — manual, automation, infield, primary and secondary calibration — and their implication in IoT
Powering options for sensors — battery, solar, Witricity, Mobile and PoE
Hands on training with single silicon and other sensors like temperature, pressure, vibration, magnetic field, power factor etc.
Fundamental of M2M communication — Sensor Network and Wireless protocol
What is a sensor network? What is ad-hoc network?
Wireless vs. Wireline network
WiFi- 802.11 families: N to S — application of standards and common vendors.
Zigbee and Zwave — advantage of low power mesh networking. Long distance Zigbee. Introduction to different Zigbee chips.
Bluetooth/BLE: Low power vs high power, speed of detection, class of BLE. Introduction of Bluetooth vendors & their review.
Creating network with Wireless protocols such as Piconet by BLE
Protocol stacks and packet structure for BLE and Zigbee
Other long distance RF communication link
LOS vs NLOS links
Capacity and throughput calculation
Application issues in wireless protocols — power consumption, reliability, PER, QoS, LOS
Hands on training with sensor network
1. PICO NET- BLE Base network
2. Zigbee network-master/slave communication
3. Data Hubs : MC and single computer ( like Beaglebone ) based datahub
Review of Electronics Platform, production and cost projection
PCB vs FPGA vs ASIC design-how to take decision
Prototyping electronics vs Production electronics
QA certificate for IoT- CE/CSA/UL/IEC/RoHS/IP65: What are those and when needed?
Basic introduction of multi-layer PCB design and its workflow
Electronics reliability-basic concept of FIT and early mortality rate
Environmental and reliability testing-basic concepts
Basic Open source platforms: Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Beaglebone, when needed?
RedBack, Diamond Back
Conceiving a new IoT product- Product requirement document for IoT
State of the present art and review of existing technology in the market place
Suggestion for new features and technologies based on market analysis and patent issues
Detailed technical specs for new products- System, software, hardware, mechanical, installation etc.
Packaging and documentation requirements
Servicing and customer support requirements
High level design (HLD) for understanding of product concept
Release plan for phase wise introduction of the new features
Skill set for the development team and proposed project plan -cost & duration
Target manufacturing price
Introduction to Mobile app platform for IoT
Protocol stack of Mobile app for IoT
Mobile to server integration –what are the factors to look out
What are the intelligent layer that can be introduced at Mobile app level ?
iBeacon in IoS
Window Azure
Linkafy Mobile platform for IoT
Machine learning for intelligent IoT
Introduction to Machine learning
Learning classification techniques
Bayesian Prediction-preparing training file
Support Vector Machine
Image and video analytic for IoT
Fraud and alert analytic through IoT
Bio –metric ID integration with IoT
Real Time Analytic/Stream Analytic
Scalability issues of IoT and machine learning
What are the architectural implementation of Machine learning for IoT
Analytic Engine for IoT
Insight analytic
Visualization analytic
Structured predictive analytic
Unstructured predictive analytic
Recommendation Engine
Pattern detection
Rule/Scenario discovery — failure, fraud, optimization
Root cause discovery
Security in IoT implementation
Why security is absolutely essential for IoT
Mechanism of security breach in IOT layer
Privacy enhancing technologies
Fundamental of network security
Encryption and cryptography implementation for IoT data
Security standard for available platform
European legislation for security in IoT platform
Secure booting
Device authentication
Firewalling and IPS
Updates and patches
Database implementation for IoT : Cloud based IoT platforms
SQL vs NoSQL-Which one is good for your IoT application
Open sourced vs. Licensed Database
Available M2M cloud platform
CISCO M2M platform
AT &T M2M platform
Google M2M platform
A few common IoT systems
Home automation
Energy optimization in Home
Smart Smoke alarm
BAC ( Blood alcohol monitoring ) for drug abusers under probation
Pet cam for Pet lovers
Wearable IOT
Mobile parking ticketing system
Indoor location tracking in Retail store
Home health care
Smart Sports Watch
Big Data for IoT
4V- Volume, velocity, variety and veracity of Big Data
Why Big Data is important in IoT
Big Data vs legacy data in IoT
Hadoop for IoT-when and why?
Storage technique for image, Geospatial and video data
Distributed database
Parallel computing basics for IoT

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Teaching is unique and understandable. Review by p.dhana laxmi
As per my tutor, the enrolled classes are done.
I have finished IOT and Python classes which were taken by Ravi Prakash. Teaching is unique and understandable.
Class was really good and interactive Review by Prajnya Parimita Patra
I have completed my IOT course with mytectra. The training was good. Thanks to Ravi sir and Vinayak Sir for their knowledge sharing even though it is a new concept in industry. They have promised on helping or clearing doubt during my own study and project/.I have missed certain practice classes . But thanks to Mytectra management team had agreed to give offline support and allow to attend the class on understanding of the missing or certain completed part of the IOT course on need basis with their existing iot batches .
Course was wonderful Review by Devashish Tripathy
I have completed my IoT and Python course under VINAYAK sir.I would like to convey my sincere thanks for all.
Amazing teaching Review by sree vishnu 316
Attended course had amazing teaching experience..
Best teaching i have had so far from working professional.
friendly faculty and great commitment by the trainer Mr.Vinayak
worth it!
And great support from Kadmeil sir with class schedules.
Class was really good and interactive Review by poonam Kumar
I took up the course on IoT and Python ,classes headed by Ravi Prakash Sir.The class was really good and interactive.Doubts and clarifications were cleared appropriately.All in all,it was good.
Good place to learn new technologies Review by Raghavendra R
Learnt IOT here,Good place to learn new technologies, very helpful staff. IOT was taught by Ravi sir, and helped us in understanding topics very well.
Training was excellent Review by Pavan Gm
I joined here for IOT with Training. The trainer Ravi Prakash sir , he is the best in the industry is what i feel. Almost everything he teaches you with hands on devices. If you are passionate about learning iot , i suggest this is the place where you should come for.
I have completed IOT training from myTectra Review by Jameel Ahmed
I have successfully completed IOT Training. The way of training theoretical & practical was wonderful. Thank you so much myTectra. I recommended
I have completed IOT course from myTectra Review by Suhas Badravathi
I have completed successfully IOT training in myTectra. The way of teaching very good to understand the concept & showed real program that makes as perfect thank you so much myTectra.. I recommended
I have complete IOT course from myTectra Review by Bipul Kumar
I have completed IOT course . I would like to share my course completion feedback. Trainer taught All the section very nicely with covered & hands on.I recommended

Items 1 to 10 of 21 total

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