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The most powerful Python training ever offered.

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Artificial Intelligence

Learn "The Skill of the Century" our way!

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Machine Learning

Launch your Machine Learning career with ease!

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Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Build your cloud skills with this Solution Architect course

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Internet of Things (IoT)

An extensive approach to learn "the next big thing"

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RPA using UiPath

Explore Robotic Process Automation, for learners who are passionate about automation!

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Data Science

This intensive data science course, lets you become data analytic experts without any past coding knowledge

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Learn the most sought after technology which is aimed at gaining expertise in development and deployment

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A complete hands-on course which let's you create applications from scratch

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Big Data and Hadoop

Master data analytics and get hands-on with the leading big data tools

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Python with Django

The popular web framework and the most popular programming language that you can invest on!

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Helps you to become an expert on Microsoft cloud. learn to design, configure and implement

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Learn this emerging technology's architecture, working with cyptocurrencies and Hyperledger

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React Native

Learn cross-platform mobile app development with enhanced UI/UX experience

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From building a single-page application to becoming a successful UI developer

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Adobe Experience Manager

This course let's you explore the powerful features of AEM

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Power BI

A powerful cloud-based suite of business analytics tools that make it easy to combine data from multiple sources, analyze and visualize information

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Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

Learn GCP fundamentals and GCP for systems operations professionals

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PCB Design

Get to know PCB Design techniques in an intuitive and practical way

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Selenium Webdriver

For those looking for an in-depth learning experience in Selenium Webdriver With Java

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Gain a strong foundational knowledge of PowerShell Scripting, enhance your professional profile, showcase your expertise and attract new clients. 

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Perl Scripting

Learn "Duct tape of the internet" from very basics to the advanced level concepts

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TCL Scripting

Provide easy access to networking facilities and is commonly used to generate dynamic web pages.

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Linux Shell Scripting

Learn to automate tasks in OS and in the application and how it's embedded in shell

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Python With Mobile Testing

Python is one of the most popular choices for mobile apps testing and software testing. Run tests for iOS and Android apps with Python easily. 

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Automation Testing with Python

Takes a holistic approach towards automation testing concepts with Python.

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Mastering Ansible 

Build your Ansible skills and be ready to successfully automate, configure, manage, and build a strong foundation for DevOps.

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Mastering TypeScript

Learn how TypeScript is used to build large web applications.

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Mastering Cassandra

Apache Cassandra course at myTectra starts with the fundamental concepts of using a highly-scalable, column-oriented database to implement appropriate use cases.

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mySQL Developer

To familiarize you with this popular open source database management system.
Learn database design, security and performance

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Excel VBA

Learn from basics to build custom user applications using VBA.

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Mastering MongoDB

This course will help you master one of the most popular NoSQL databases. The course covers topics such as CRUD Operations, Schema Design and Data Modelling, Scalability etc.

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Database Fundamentals

Introduces you to the fundamentals of effective database systems. Also learn to use SQL language for effective data retrieval and modification.

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Mastering Redis

Explore Redis data structure, web applications, commands, data management etc.

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Provides hands-on experience to master the multi-model NoSQL file-oriented database.Learn Couchbase distributed architecture, Couchbase Server, searching, querying, indexing data and Couchbase flexible data model.

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Advanced SQL

Let's take the next step of learning the advanced concepts of Oracle SQL to advance in your career.

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Master ArangoDB query language (AQL) that can be used to retrieve and modify data that are stored in ArangoDB

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Oracle Cloud

Learn Oracle cloud computing service, identity, access management service, networking, storage etc.

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AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials

This course provides you with an overall understanding of the AWS Cloud, independent of specific technical roles. It provides a detailed overview of cloud concepts and AWS services, security, architecture, pricing, and support.

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DevOps Engineering on AWS

This course covers the core principles of the DevOps methodology and examines a number of use cases applicable to startup, small-medium business, and enterprise development scenarios

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Developing on AWS

Helps developers understand how to use the AWS SDK to develop secure and scalable cloud applications. Provides in-depth knowledge about how to interact with AWS using code and covers key concepts, best practices, and troubleshooting tips.

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Advanced Architecting on AWS

Building on concepts introduced in Architecting on AWS, Advanced Architecting on AWS is intended for individuals who are experienced with designing scalable and elastic applications on the AWS platform. 

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AWS Security Fundamentals

AWS Security Fundamentals is designed to introduce you to fundamental cloud computing and AWS security concepts including AWS access control and management, governance, logging, and encryption methods.

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Migrating to AWS

This course covers various cloud migration strategies with a detailed discussion on each phase of the migration process, including portfolio discovery, application migration planning and design, migration execution, and post-migration validation and application optimization.

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Data Warehousing on AWS

Data Warehousing on AWS introduces you to concepts, strategies, and best practices for designing a cloud-based data warehousing solution using Amazon Redshift, the petabyte-scale data warehouse in AWS.

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Big Data on AWS

Big Data on AWS introduces you to cloud-based big data solutions such as Amazon Elastic MapReduce (EMR), Amazon Redshift, Amazon Kinesis and the rest of the AWS big data platform. 

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Warehouse Management

Explore Warehouse manager's function, processes, systems, storage, costs, performance, inventory management etc.

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AWS Sysops

Gain technical expertise in
deploying, managing, and operating scalable, highly available, and fault tolerant systems on AWS.

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Mastering Git and GitHub

Learn fundamental concepts like Git branch and advance topics like design and Git work flow. The course will cover different components of Git and GitHub and how they are used in software development operations.

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This course will help you master the key concepts of Docker and how data can be containerized into different containers, architecture of Docker, containerization and various operations performed on it. 

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Citrix XenDesktop 7.6

This course provides learners with the skills required to successfully deploy a complete Citrix hosted application and desktop virtualization solution in a Windows Server 2012 R2 environment. 

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AWS CodeDeploy

This course includes reference materials and code necessary to jumpstart your use of CodeDeploy, including IAM roles, CloudFormation templates, example revisions, and best practices for designing your implementation.

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Mastering Ansible

A step-by-step journey of learning Ansible for configuration management and orchestration. The course is designed as a journey through configuring a realistic application stack from the ground up.

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Cloud Security

This course will start with the challenges of identity and access management in cloud environments. Next, more businesses are utilizing the cloud to store critical data and we will cover how to protect your critical data in the cloud.

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Mastering Puppet

This course takes participants from the pains of approach to configuration management to being able to take advantage of Puppet to build configure maintain and automate a network of scale-able secure and high performance systems.

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Microsoft BI

Learn SSIS, reports, OLAP, SSAS etc.

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Advanced MS Excel

Master the art of managing your clients' books in Advanced MS Excel and customizing it so you're equipped to fulfill the needs of any client.

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Get started with working with data, statistics, parameteres, advancedmapping, building advanced chart types etc.

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Pentaho BI

An introduction to Pentaho BI suite, Report designer from basic to advanced, data integration etc.

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Informatica Training, will enable the participants to work with Informatica PowerCenter tool. Developers can use Informatica to create, execute, as well as administer, monitor and schedule ETL processes and understand how these are used in data mining operations. 

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Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence

This course will provide a strong foundation around Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence fundamentals and sophisticated tools like Talend, Tableau and ERwin.

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Oracle OBIEE

Introduction to DWH concepts, Respository, architecture components, building business model, presentation layer,working with Oracle BI answers etc.

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Helps understanding the User Environment and Alteryx Settings, preparing data, filering, blending and analyzing data.

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Pentaho Data Integration

 With powerful data extract, transform and load (ETL) capabilities, an intuitive and rich graphical design environment, and an open and standards-based architecture, Pentaho Data Integration is increasingly the choice over proprietary and homegrown data integration tools.

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TIBCO Spotfire

Learn to install, configure and deploy TIBCO Spotfire server.

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Data Mining Concepts and Techniques

An introduction to Data Mining, processing and analysis, models and algorithms, model validation techniques etc.

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The Comprehensive HBase training course is designed to provide knowledge and skills around NoSQL database that runs on top of Hadoop.

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Hive is an Open-source, peta-byte scale Data Warehousing framework based on Hadoop. On completing this course at mytectra participants will have in-depth understanding of all the concepts in Hive.

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MapReduce Design Patterns

MapReduce Design Patterns course takes the MapReduce developers on the path of writing MapReduce code as experts would, using well established Design Patterns. The concepts like Shuffling Pattern, Description, Applicability, Performance Analysis, and how to apply MapReduce to real world use cases will be covered in the course.

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Statistics Essentials for Analytics

Statistical methods are required to ensure that data are interpreted correctly and that apparent relationships are meaningful and not simply chance occurrences. This proves helpful in gathering insights of a business/product and also to make efficient business decisions, be it any domain. 

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Apache Kafka

Real-Time Analytics with Apache Kafka course is designed to provide knowledge and skills to become a successful Kafka Big Data Developer. 

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Taleo Recruitment

Learn User administration, requisition process, candidate selection workflows etc.

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Taleo Onboarding

TBE Recruit - End User Fundamentals, TBE Recruit Essentials, TBE System Administration. Every topic will be covered in mostly practical way with examples.

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Cassandra Crunch

Learn Cassandra fundamentals, data model, installation and setup, modelling etc.

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Hadoop Administration Certification

From installation and configuration through load balancing, security and tuning,myTectra’s training course will provide hands-on preparation for the real-world challenges faced by Hadoop administrators.
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R Programming

Learn business analytics and R, introduction to R programming, data manipulation, data import techniques, data mining and data visualization.

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Mastering Openstack

Explore Cloud & Openstack, Keystone, Nova, Cinder, Glance, Neutron, Horizon, Trove, Swift, installation & troubleshooting etc.

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Apache Spark and Scala

Learn Spark and Hadoop distributed file system, spark components,algorithms, streaming, classes and collections in Scala etc.

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TCC Scripting

Master TCC scripting , export and import, eclipse RCP framework and underlying concepts.

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Oracle SCM

Learn fundamentals of ERP and Oracle E-business suite, organizational structure, inventory, purchasing etc.

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Oracle Finance

Introduction to Oracle Financials eBusinessSuite, General Ledger, account payables and receivables, fixed assets etc.

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Oracle HRMS

Introduction to Oracle Application E-Business Suite and its architecture, system administration, flexfields, core HR, Payroll etc.

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QuickBooks Fundamental

Types and features of QuickBooks, setting up a company, working with file, lists, customer, vendors etc.

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Salesforce for Administrator

Understand the data model and navigation, setting up and managing users, security and data access, reports, dashboard, automation etc.

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Salesforce for Developer 

Learn about the capabilities of pages, Designing applications, implementing business processes, managing data etc.

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Salesforce for Managers

Get familiar with, accessing user interface and setup, hiring/training the team, project and document management in SFDC etc.

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Oracle PL/SQL 

PL/SQL is a procedural language designed specifically to embrace SQL statements within its syntax. PL/SQL program units are compiled by the Oracle Database server and stored inside the database. And at run-time, both PL/SQL and SQL run within the same server process, bringing optimal efficiency.

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Oracle Apps Technical

Explore Oracle applications, architecture of application package, report and interface development, XML publisher etc.

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The course starts with an introduction of Angular 4, npm, and TypeScript. It then dives into component-driven development with Angular 4 components, and how to use directives and services.

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Mastering Ionic Framework 

Ionic aims to simplify the process of creating apps for numerous platforms, eliminating the need for duplicating the same code in multiple different languages for different platforms.
Additionally, the app can be written in HTML, CSS and JavaScript and can be deployed on both, iOS and Android.

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Docker and Kubernetes 

Learn containerization with docker, orchestration with kubernetes, installing docker engine, working with containers, images, volumes, networking etc.

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API Design, Developement 

Learn REST API concepts, designing and securing the REST API, Swagger 2.0, API management.

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Introduction to TYPO3, Installation and parameterising of TYPO3, development and modification of extensions.

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Mastering ExtJS

Ext JS training is designed for the developers who want to learn Ext JS 4 & 5 from scratch.
This training helps them to be productive in professional Ext JS projects by focusing on real-world application scenarios.

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Spring XD

SPRING XD installation and architecture, streams,customizing stream modules and job modules, distributed mode etc.

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Java/J2EE and SOA 

Learn about oject oriented programming in Java, multi threading,JDBC, servlets, spring, design patterns, SOA etc.

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Automation Testing With Ruby Cucumber

Learn BDD background, automation tools, how cucumber works, environment setup, cuke scripting, capybara etc.

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Mastering Zend Framework

Learn Zend framework components, model view controller, view scripts, infrastructure classes, forms, error handling etc.

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Mastering Spring

Setting up IDE, spring tool suite, java design, setting up maven dependencies, spring container configuration etc.

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Mastering Laravel

Go Professional offers in-depth Laravel Training, which is an open source project to create web sites with easy development techniques. Laravel follows the elegant, expressive syntax. 

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MS Sharepoint 2013 Development

Sharepoint 2013 overview, programming object model, developing apps, customizing taxonomy UI, sites, components, automating business processes etc.

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MS Sharepoint 2013 Admin

Learn to configure Sharepoint 2013, configure web application settings, configuring authentication and authorization, social networking etc.

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ASP.Net Web API Essentials using C#

This training provides a practical hands-on introduction to developing and consuming ASP.NET Web API services using C# and Visual Studio 2015. It is an excellent platform for creating RESTful Web applications.

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Mastering .Net 

Learn .NET enterprise architecture, languages, C#.NET, object oriented language, database programming etc.

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Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Certification - Exam 70-410 

This course is part 1 of a 3 part series that will prepare you for the MCSA Certification. The other courses required to become MCSA are 70-411 70-412 In this Windows Server 2012 certification training course, Infinite Skills teaches you the skills that are required to pass the 70-410 exam for Installing and Configuring Windows Server 2012.

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Excel Macros

This training helps users encounter repetitive tasks such as: reports that need to be produced, data that needs to be updated or tables that need to be formatted on a regular basis. By Using “Macros” many of these routine tasks can be automated.

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Knockout.js is a standalone JavaScript implementation of the Model-view-viewmodel pattern with templates which helps to create rich, responsive display and editor user interfaces with a clean underlying data model.

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Helps to understand how client-side JavaScript MVC applications are designed and implemented, familiarizing the infrastructure that Ember provides for building MVC applications.

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Extjs Sencha

Learn ExtJS application architecture, Sencha architect, event handling, component model, laing out GUI etc.

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WordPress Theme Development with Bootstrap

Learn to create a beautiful HTML & CSS website with Bootstrap (that doesn't look like generic Bootstrap websites!), Convert any static HTML & CSS website into a Custom WordPress Theme.

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jQuery UI Development

The jQuery UI training course is designed to provide knowledge and skills to become a successful UI Developer. Learn the fundamental concepts of jQuery DOM Traversing, jQuery Events API, jQuery Effects to advance topics of jQuery UI Widgets, jQuery Mobile etc.

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Mastering Web Design

Learn HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Ajax, working with PHP and jQuery, bootstrap etc.

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Mastering Ruby

Learn standard Ruby data types, language components, classes, exceptions, modules, collections etc.

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Mastering Magento

Designed to provide knowledge of all the basic and advanced concepts like Request flow, Rendering systems, Magento database, EAV model and Magento Enterprise.

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Ruby on Rails

Explore standard Ruby data types, language componenets, classes, exceptions, modules etc.

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Mastering Web Development using Flask

Learn to set up cloud9 environment, python basics, unit testing, running application with docker etc.

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Mastering NodeJS

Learn event-driven programming, NodeJS platform setup, modules and npm,events, error handling, Express.js etc.

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Learn fundamental concepts of Client-side MVC Design Patterns, DOM and Virtual DOM manipulation, Dependency Injection (DI) and the moves towards advance concepts like DOM Event handling, Multi-Device implementation, etc.

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PHP and mySQL

PHP is a server-side scripting language designed for web development but also used as a general-purpose programming language. The goal of the language is to allow web developers to write dynamically generated pages quickly.

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Apache Groovy is a JVM dynamic programming language. Some of its features include scripting capabilities, Domain-Specific Language authoring, runtime and compile-time meta-programming and functional programming.

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Learn Object orientation, .NET visual studio, inheritance, polymorphism, delegates, LINQ, exception handling etc.

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Learn Kotlin syntax, classes, objects, functions, lambdas, calling java from kotlin and vice-versa.

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Go Language (Golang)

Learn purpose and design of Go lang, development environment, unit testing, functions, variables, data types etc.

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Advanced C++ Programming

This course will take you from a basic knowledge of C++ to using more advanced features of the language. Learn C++ file handling and move through STL, template classes, operator overloading, lambda expressions, move constructors and much more.

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C Programming and Data Structures

This course helps you to learn very basics of computers and covers various aspects of C programming. It also provides an in-depth understanding of advanced topics in C such as pointers, stacks, linked lists and File I/O. 

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Swift Programming

Swift is an exciting, new programming language for the rapid development of iOS and OS X apps.On this course we will logically take you through the Swift programming language, enabling you to focus on the code and how you can apply it in the real world.

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Mastering Embedded System

Learn Control flow constructs, C preprocessor, BIT manipulation, strings, arrays, pointers, strcutures, Linux OS architecture etc.

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Mastering AS400

The Application System/400 (also known as AS/400), now System i (also known as iSeries), is a type of minicomputer produced by IBM. AS/400 is an object-based system with an integrated DB2 database that was designed to implement E. F. Codd's relational database model, which is based on Codd's 12 rules, in the operating system and hardware.

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Core Java

Learn OOPs Introduction, Java Language Fundamentals, Arrays & Strings, Packages & Wrapper Classes, Exception Handling, Threads, Collection Framework & JDBC Fundamentals.

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Android with Java

Learn Java concepts, sql, application structure, emulator, basic UI design, intents, adapters, widgets, threads etc.

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Java Web Services

Do you want to build loosely coupled applications which are scalable and reusable but could not find a simple and easy to learn guide? This course will simplify things with concepts and step by step implementations.

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Mastering iOS Apps Development

learn objective C, iPhone application creation, delegates, UI elemants, universal applications, SQlite database etc.

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Mastering iOS Application Development with Swift Programming

This Course covers the fundamentals of iOS application development in the Swift programming language. You’ll learn to use development tools such as XCode, design interfaces and interactions and evaluate their usability, and integrate camera, photo, and location information to enhance your app.

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The Complete React Native and Redux

Mastering the fundamentals of React, including JSX, “props", “state", and event handling. Source code is provided for each lecture, so you will always stay up-to-date with the course pacing.

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PCB Design

Learn various technologies in electronics, PCB basics, designing, analog and digital electronics, industrial packages, schematics, layout, simulation etc.

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Mastering Matlab

Learn basic Matlab concepts, data storage and manipulation, graphics, M file programming, mathematical manipulations, image acquisition tool, robotics etc.

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Essentials of Professional VLSI Digital Design

Thorough understanding of all commonly used Essentials of Professional VLSI Digital Design Training constructs, fortified through detailed analysis of simulations using specially designed reference code.

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Raspberry Pi: Full Stack

Raspberry Pi is a highly capable web development CPU, and this course will teach you how to maximize its potential. By learning the various components that make up the web development stack, you'll be able to build applications and make them available to users through a web interface.

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Performance Testing and Engineering

Learn the fundamentals of server architecture, performance testing basics, types, scripting, load profile design, analysis and reporting etc.

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Mastering Appium

Learn Why Appium over other open source mobile automation tools Understanding Appium Architecture Setting up Pre-requisites and Installing Appium on Windows & Mac OS X Working with Built-In Apps on Android Platform, working with Native Apps on Android & iOS Platforms etc.

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Cucumber BDD

Explore behaviour driven development, Gherkin, using cucumber with Java & Junit, using Maven, cucumber structure etc.

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Functional Testing using Ranorex

Functional Testing using Ranorex course is designed to provide an extra edge to Manual Mobile testers. After the completion of this course, participants will be able to automate complex scenarios while testing Android devices with in-depth knowledge of all the concepts.
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Manual Testing

The Manual Testing course will combine the fundamental software testing and related program analysis techniques.The course will include concepts of Test generation, Test oracles, Test coverage,Regression , Mutation testing, Program Analysis etc.

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WinRunner Deep Dive

Review of using WinRunner, TSL, user defined functions and libraries, advanced data driving etc.

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The LoadRunner Controller and Analysis will be covered in this course. You will create and run load test scenarios using the Controller. The Analysis is used to analyze load test results. You will learn to work with the graphs to display data after a test is run.

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Mastering QTP

Learn VBScript, QTP, introduction to automation testing and selenium, developing reusable script, validations, framework etc.

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Automation Testing with Python

Learn Selenium web driver and python, writing tests using unit test, selenium python API, cross-browser testing etc.

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Mastering Python with Mobile Testing

Writing tests for iOS and Android apps with Python is easy. Python adopted as a language of choice for mobile automation tools such as Appium which is used for testing of both android and iOS apps. Mobile Testing with python will help the professional who are looking for careers on mobile testing.

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Mastering API Testing with Python

Learn WooCommerce settings and documentation, test structure and organization, test cases, custom tools etc.

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Mobile Testing

Mobile application testing is a process by which application software developed for handheld mobile devices is tested for its functionality, usability and consistency. 

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Deep Learning in Python

Learn Neural networks, classifying more than 2 things at a time, training a neural network, TensorFlow etc.

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Deep Learning with TensorFlow

This course will help you to learn the basic concepts of TensorFlow, the main functions, operations and the execution pipeline. You will be able to see how TensorFlow can be used in curve fitting, regression, classification and minimization of error functions.

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Predictive Modelling in R

Advanced Predictive Modeling in R course will cover the Advanced Statistical and Analytical techniques. This course focuses on case study approach for learning various Analytical techniques and there will be a project to be done at the end of the course.
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This course is designed for the learners to understand and implement integrated environment for data preparation, machine learning, deep learning, text mining, and predictive analytics. These techniques are explained using dedicated examples.

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Virtual Reality  

This Virtual Reality training on the Unity Engine is designed for Virtual Reality Enthusiasts and Aspiring Game developers who wish to delve deeper into the future of the VR world.

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Cyber Security 

An advanced practical skill-set in assuring network security against all threats including - advanced hackers, trackers, exploit kits, Wi-Fi attacks and much more.

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