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Big Data and Hadoop

Master data analytics and get hands-on with the leading big data tools

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Data Warehousing on AWS

Data Warehousing on AWS introduces you to concepts, strategies, and best practices for designing a cloud-based data warehousing solution using Amazon Redshift, the petabyte-scale data warehouse in AWS.

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Big Data on AWS

Big Data on AWS introduces you to cloud-based big data solutions such as Amazon Elastic MapReduce (EMR), Amazon Redshift, Amazon Kinesis, and the rest of the AWS big data platform. 

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Deep Learning in Python

Deep Learning in Python

Learn Neural networks, classifying more than 2 things at a time, training a neural network, TensorFlow etc.

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Deep Learning with TensorFlow Training

Deep Learning with TensorFlow

This course will help you to learn the basic concepts of TensorFlow, the main functions, operations and the execution pipeline. You will be able to see how TensorFlow can be used in curve fitting, regression, classification and minimization of error functions.

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