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Top Ranorex Interview Questions and Answers

by Subashini, on Jul 29, 2022 11:09:51 PM


Q1. What is Ranorex?


Ranorex is a testing automation tool that allows users to test desktop, web, and mobile apps from beginning to end. It can run tests both locally and remotely. It works with various technologies, including Java, HTML, C#, Flex/Flash, Android, and iOS. 

Q2. List out the features of Ranorex.


Listed are a few of Ranorex’s features:

  • We can do cross-browser testing to verify that applications run smoothly across all browsers.
  • It is capable of running more tests in less time.
  • It integrates with continuous integration (CI) software.
  • It also supports Linux and macOS testing.
  • Image-based automation is supported.
  • For each test run, it generates automatic reports.

Q3. What are the advantages of Ranorex?


The advantages of Ranorex are listed as follows:

  • We can execute automated testing 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Smoke tests are automatically triggered.
  • Using record and playback actions, we can develop automation steps without writing any code.
  • The graphical user interface enables seamless interaction and team collaboration.

Q4. How does Ranorex identify UI elements?


To find UI items, Ranorex Studio uses RanoreXPath expressions. A set of hierarchical nodes and predicates underpin these expressions. They reflect the object recognition process's categorization. As a result, a dynamic property value uses to identify a UI element in a RanoreXPath expression.

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Q5. Can we move Selenium scripts to Ranorex?


The scripts or test cases can be exported from Selenium IDE and then imported into Ranorex as an existing item.

Q6. Is it required to use RanoreXPath for test automation?


RanoreXPath for test automation is not required.

Q7. Does Ranorex support data-driven testing?


Ranorex supports Data-driven testing. We can automate a test and connect it to a data source. A simple internal table, a CSV file, a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, or a SQL database connector can use the data source.

Q8. List the data connectors supported by Ranorex.


For creating data-driven test cases, Ranorex supports four types of data connectors.

  • Simple Data Connector - Runs a small data-driven test quickly.
  • SQL Connector - A program used to connect SQL tables using SQL queries.
  • CSV File Connector - Connects CSV files.
  • Excel Connector - A program that connects to Excel files.

Q9. What is the use of adding custom code in Ranorex?


We can add a customized code action item to a record when recordings don't provide us with the exact test automation steps that we require or when we wish to add some extra test steps.

Q10. Does Ranorex support Java?


Yes. The Ranorex Studio tools enable teams to automate tests for many Java technologies, from web browser Java applets to standalone apps.

Q11. How can we handle unexpected popup windows and Dialogs during the test automation?


PopupWatcher is the built-in functionality of Ranorex that handles popup windows and dialogues. It takes care of unexpected popup windows on its own.

Q12. What CI tools can Ranorex integrate?


The following CI tools are compatible with Ranorex:

  • Jenkins
  • Bamboo
  • Teamcity

Q13. Can we run an automation test without installing Ranorex?


Yes, we can run Ranorex automation tests without having to install anything. We must activate the 'Copy runtime to output' option while developing the project to accomplish this. The cloned runtime will use this test runs on a machine that does not have Ranorex installed.

Q14. How do you test for a Memory leak?


  • Construct the application. The CI system collects changes to the codebase and starts a job to build the application.
  • Test the application for regression
  • Test the application's memory.
  • Make a report about the leak detection.

Q15. What are the differences between Ranorex and TestComplete?





Use Interface

Object mapping and test steps are given on the same page in Ranorex.

On several pages of TestComplete, you'll find object mapping and test steps.

Test result reporting

Ranorex test result reporting is more thorough, including Pie Charts displaying previous and current test runs.

TestComplete only provides test reports for currently running tests.


Javascript, C#Script, and other scripting languages get supported by TestComplete. C#Script is a dialect of C#.

Ranorex supports C#, Python, and other programming languages. C# is a more structured and powerful language.

Development IDE

Ranorex provides a development IDE similar to Visual Studio and includes features like clever keyword matching, refactoring, etc.

TestComplete does not have an integrated development environment (IDE), and its support is highly restricted.


Only Ranorex offers validation Actions, which check the characteristics of a selected object.

TestComplete can code to perform the same thing; it does not have an equivalent feature.


Q16. How to increase the performance of Ranorex texts?


Here are a few things we can do to improve the efficiency of our tests:  

  • Reduce the Key Sequences duration.
  • Turn on Turbo mode.
  • Reduce the time between pushing and releasing the button.
  • Make sure the 'Duration' property is set to a short time frame.

Q17. What is the use of the Ranorex path?


RanoreXPath assists in the discovery and identification of every UI element in desktop, online, and mobile apps.

Q18. Can Ranorex run on Mac?


Ranorex is written in.NET, which does not operate on macOS unless you use the Mono project, cross-platform. Ranorex, on the other hand, does not support Mono.

Q19. How to integrate Ranorex test cases into Jira?


To get started, go to Tools > Jira integration > Start Jira wizard while working on a solution in Ranorex Studio. The Connect to Jira screen appears first in the wizard. Enter your Jira URL, Email, and API token, then click Sign in to connect to the Jira cloud.

Q20. Define Comprehensive reporting in Ranorex?


Ranorex automation projects produce detailed, JUnit-compliant reports. Screenshots give you a visual representation of the test execution process. By sending the information by email, you can keep your team members informed about the project's progress.

Q21. What are the types of folders available in the repository structure in Ranorex?


In the Ranorex repository structure, there are three sorts of directories.

  • App folder- Considered as the root folder of your project
  • Rooted folder - A collection of UI elements.
  • Simple folder - For logical categorization

Q22. Define Reliable object recognition in Ranorex?


The Ranorex Spy tool accurately and uniquely identifies UI elements, resulting in more stable and maintainable automated testing. Tests don't fail just because the position or color of a UI element changes. Store objects in Ranorex Studio's object repository and distributes them between testing projects.

Q23. What is Efficient test automation in Ranorex?


The Ranorex Studio tools assist testers in implementing best practices to boost efficiency. Separate test data from test cases with ease. Using parameters and variables, create reusable code modules. The entire testing process, including setup and teardown, can be automated.

Q24. What language does Ranorex use?


Ranorex uses standard programming languages like VB.NET and C#

Q25. What is whitelisting in Ranorex?


Ranorex Studio and its components scan all running processes on your computer by default when recognizing UI elements. It improves test recording, execution, and Ranorex Spy performance. It aids in the creation of clean recordings because only whitelisted processes may have interacted.

Q26. Does Ranorex use selenium?


Selenium WebDriver is included in the Ranorex Studio automation framework, allowing anybody on the team, regardless of programming experience, to create tests for execution on Selenium endpoints.

Q27. What is Ranorex runtime?


Ranorex Agent is a stand-alone application that makes remote testing with Ranorex Studio easier and more efficient. Agents are installed on remote workstations and are fed executable builds via the Ranorex Studio remote pad or the command line.

Q28. What source control tools can Ranorex integrate?


SVN (Subversion) and TFS (Team Foundation Server) are two source control or revision control solutions that Ranorex can interact with (Team Foundation Server).

Q29. Does Ranorex support all types of UI controls?


Yes, verify that your application functions as expected. Check the behavior of user interface controls like links, buttons, and drop-down menus. Create tests for mouse motions and user touch actions like swipes, taps, and rotations.

Q30. Define Object Repository?


The object repository controls all GUI elements and separates test objects from their RanoreXPath to make the automated test easier. To use objects from the repository in code modules, simply drag and drop them from the repository. To make your tests more readable, provide application elements with user-defined names. For optimum efficiency, reuse repository items across projects.

Q31. What is Ranorex Spy?


RanoreXPath's unrivaled GUI object recognition aids in the creation of dependable tests that don't break just because an object's position changes. To search for numerous UI elements, identify controls with specified properties, recognize related elements by preceding- and following-sibling connections, produce snapshot files, and more, use Ranorex Spy within Ranorex Studio or as a standalone application.

Q32. Does Ranorex automate all types of browser action?


With or without code, Ranorex can automate tests for any browser operation. HTML5, Java and JavaScript websites, Salesforce, SAP, Flash and Flex apps, and many other web technologies and frameworks are all supported by Ranorex Studio. The open-source Chromium Embedded Framework is also endorsed by Ranorex for hybrid desktop apps (CEF).

Q33. What is Ranorex GUI object recognition?


Ranorex Spy's dependable object recognition is the foundation for robust GUI test automation. This application can use standalone or in conjunction with Ranorex Studio to provide industry-leading GUI object and control identification and ensure that each user interfaces element is uniquely recognized using the sophisticated RanoreXPath syntax. Team members can share Snapshot files or save data about detected objects in the Ranorex object repository for use in automated tests.

Q34. How to create conditions in Ranorex without coding?


Instead of constructing a test case for each payment method, you can now utilize conditions in Ranorex 7.1 to cover the checkout process for all payment ways in a single test case — without having to go into code. To do so, create a smart folder for each payment method in your test case.

Q35. How to decide the tool that you should use for Automation testing in their projects?


To figure out which tool to use for automation testing in your project, do the following:

  • Identify the testing scenarios you want to automate by thoroughly understanding your project requirements.
  • Look for a list of tools that support the requirements of your project.
  • Determine your automation tool budget. Choose tools that fit your budget.
  • Determine whether you already have qualified personnel for the tools. If you don't have the requisite skilled resources, figure out how much it will cost to train existing employees or hire new ones.

Q36. Difference between Button.Click() and Button.Press() in Ranorex?


The Ranorex script execution resumes with Click(). Press() waits for the event handler's code to finish.

Q37. Do we need a Ranorex Runtime License for each virtual user in NeoLoad?


No. With a single Ranorex Runtime Licensing, you can add as many users as your NeoLoad license allows. In no way does the Ranorex support affect the NeoLoad support, and vice versa.

Q38. Which is better, Ranorex or selenium?


Selenium WebDriver is a popular open-source tool for automated web application testing. On the other hand, Ranorex Studio is a full-featured automation framework for desktop, mobile, and web applications.

  • Automated distribution of test reports via email
  • Automatic handling of pop up windows
  • Automated conversion of reports to PDF
  • Automated creation of custom log files
  • Advanced string operations
  • Measuring intervals during test execution
  • Automated file downloads for web tests

Q39. What is Regression Testing in Ranorex?


Regression testing is an essential part of the software quality assurance process. Regression testing can help detect issues early during the unit and integration testing, lowering the cost of fixing them. It instills trust in the readiness of an application for deployment. Most significantly, regression testing ensures that code modifications do not reintroduce previously discovered flaws, improving deployed software quality.

Q40. What is AUT in Ranorex?


The Ranorex Demo Application is a unique app to help you understand the ideas and procedures in this User Guide. The explanations and samples in the fundamentals and advanced chapters of this User Guide will act as our Application under test (AUT).

Q41. What is the repository in Ranorex?


A repository is a collection of "repository objects," which are representations of user interface (UI) elements used in a test. The items in the repository are in a tree-like fashion. Each item has a RanoreXPath that identifies it and allows Ranorex to associate it with the AUT's related UI element.

Q42. Does Ranorex support API testing?


  • The Ranorex testing framework includes a C# and VB.Net API that connects to your favorite IDE in a matter of seconds and provides the most advanced object identification available.
  • Additionally, several other API methods enable far better testing on desktop, mobile, web, and other platforms.

Q43. Explain the benefits of test automation with Ranorex?


Here are a few reasons why Ranorex is the most powerful test automation tool.

  • Ranorex allows you to verify cross-device compatibility.
  • Both technical and non-technical people can contribute to testing initiatives.
  • During off-peak hours, run test cases.
  • Testing might spread across numerous real or virtual servers.
  • It has simple connections for creating pipelines.

Q44. How can we enable the MSAA library for Ranorex?


Ranorex Studio allows you to enable Microsoft Active Accessibility (MSAA). In the toolbar, select 'Settings,' then Plugins tab -> Solution Settings -> MSAA. You can choose whether to set the value to true or false. Return to 'Solution Settings' and select 'WIN32'. Accessibility (MSAA) actions and attributes can be enabled.

Q45. How do you use the Ranorex tool?


To use the Ranorex tool, follow the below steps:

  • Start a new project wizard, where the user can choose the type of application (desktop, web, mobile, or any).
  • Give your solution a name and a location. You can also alter the programming language (C# / VBNet) under the advanced options.
  • The next step is to choose an application to test (AUT). AUT can be found in the running program option when it is running. The application is available in its installation path if AUT is idle.
  • We have three recording modes to choose from in select recording mode.
    • Concentrate your efforts on a single application.
    • a variety of applications (add more processes as whitelisted)
    • There is no emphasis applied (all methods are whitelisted)
    • Begin creating the test suite.


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