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Top 10 Interview Questions for IBM Bluemix

by Bhavya Sri, on May 27, 2017 12:09:32 PM

Top 10 Interview Questions for IBM Bluemix

Q1. What is Bluemix?

Ans: Lets go by the definition mentioned in the documentation itself.

“IBM® Bluemix is an open-standards, cloud-based platform for building, managing, and running apps of all types, such as web, mobile, big data, and smart devices. Capabilities include Java, mobile back-end development, and application monitoring, as well as features from ecosystem partners and open source—all provided as-a-service in the cloud. “

 Bluemix is a platform as a service (PaaS) offering based on the Cloud Foundry open source project that promises to deliver enterprise-level features and services that are easy to integrate into cloud applications. Since it is based upon Cloud Foundry (open source platform as a service) so you can tap into the growing ecosystem of frameworks and services.

Q2. Why did you choose to be a developer? 
Ans: Guess it is in my genes (laughs). I mean, being a business analyst was a foolish move I once made. Plus, being a developer makes me feel like a film director. The product I develop is my movie and I give it my personal touch. I don’t think any other role would have given me as much happiness as being a developer does. Also, it gives me awesome money (winks).
Q3. What made you choose Bluemix? 
Ans: Somewhere in the second quarter of the year, Social media was raining Bluemix. It quickly caught my attention and I started exploring it. Once logged in, I was thoroughly impressed to see the way things were organized in the dashboard and with each click grew my curiosity to learn more!
I clicked the catalog and wow! It had a set of boiler plates that helps one get started in no time. After having played with a couple of boiler plate apps, I started exploring the various services provided by Bluemix. RapidApps grabbed my attention. With RapidApps on Bluemix, I was ready with my first App deployed and running in less than 15 mins! It was unbelievable! I was so excited with the ease of its usage that I started publishing tutorials.
Q4. We have heard a lot about the ease of using Bluemix. Tell us your experience as a Bluemix user. 
Ans: The Could Foundary command line tool along with Bluemix dashboard makes a great combination for developers to quickly develop and deploy their application onto Bluemix. Bluemix dashboard has everything to maintain and manage the application that is deployed. Right from managing the application's memory requirements to managing the services used by the app. With Bluemix everything is available at your fingertips.
Q5. Which is your favorite Bluemix service and why? 
Ans: Other than RapidApps which gives you a quick start with Bluemix, I am inclined towards Watson Q&A. Cognitive systems are fast shaping up and are sure to change the way people interact with systems. This service from Watson is the right starting point towards cognitive systems of the future.
Q6. What are your views about Bluemix, especially from an India Perspective? 
Ans: According to the leading survey agencies (including Gartner's), IT infrastructure and operation cost can be reduced by as much as 25% by following a set of guidelines that includes virtualization, reduced IT support, reduction of power and cooling needs and more. Mitigating the risk of IT investment is achieved by provisioning of technologies as flexible contracts rather than capital investments. Cloud (either private or public) is the best way to get a contracted operating environment where the underlying infrastructure complexities are hidden. And the operating environment can scale up on-demand. It changes the essence of how business was done and is the root for growth of innovation in any company!
In the perspective of a growing nation like India, the new “trend” of cloud applies the most due to the increasing interest in online shopping. Consider a startup wishing to set up an online shopping application that does not have to be concerned about IT infrastructure and support. They would want their application to be accessible from multiple devices; their operating environment be scaled up during sales and festivals; minimal time to production and, under worst case scenario where they want to scrap the business and start something new. Providing an IBM Cloud (SAAS) such as Bluemix is like a genie that makes every wish of theirs come alive!
With IBM Bluemix Could platform, one can rapidly provision, deploy, monitor and scale dev/test or, production environments for traditional and modern workloads at the price of public cloud and isolation of a private cloud.
Q7. What advantages does a developer gain by using IBM's cloud computing platform as opposed to other options available?
Ans: Rather than speaking about the drawbacks of other Cloud platforms, let me speak about the advantages of selecting Bluemix, the IBM Cloud platform.
• First and foremost, IBM Cloud uses Open Standards like Cloud Foundry, TOSKA, OSLC etc. Open standards are the one where the specifications are made public. The advantages of Open standards include application independence, platform independence, long-term access, architectural integrity, interoperability, vendor neutrality, flexibility among others.
• A continuous delivery platform in the form of DevOps considerably reduces the downtime of redeploying an application. Developers can concentrate on coding and the rest is mostly taken care of.
• With automatic workload redeployment to other underlying virtual machines, Bluemix ensures continuous availability of Applications and that too transparently. User can start/stop application and define the memory for each application while the rest is taken care by Bluemix.
• With the freedom to use tools like Cloud Foundary command line (CF), Eclipse and Web IDE (provided by Bluemix), developers can choose which works best for them
• Services provided by other companies can be integrated into applications running on Bluemix thereby making them both providers and users of services
• Integration to well-known source control systems like Git, GitHub and Jazz makes it easier to manage and maintain source code.
Q8. How sound a coding knowledge does a developer need when using Bluemix? 
Ans: Bluemix is not a substitute to programming. But bluemix does provide a platform for coders’ that makes life easier and creating and, deploying apps a child’s play with its intuitive user interface and services that can be integrated into the App without additional burden.
Q9. How has the 30 day free Bluemix trial offer benefited you? 
Ans: It has left me wanting for more but yes, it was beneficial. It helped me get my hands on the latest technologies which otherwise would have taken months together to get the basic setup working at zero cost.
Q10. How can people learn more about Bluemix?
Ans: The best way to learn more about Bluemix is by creating an account on Bluemix and getting your hands dirty. Doesn't matter whether you succeed or, not in your first attempt! As a registered Bluemix user one can browse the catalog and deploy a couple of boiler plate applications. These boiler plates are working apps that can be enhanced. Once you get the hang of it, the curiosity to learn more will help you explore more services and tools. Like a pack of potato chips, Bluemix is an addictive environment and once you get your hands to it, don't worry about finishing the pack... it is taken care of.
Q11. How good a resource is IBM Developer Works for learning about Bluemix?
Ans: Most of the articles and tutorials on IBM Developer works are written by experts in those specific fields. Authentic; easy to use and understand; code samples that get you started with your pilots in no time; Q&A forums – these are highlights of IBM developer works.  Has a set of dedicated pages for Bluemix which can be explored for learning and using Bluemix.
Q12. What according to you is the top Bluemix tutorial available on developerWorks?
Ans: Ranjeet, a System Engineer by designation is a passionate coder and loves blogging on the latest codes he is working.


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