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Technical Support Interview Questions and Answers

by Mohammed, on Mar 27, 2018 6:03:07 PM

Technical Support Interview Questions and Answers

Q1. Name the latest computer processors?

Ans: This interview question for technical support tests your knowledge and if you’re updated with the latest technological trends. The latest computer processors are I3, I5, and I7 processor and Intel Pentium Quad Core.

Q2. What is Ping?

Ans: Ping is a command that checks the connectivity with an IP address. For more read this article

Q3. What is a Data Cable?

Ans: A Data Cable is a Thin Plastic band-like cable used to connect the Data-Devices like Hard-disk drives, Floppy Disk Drives, CD/DVD-ROM drives with the motherboard. Data Cables are primarily used for Data Transfer.

Q4. Lights on a Modem / LAN Card:

Ans: Generally, there are 04 lights. They indicate the following:
1. Power Light: Shows if the device (Modem)is getting Power Supply or not.
2. Link Light: Indicates if the device is getting broadband/internet signals properly from the ISP
3. Data Light: Indicates wether the internet is working or not.
4. Connectivity Light: Indicates the Modem is connected to a PC or not.

Q5. What are the hardware components of desktop computer/laptop?

Ans: This is a basic technical interview question to test the basic knowledge of computers. The answer would be that the hardware components for desktop and laptop computers are motherboard, processor, RAM, monitor, mouse, soundcard, keyboard, graphics, hard disk drive, power supply, and floppy disk drive.

Q6. What experience do you possess in technical support field?

Ans: If you possess any experience in the same field you can mention and become an ideal candidate for the job role. Remember to speak about all the experiences and opinions in a professional and positive manner. Talk about your previous job and the technical aspects that you have handled.

Q7. What are Hard-Disk Partitions?

Ans: Partitions are used to Divide a Hard-disk drive into smaller segments as required by the user and for better management of the space in it.

Q8. What is an IP Address?

Ans: An IP address is a unique numerical identifier of every device on a network. A typical IP address can look like this: To detect a computer’s IP Address, go to Start – Run – Type in CMD in the Run Dialogue Box and click OK or hit <Enter> – In the Command Prompt Screen that comes up, type in IPCONFIG and hit <Enter>

Q9. Which operating system are you famed with?

Ans: Remember to answer this question by researching about the systems the organization is using. Try to get familiarized with the system the organization makes use of. With this also mention other systems which you have worked and have experience with.

Q10.What are the steps you follow to solve a technical problem?

Ans: This commonly asked interview question would present your familiarity with the IT support process. Your answer would also be a key which would enable the employer schedule for training if required. Remember to list down all the steps for solving in the right order and also answer that each organization has their own set of procedures.

Q11. What would you check if there is no sound from your computer? (Audio not working)


1. Check for cable connections
2. Check for power to the speakers
3. Check for volume control
4. Check for device drivers

Q12. What are RJ45 and RJ11 connectors?

Ans: RJ45 connectors are used for LAN/Ethernet connections and RJ11 connectors are used for Telephone Cable connections.


Q13. What is the difference between FAT32 and NTFS file systems?

1. NTFS allows compression and file encryption. FAT32 does not.
2. NTFS is more secure than FAT32

Q14. Mention the difference between RAM and ROM?

Ans: RAM is random access memory which is used to store data temporarily. It is the data which the computer is working presently. ROM is called read-only memory which is a permanent type of memory storage for storage of important data. An example can be the BIOS.

Q15. How would you access the Recovery Console in Windows?

Ans: By booting with the Windows XP CD and following the on-screen instructrions. The Recovery Console can also be installed in your computer.

Q16. What would you do when audio is not working on the computer?

Ans: The answer to this technical question is to check the basic cable connections. The connections that lead from speakers to power must be checked. Finally, the device drivers can be checked out and also the volume control must be checked.

Q17. What is the need for device drivers?

Ans: Device drivers are also a piece of software which is considered mandatory to run the hardware components in the system. These questions are basics and any candidate should possess basic knowledge of these aspects.

Q18. Do you have an idea about the blue screen of death (BSOD)?

Ans: The indicant of a criti3cal system problem is called blue screen of death where in this case the computer freezes completely. In such a situation it does not denote anything. The system can be restarted or booted in the safe mode to solve this issue.

Q19. What challenges do you expect in this IT support job role?

Ans: The answer determines if you’re a person who looks for challenges and if you’re a perfect fit for the position. You can answer that you would make use of your skills and experience in the right manner in case you’re hired. You can also answer that you’re a person who is boosted by challenged and has the capability to face challenges. You also can mention that you possess the skills and flexibility to handle any challenging chore.

Q20. What do you know about our products and company?

Ans: The purpose of this question is to check your level of interest and preparation for the position. Read the job advertisement carefully and go through their website to get some basic information about them. You are not expected to know in and out of the product or the company but exhibiting a basic knowledge can take you a long way ahead in comparison to other candidates.

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