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SAP TM Interview Questions and Answers

by Sathish, on Dec 8, 2020 8:59:20 AM

SAP TM Interview Questions and Answers

1. What Is Sap Transportation Management?

Ans: SAP TM is a best-in-class Transportation Management System designed to manage all aspects of transportation processes within your company, including transportation planning and optimization, freight tendering and charge management.  SAP TM covers the full range of modes of transport (air, ocean, rail and road) and is designed for both Shippers and Logistics Service Providers.

2. What Is A Standard Transport Layer In Sap ?

Ans: This describes the shipping route that the data from the improvement systems follows.

3.Is Sap Transportation Management A Module Within Sap Erp Or A Stand-alone System?

Ans:SAP Transportation Management is a stand-alone system.  Typically, it is installed on a new set of servers for development, QA and production environments, separate from SAP ERP.  SAP TM is tightly integrated with SAP ERP SD, MM, WM and FICO modules.

During the 2016 Sapphire/ASUG conference, SAP has announced a roadmap to unify a number of SCM-based applications, including SAP TM, and roll them into S4 HANA.  This confirms SAP's long-term commitment to developing and enhancing SAP Transportation Management as one of it's key product offerings.

4.What Are The Three Approval Steps You Need To Follow As A Part Of Approval Procedure In Qas?


1.To be authorized by system administrator
 2. To be accepted with the aid of department
  3.To be authorized through request owner

5. What Is The Latest Release Of Sap Transportation Management?

Ans: As of the writing of this put up, SAP Transportation Management 9.Three is the cutting-edge launch in preferred availability.  SAP TM 9.Four is presently in ramp-up.  SAP TM has long gone through 6 principal releases - 8.Zero, 8.1, nine.Zero, nine.1, nine.2 and 9.Three.

6.Question 3. What Are The Sap Erp Release, Enhancement Pack And Support Pack Requirements For Integrating With Sap Tm?

Ans: Refer to SAP note 1738013 for a complete matrix of SAP TM and SAP ERP integration requirements.  As a general guideline, SAP ERP 6 with enhancement pack 7 or greater is necessary for latest full featured integration with SAP TM.

7.Does Sap Transportation Management Require The Installation Of Sap Erp?

Ans: Although the great majority of SAP TM installations are done with SAP ERP being in place, it is technically possible to utilize SAP TM in a non-SAP ERP environment.

8. What Sap Systems Have Integration Capabilities With Sap Transportation Management?

Ans:The following SAP systems integrate with SAP TM out-of-the-box:

  • SAP Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • SAP Extended Warehouse Management (EWM)
  • SAP Event Management (EM)
  • SAP Process Integration / Process Orchestration (PI / PO)


9.Does Sap Transportation Management Require The Use Of Sap Event Management?

Ans: SAP Event Management (EM) can optionally be utilized in tandem with SAP Transportation Management to seize and disclose distinctive statistics round anticipated and actual events (as an example, planned vs. Actual arrival time at a prevent).  Plenty of SAP TM implementations are accomplished with out using SAP EM.

10. Is There A Way To Provide External Carriers With Access To Sap Transportation Management Information And Transactions?

Ans: Certainly.  One of the incredible new capabilities of SAP Transportation Management nine.1 is Collaboration Portal, which lets in external companions (such as providers) to get entry to relevant SAP TM information and transactions thru an externally facing web portal.  Here is a extremely good report with sample screenshots describing the Collaboration Portal capability.

11.What Kind Of Reporting And Analytics Capabilities Does Sap Transportation Management Have?

Ans: SAP TM is based on SAP BI platform to supply reporting and analytics.  As with many different SAP merchandise, SAP clients have get admission to to standard SAP Business Warehouse content material for SAP TM that gives out-of-the-container extractors, information vendors and queries.  This fashionable content material is frequently more advantageous as a part of the SAP TM implementation task that allows you to satisfy every client's precise reporting necessities.

12.Does Sap Transportation Management Support Optimized Routing And Last Mile Planning?

Ans: Absolutely!  This state of affairs regularly comes up in truck-primarily based private fleet implementations, especially those that need to cope with multi-prevent eventualities.  SAP TM comes bundled with a powerful path optimizer solution that makes use of a massive number of configurable tender and hard constraints.  The use of the optimizer permits automatic building of cost-powerful freight orders (aka shipments/masses), considering such parameters as correct transit distance and length, plant/customer/dealer operating hours, loading and unloading durations, responsibility and power time scheduling constraints, as well as many others.  Optimizer can be used in a fully automated manner, where freight orders are created periodically via a historical past task, or in an interactive manner in which a transportation planner is presented with a proposed optimized solution and may then make modifications to freight orders previous to saving.

13.Does Sap Transportation Management Have Load Planning Capabilities?

Ans: Yes.  Comprehensive load planning was introduced in release 9.1 of SAP Transportation Management. Here is a great article with sample screenshots describing SAP TM load planning capabilities.

14.What Is A Typical Duration And Cost Of An Sap Transportation Management Implementation?

Ans: An average SAP TM implementation takes 6-12 months to complete and will cost between $800,000 and $1,500,000 in consulting fees.  SAP software licensing is also required .  These are just general guidelines.  Actual costs vary greatly based on the scope and size of each project.

15. How Is Sap Transportation Management Licensed By Sap?

Ans: SAP Transportation Management does require additional licensing to be purchased.  It is currently based on the overall transportation spend in dollars to be managed through the SAP TM solution.  Contact your SAP account executive or Value Add Reseller (VAR) for further details.

16. What Are The Common Transport Errors In Sap ?

Ans:Below are the common errors in SAP transport management

Return code 4 : Imported with warnings 

Generation of program, columns or row missing .

Return code 8 : Imported with errors 

  • Syntax error
  • Program generation error
  • Dictionary activation error or method execution error 

Return code 12 : Indicates Import Cancelled 

  • Program cancelled due to job
  • Import cancelled due to object missing
  • Import cancelled due to object not active 

Return code 18 : Indicates Import Cancelled

  • Due to system down while import
  • Due to user expired during import
  • Due to insufficient roles or authorization

16.How To Disable The "import All" Button On Stms For The Queues In Sap?

Ans: Login to your Transport Domain Controller. Run STMS->Overview->System.Choose the System you want to disableimport all. Go to Transport Tool tab.Add/Create Parameter "NO_IMPORT_ALL"set its value to 1.

17.What Is A Sap Transport Group?

Ans: SAP systems that share a common transport directory tree form a transport group.

18.What Is Sap Transport Domain Controller?

Ans: R/3 system with the reference configuration is called as the transaction domain controller.

19. What Are The Two Editor Modes In Which We Can Configure The Sap Transport Routes?

Ans: 1. Graphical Editor
        2. Hierarchical Editor

20.What Are The Various Configuration Methods Available In Stms?

Ans: 1. Single system configuration
         2. Development and Production systems
          3. Three systems in a group.





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