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SAP Hybris Interview Questions and Answers

by Sathish, on Dec 8, 2020 9:09:41 AM

SAP Hybris Interview Questions and Answers

1.What do you understand by SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer?

Ans: SAP Hybris is a family of product from a German company Hybris, which sells e-Commerce, Marketing, Sales and Service and Product Content Management Software. SAP Hybris provides a solution that helps organization to cut cost, save time, reduce complexity and require less focus to achieve excellent customer experience. The following product comes under the SAP Product Family −

  • Commerce
  • Marketing
  • Revenue (Billing)
  • Sales
  • Service
  • Hybris as a Service (YaaS)

2.How to run multiple hybris instances in one machine?

Ans:Basically Hybris runs on a tomcat instance. Hybris is shipped with a bundled tomcat. So the question here is actually, how to run multiple tomcats in one machine.

We can run as many hybris we want, till our machine memory permits. To do so, we need to make each instance of tomcat to have its own ports to use. Make below ports unique for each instance. We should add below properties in the local property file of each instance with unique values...

  • tomcat.http.port=7001
  • tomcat.ssl.port=7002
  • tomcat.ajp.port=7009
  • tomcat.jmx.port=7003
  • tomcat.jmx.server.port=7004

3.Is it Scalable?


  • Hybris is a spring JEE based platform and it is as scalable as any other java based platform.
  • Adding a new cluster node is just a matter of starting a new Hybris instance with 3 property changes.
  • Hybris will automatically add that node in the cluster. It has distributed cache per server and it's out of the box cache invalidation over UDP is very much efficient.

4.How flexible promotion module is?

Ans: A lot many promotions are available out of the box and you can extend their framework very easily to introduce your custom promotion.

5.Does it have business processing capabilities also?

Ans: Yes, limited but you can define your workflows. Moreover, you can modify your workflow decisions on the fly through hmc.

6.What are the capabilities for SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer Sales?

Ans:The following capabilities are covered in SAP C4C Sales solution.

  • Sales Force Automation
  • Sales Performance Management
  • Retail Execution

7.What are the capabilities covered under SAP Hybris Cloud for Revenue?

Ans:The following capabilities are covered in SAP Hybris cloud for Revenue.

  • Revenue in cloud
  • Subscription Order Management
  • Responsive Quality Control
  • Agile Charging
  • Invoicing
  • Versatile Document Management
  • Customer Financial Management
  • Consolidated Billing

8.What is the difference between SAP C4C vs SAP Hybris Product family?

Ans:SAP Cloud for Customer C4C is a SAP Cloud based CRM based management solution and is different from traditional SAP CRM on premise set up. SAP C4C provides best CRM based Sales, Service and Marketing practices including options to access it mobile devices. In April last year, SAP has renamed their Cloud for Customer solution as SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer.

SAP Hybris is different from SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer in sense that it offers product for Commerce, Billing or Revenue, Sales, Service and Marketing and SAP Hybris Marketing is very different from Hybris Commerce.

SAP Hybris Product family contains following distinct products named as −

  • Hybris Commerce
  • Hybris Revenue or Billing
  • Hybris Cloud for Customer for Sales
  • Hybris Cloud for Customer for Service
  • Hybris Marketing

9.What is the use of Hybris Management Console (HMC)?

Ans: HMC or Backoffice provides a single user interface to manage any kind of data. It can be used to access stores, sites, products, users, companies and catalogs.

10.What do you understand by SAP Hybris Accelerator concept?

Ans:SAP Hybris Commerce Accelerator provide organizations with ready-to-use Omnichannel commerce solution with storefront templates and business tools that allows organization to create an exceptional customer experience.

When a new project is started, it includes everything working ready for you to rebrand and customize as needed. SAP Hybris Accelerator is designed to provide the platform and architecture of SAP Hybris Commerce that helps in reducing cost of ownership and speed up the implementation process.

SAP Hybris Commerce Accelerator is available for B2B, B2C, Financial services and other marketing types and sites are available with market specific capabilities and expected features for each market type.

11.What do you understand by Hybris Modeling?

Ans: One of the main feature in Hybris is flexibility to add new objects to global Hybris Commerce Data model. Hybris data modeling helps organization in maintaining their database and help to manage database connections and queries. Hybris Type system is used to design data modeling in Hybris.

12.What is the SAP Hybris Search feature?

Ans: SAP Hybris Commerce Search is a powerful option in Hybris cloud to increase sales and profile for companies. If a company provides poorly organized search results, usability problems and results in loss of sales. Using Commerce search, companies can easily promote their products and product categories by driving from the Commerce search results. This in turn improves customer-shopping experience and hence improve margin and sales for companies.

13.Can we use Hybris for product enrichment also?

Ans: Yes, their PIM module is meant for this.

14.How to set up an svn environment for hybris projects?

Ans:Maintaining a versioning system for any project is one of the most crucial aspects. Hybris projects are not special in this regard. They also do have the same life cycle in terms of development. We need to maintain different environments like SIT, UAT, etc. To provide a local development environment is also equally important.

Since the size of OOB Hybris is huge, it is difficult to put everything in SVN (or GIT). Also, it is not advisable. The hybris is improvising every day. A new release should not give us pain in terms of development.

The best practice for versioning a hybris project could be:

  • Put only a custom folder, containing customized extensions to versioning software.
  • Pass the latest, local extensions locally to each developer.
  • Maintain a copy of the latest, local extensions in each of servers like development and SIT, UAT, etc.
  • Hybris software is wrapped around custom folders on each environment.
  • Media folder could possibly in SVN or can be passed locally like property files.

15.How do you create a workflow rule in SAP Hybris?

Ans:To create a workflow rule in SAP Hybris, we should follow the steps given below.

Navigate to Worklist and click on New from workflow rules worklist. You have to enter the following general information −

  • Mention the Description to identify the rule in the worklist.
  • Next is to select the Business Object- such as opportunity or ticket, to which the rule is to be applied.
  • Next is to select the Timing for applying the rule- you can select three timing types to apply to your rule.
  • On Create Only
  • On Every Save
  • Scheduled

When the timing is left blank, the default On Every Save will be automatically applied.

16.What are the different BTG rules to achieve SAP Hybris Advanced Personalization?

Ans:SAP Hybris Advance Personalization is part of Web Content Management System (WCMS). Advance Personalization is achieved using BTG rules. Following are the four types of WCMS −

  • Order Rules
  • Cart Rules
  • Customer Rules
  • Website Rules

17.What is the use of SAP Hybris Payment module?

Ans:In today’s market, it is required that companies provide customer with easy to pay options when their order is ready. If payment method is complex in nature, customer will not come back and companies can lose their potential buyers.

SAP Hybris Payment module provides an easy to use and integrated payment method of their choice to customer. Following are the key features of the Hybris Payment module −

  • Remove payment complexity and allow connecting to multiple PSP’s.
  • It provides customer with multiple payment options and easy integration to Hybris system.
  • Provides a secure payment gateway between E-Commerce site, customer and payment processing channel.
  • Centralized processing of all payment channels.

18. What do you understand by Hybris Promotion management?

Ans: SAP Hybris Promotion module is used to increase the sales and to integrate with online stores to win new customers. By using SAP Hybris Promotion module, business users can create new flexible, dynamic promotions with needing any expertise. Promotion module provides various predefined promotion templates and promotion rule builders to define set of conditions.

19.What is the use of the SAP Hybris Customer Service module?

Ans: SAP Hybris Customer Service module provides an easy way to resolve customer problems quicker and deliver highly personalized customer service with improved customer satisfaction and increased revenue. When a customer logs to an E-Commerce website, a weak customer service can result customers moving to other sites without completing the order.

20.What do you understand by the SAP Hybris Assisted Service module?

Ans:SAP Hybris Assisted Services Module ASM assists customer at the time of buying process using same storefront across Omni-channel. Hybris ASM module connects customer with customer support and assist them in completing their order.

The Assisted Service Module acts as an interface between SAP Hybris Commerce, SAP CRM and SAP Hybris C4C solution and hence allowing Customer Support Agents to pick customer’s online storefronts from CRM or C4C solution.

21.What do you understand by the SAP Hybris Assisted Service module?

 Ans: SAP Hybris Assisted Services Module ASM assists customer at the time of buying process using same storefront across Omni-channel. Hybris ASM module connects customer with customer support and assist them in completing their order.

The Assisted Service Module acts as an interface between SAP Hybris Commerce, SAP CRM and SAP Hybris C4C solution and hence allowing Customer Support Agents to pick customer’s online storefronts from CRM or C4C solution.

22.What is the use of SAP Hybris Billing module?

Ans: SAP Hybris Billing provides flexible different options to customer for automating invoice process. SAP Hybris Billing provides an automated way of managing billing and ordering processes from the cloud.

Following are the key features covered under SAP Hybris Billing/Revenue capability −

  • Order and Contract Lifecycle Management
  • Quote to cash capabilities
  • Managing Revenue/Billing for subscription
  • Easy integration of Revenue with Sales, service and Marketing solution
  • Order Orchestration
  • SAP Hybris Leading Edge public cloud platform

23.What is the role of the halo session?


The Jalo layer in hybris is deprecated, not the halo session.

Whenever a request is made to the hybris server, it may need current user details, currency, language, timezone, etc to serve that request efficiently. Since HttpSession does not hold all these details, hybris came up with the concept of JaloSession.

Whenever a request comes to Hybris, the filter HybrisInitFilter creates an object of JaloSession. Every JaloSession object is associated with a SessionContext object, which has current user, language, currency, etc and the current HTTP session object.

  • Cron jobs also run in a JaloSession.
  • Each JaloSession is bound to a tenant. This cannot be changed after the instance of JaloSession is created.
  • JaloSession is never made persistent in the database.  

24.What are the different Hybris Modeling techniques?

Ans: Following are the different Hybris modeling techniques.

  • Items.xml − This file is used for data modeling in Hybris Commerce data model
  • Item types − This is used to create tables.
  • Relation types − This is used to create a relationship between tables.
  • Atomic types − Atomic types
  • Collection types − Collections
  • Map Types − To define maps
  • Enum types − To define enums

25.Can We Use This As A Fully Fledged Content Management Solution?


No, if your site is very much specific to content management and you want to manage specific version of -individual content than wcms is not the right solution for you.

Otherwise it has all features that are required for an ecommerce application.

26.How will you compare this with ATG or WCS?

Ans:Very soon Hybris will be on top of these because of its simplicity.




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