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Photoshop Interview Questions and Answers

by Mohammed, on Mar 28, 2018 10:37:17 AM

Photoshop Interview Questions and Answers

Q1. What is the Adobe Photoshop?

Ans: Adobe Photoshop is an Professional image editing software developed and manufactured by Adobe Systems Inc. Photoshop was created in 1988 by Thomas and John Knoll. Photoshop available for Windows and Mac. Photoshop is a powerful application and also used by many professional photographers and designers. You can use Photoshop for any sort of picture altering, for example, touching up photographs, making top notch representation, and much, significantly more.

Q2. Explain about the photoshop work area?

Ans: Photoshop work area consists of Application Bar, Tools Panel, Options Bar, Document Window and Panel Dock. (Explain each one at least in one line)

Q3. How you can resize the image in Adobe Photoshop?

Ans: When you resize the image in Photoshop you have to go into menu bar, under menu bar you will find an option “Image Size”. On clicking that option, it will open a dialog box, by which you can adjust the size of the image.

Q4. What is Gradients?

Ans: Gradients are a great way to introduce flashy, eye-catching graphics in your pages.

Q5. How to crop an image in Adobe Photoshop?

Ans: The process to crop image
  • Select the any part of the image.
  • Select the shape of cropping tool from the menu.
  • Hold shift key and drag to select the marquee to a square or a circle.
  • Hold a marquee from its center, hold down Alt after dragging and select image on Crop menu item.

Q6. How do you select an exact color to match?

Ans: Process – Use the eye-dropper tool to sample the color as foreground color. Select the foreground color square, use the paint bucket tool or brush tool for covering the area. You can also use Clone Stamp Tool. Now use the key Alt+ and click where you want the color from and hold down the mouse button to cover up the area.

Q7. How to organize layers in Adobe Photoshop?

Ans: Process:- A layer shows an image / picture. Multiple layers are used to place separate images / pictures. Place various images in separate layers. Lock the unused layers. Unlock the layer that is in use. When 2 or more layers need to be changed, unlock the layers.

Q8. What are Lasso tools?

Ans: The Lasso Tool is another invaluable tool for making selection.

Q9. Explain smart object in Photoshop?

Ans: In Photoshop, Layer is known as Smart Objects Layer, that contain image data from raster or vector images, such as photoshop or Illustrator file.

Q10. What are swatches palettes?

Ans: Swatch palettes are an arrangement of colours. Colours can be utilized without recalling the numeric colour values from the swatches palettes.


Q11. What is resizing images and what are the parameters to change the size of the picture?

Ans: To suit a particular purpose of the application resizing of the images is done.
The parameters to change the size of image are:

  • Type of image or picture
  • Size of pixels
  • Background resolution

Q12. What is healing tool?

Ans: Healing tool is used in Photoshop to hide the unwanted spots or pictures that appeared in your original picture and makes picture look like real without any changes.  The tool use complicated algorithm to calculate what would be the area of your picture based on the surrounding pixels.

Q13.  Can you use bamboo tablet in Photoshop?

Ans: Yes, you can use bamboo tablet in Photoshop.  After installing the bamboo tablet software, open the software. Once done, the next step is to configure the four hotkeys of Bamboo tablet with the help of the software available in tablet. Create a new document and open the Photoshop, you can now have Photoshop with a bamboo tablet.

Q14. How can you reduce noise in an image?

Ans: Reduce noise option is helpful to reduce the color and luminance effect in the image. To reduce the noise in an image, you have to go in a menu bar, select a filter menu, and in that you will see an option for NOISE. Again, clicking on it, it will show other option including reducing noise.

Q15.  How to create an artistic border?

Ans: To create an artistic border, you must select an image. After that, add a layer mask in a layer pallet then select filter-> brush strokes-> sprayed strokes.

Q16.  What is a Gaussian blur?

Ans: Gaussian blur is a tool that blurs the edges of the image to make it more real and adaptive to the surrounding. Often it is believed that Gaussian blur can only blurs the image, but if it is used cleverly it will not blurs the image but enhance the appearance.

Q17.  What are swatches palettes?

Ans: Photoshop provides two palettes for selecting color, a) Swatch Palettes  b) Color Palettes.  Some specific colors can be used without remembering the numeric color values. Also, colors can be extracted from an available image. Default swatches and custom swatches are also an additional option for the users.

Q18. What are Lasso tools and name them?

Ans: With lasso tools precise area of an image can be selected, just by tracing the selection outlines the areas are selected.

  • Simple Lasso Tool
  • Polygonal Lasso Tool
  • Magnetic Lasso Tool

Q19.  With the help of spin software how you can make 3D sphere?

Ans: To make 3D sphere, select blur from filter menu and click on radial blur.  Select spin option in the blur method section, you can increase or decrease the amount of spin by dragging the slider.

Q20. How to create a transparent background in Photoshop?

Ans: To create a transparent image you need to follows three steps:

  • First go to ‘Select’ option and select the background, and then click on ‘Inverse’. This will select your main picture.
  • Open a new file, select option ‘ Transparent’ under content, and you will have a file with transparent background.
  • Copy your main picture and paste it to new file you created.

Q21. What is Clone tool?

Ans: Clone tool uses the current brush to repair the problem areas in photos and pictures, by painting over them with pixel data from other areas.

Q22.  How you fix the blurry images in Photoshop?

Ans: To fix the blurry images in Photoshop you can use sharpening tools. Sharpening the image will lose the pixels, make sure you are finished with everything else and saved the changes before you start sharpening the image.

Q23.  What tool you can use to combine images?

Ans: You can use Auto-blend layers command to combine images. Auto-blend layers uses layer masks as needed to mask-out over underexposed areas.

Q24.  What is a Bezier curve?

Ans: It is a mathematically defined curve used in two-dimensional graphic applications. It is defined by four points, the initial position, two middle point positions and a terminating position.

Q25.  How does Red Eye tool works?

Ans: Red eye tool is a type of a repairing tool. When you circle any problematic area with red eye tool, the Photoshop will automatically identity that area and will replace it by dark-gray pixels.

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