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Top Oracle ATG Interview Questions and Answers

by Sachin, on Jul 12, 2022 8:08:31 PM

Top Oracle Interview Questions and Answers

Q1. What is component in ATG?


Components are basically the building blocks of ATG. Practically, a component is a configuration file (a simple text file with . properties extension), which uses a java class. ATG has specified a specific standard (or syntax), for these configuration files, so that they can use java classes to execute some logic.

Q2. What is DAF in ATG?


DAF deployment uses multi-threading to move data from a source to a target server. The number of threads and the number of assets per thread are configurable, which lets you tailor deployment performance to available hardware.

Q3. What is repository in ATG?


A repository is simply an interface between your ATG application and your database. You see, on a high-level, any web application is based on two things mainly viz. source-code and database.

Q4. What is ATG Dynamo?


Part of ATG's core marketing Adaptive Scenario Engine, Dynamo comprises a comprehensive set of Java-based products that enable an organization to deploy a fully-integrated customer management system (CRM) and website.

Q5. How do I create a custom droplet in ATG?


  1. Create a Java class extending atg. servlet. ...
  2. Create a matching ATG component for the class. The scope of the component should be global. ...
  3. Declare the droplet in the JSP.

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Q6. What is ATG nucleus?


Nucleus is the mechanism that gives those components a place to live, and a way for those components to find each other. Nucleus organizes application components into a hierarchy, and assigns a name to each component, based on its position in the hierarchy.

Q7. What is pipeline in ATG?


A pipeline is an execution mechanism that allows for modular code execution. Oracle ATG Web Commerce uses pipelines to execute tasks such as loading, saving, and checking out Orders . The PipelineManager implements the pipeline execution mechanism.

Q8. What is the ATG Tag Library?


Atg tag library is a variant of jsp standard tag library. However, atg provides its own set of tag libraries e.g. dsp,dspel, core

Q9. What is ATG DPS? What are its elements?


ATG DPS refers to the ATG Dynamo personalization system. It is driven by User Profile Data and business rules designed to deliver the right content to the right user. 
There are three key elements of the ATG DPS Personalization System.

  • User Profile Management
  • Content Targetting
  • Targeted E-mail 

Q10. What are ATG Form Handlers?


ATG Formhandler is the intermediate class that comes in between a JSP form value and its bean class. They are there to evaluate the validity of form data before it is submitted, write data to and read data from a database or repository, and direct the user to different pages, depending on the results of the form submission

Q11. What are the different modes of caching?


Caching modes are set at the item descriptor level, through the tag’s cache-mode attribute. The default caching mode is simple caching. To set a different caching mode on an item descriptor, set cache-mode to one of the following values:

  • Simple
  • Locked
  • Distributed (distributed TCP caching)
  • Distributed JMS (distributed JMS caching)
  • DistributeHybrid (distributed hybrid caching)

Q12. Which is the IBM product used with ATG?


  • WebSphere Application Server
  • Eclipse IDE

Q13. Explain the ATG performance issues?


Performance problems come in many shapes and sizes, but they all mean that the processing of some task is not happening at the expected, and previously observed speed. Performance issues include CPU utilization problems, slow response times, high levels of DB activities, SQL queries that run a long time, Slow CA deployments, just to name a few.

Q14. Difference between Express Checkout and Checkout?


Express- Logged in user has information stored
Guest- will enter all information (shipping, billing, review steps), and information is not saved

Q15. What are the types of Pipeline in ATG?


  • DAS Servlet pipeline – It is used to handle JHTML request
  • DAF Servlet Pipeline – It is used to handle the JSP request

Q16. What is the difference between FormHandler, droplet and servlet?


  • FormHandlers are used when there are forms. They help to perform validation for the forms
  • Droplet is from ATG, and it is used to put or render data in the database
  • Servlet is used to submit data, it acts as a controller. It is not used to put data

Q17. Mention the Advantages of DAF?


  • It is used to deal huge data
  • It can write any object of type 1 call in to the db.
  • Dynamo messaging using patch bay and jms
  • Dependency injection

Q18. What is the advantage of Nucleus in ATG?


  • It renders a simple way to write new components
  • In nucleus, applications don’t need to contain code to create instances of components. It is created and administered through configuration files
  • By organizing configuration files into layers Nucleus provides a convenient way to modify and extend component properties
  • Nucleus provides a large number of out-of-the-box generalized service components
  • Nucleus makes it easy for application developers to set the scope of their components

Q19. Mention what is the difference between dsp and dspel tags?


  • DSP tags : DSP tag library tags support runtime expressions. These tags use an id attribute to name the scripting variables they create.
  • DSPEL tag : DSPEL tag library tags support JSTL Expression Language (EL) elements that are also evaluated at runtime.

Q20. What is the main difference between JSP and DSP tag libraries?


  • Dsp is a ATG specific tag libraries that involves in executing only DAF framework resources. Also, Dsp imports all objects of type class.
  • JSP involves in all the functionalities for web application development. Also, Jsp imports only the primitive data types.
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