Oracle Apps Technical Interview Questions and Answers

by Pritha Radhakrishnan, on Jul 21, 2023 4:45:41 PM

Oracle Apps Technical  Interview Questions and Answers

Q1. What is Oracle Apps Technical?

Ans: Oracle Apps Technical refers to the technical aspects of Oracle Applications, including customizations, extensions, and integrations, to meet specific business requirements.

Q2. What are the key components of Oracle Apps Technical?

Ans: The key components of Oracle Apps Technical include Oracle Forms, Reports, PL/SQL, Workflow, and Application Object Library (AOL).

Q3. How do you handle customization conflicts during Oracle Apps upgrades?

Ans: To handle customization conflicts, it's important to document all customizations, conduct impact analysis, and follow Oracle's best practices for customization, such as using personalizations over custom code modifications whenever possible.

Q4. How do you troubleshoot performance issues in Oracle Apps Technical?

Ans: To troubleshoot performance issues, you can analyze SQL queries, check database indexing, review concurrent program settings, utilize Oracle diagnostic tools, and optimize the configuration of Oracle Apps components.

Q5. What is a Value Set in Oracle Apps, and why is it important?

Ans: A Value Set is a list of predefined values used to restrict the input for a specific field. It ensures data integrity and helps enforce data validation rules by allowing only valid values to be entered.

Q6. What is the difference between a value set and a validation table in Oracle Apps?

Ans: A value set is a predefined list of values that restricts the input for a specific field, whereas a validation table is a table that contains the valid values for a specific field.

Q7. How do you customize a standard Oracle form?

Ans: Customizing a standard Oracle form can be done using personalizations, which allow changes without modifying the underlying code. Personalizations can be achieved through the "Forms Personalization" feature.

Q8. What is an Oracle Concurrent Program, and how do you create one?

Ans: An Oracle Concurrent Program is a program that runs in the background to perform specific tasks. It can be created using the "Concurrent Programs" window in Oracle Apps and specifying the program's executable, parameters, and other settings.

Q9. How do you debug Oracle Apps Technical code?

Ans: Oracle Apps Technical code can be debugged using various methods, including placing debug messages in the code, using the "Debug" profile option, setting breakpoints in Oracle Forms, or using logging and tracing mechanisms.

Q10. How do you create a custom table in Oracle Apps?

Ans: To create a custom table, you need to define the table structure using SQL DDL statements, including column definitions, constraints, and indexes. Afterward, you can register the table in Oracle Apps using the "Application Developer" responsibility.

Q11. What is the difference between a Key Flexfield and a Descriptive Flexfield?

Ans: A Key Flexfield (KFF) is a predefined structure used to capture key information, such as account codes or item codes. A Descriptive Flexfield (DFF) provides additional customizable attributes to capture additional information based on business requirements.

Q12. How do you extend Oracle Apps functionality using Oracle Application Framework (OAF)?

Ans: Oracle Application Framework (OAF) allows developers to create custom pages and components within Oracle Apps. By leveraging OAF, you can extend the application's functionality to meet specific business needs.

Q13. How do you perform data conversion/migration in Oracle Apps Technical?

Ans: Data conversion/migration in Oracle Apps Technical involves extracting data from the source system, transforming it according to the target system's requirements, and loading it into the appropriate tables using SQL scripts, PL/SQL packages, or data import tools provided by Oracle.

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