Linux Shell Scripting Interview Questions and Answers

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Linux Shell Scripting Interview Questions and Answers

Q1. How to pass argument to a script ?

Ans.  ./script argument
Example : Script will show filename
./ file1.txt
cat $1

Q2. How to use argument in a script ?

First argument: $1,

Second argument : $2
Example : Script will copy file (arg1) to destination (arg2)
./ file1.txt /tmp/
cp $1 $2

Q3. How to calculate number of passed arguments ?

Ans. $#

Q4. How to get script name inside a script ?

Ans. $0

Q5. How to check if previous command run successful ?

Ans. $?

Q6. How to get last line from a file ?

Ans. tail -1

Q7. How to get first line from a file ?

Ans. head -1

Q8. How to get 3rd element from each line from a file ?

Ans. awk '{print $3}'

Q9. How to get 2nd element from each line from a file, if first equal FIND

Ans. awk '{ if ($1 == "FIND") print $2}'

Q10. How to debug bash script

Ans. Add -xv to #!/bin/bash
#!/bin/bash –xv

Q11. Give an example how to write function ?

Ans. function example {
echo "Hello world!"

Q12. How to add string to string ?

Ans. V1="Hello"
let V3=$V1+$V2
echo $V3

Q13. How to add two integers ?

Ans. V1=1
echo $V3
Remember you need to add "let" to line V3=$V1+$V2
then echo $V3 will give 3
if without let , then it will be
echo $V3 will give 1+2

Q14. How to check if file exist on filesystem ?

Ans. if [ -f /var/log/messages ]
echo "File exists"

Q15. Write down syntax for all loops in shell scripting ?

Ans. for loop :
for i in $( ls ); do
echo item: $i
while loop :
while [ $COUNTER -lt 10 ]; do
echo The counter is $COUNTER
until loop :
until [ $COUNTER -lt 10 ]; do
let COUNTER-=1

Q16. What it means by #!/bin/sh or #!/bin/bash at beginning of every script ?

Ans. That line tells which shell to use. #!/bin/bash script to execute using /bin/bash. In case of python script there there will be #!/usr/bin/python

Q17. How to get 10th line from the text file ?

Ans. head -10 file|tail -1

Q18. What is the first symbol in the bash script file

Ans. #

Q19. What would be the output of command: [ -z "" ] && echo 0 || echo 1

Ans. 0

Q20. What command "export" do ?

Ans. Makes variable public in subshells

Q21. How to run script in background ?

Ans. add "&" to the end of script

Q22. What "chmod 500 script" do ?

Ans. Makes script executable for script owner

Q23. What ">" do ?

Ans. Redirects output stream to file or another stream.

Q24. What difference between & and &&

Ans. & - we using it when want to put script to background
&& - when we wand to execute command/script if first script was finished successfully

Q25. When we need "if" before [ condition ] ?

Ans. When we need to run several commands if condition meets.


Q26. What would be the output of the command: name=John && echo 'My name is $name'

Ans. My name is $name

Q27. Which is the symbol used for comments in bash shell scripting ?

Ans. #

Q28. What would be the output of command: echo ${new:-variable}

Ans. variable

Q29. What difference between ' and " quotes ?

Ans. ' - we use it when do not want to evaluate variables to the values
" - all variables will be evaluated and its values will be assigned instead.

Q30. How to redirect stdout and stderr streams to log.txt file from script inside ?

Ans. Add "exec >log.txt 2>&1" as the first command in the script

Q31. How to get part of string variable with echo command only ?

Ans. echo ${variable:x:y}
x - start position
y - length
variable="My name is Petras, and I am developer."
echo ${variable:11:6} # will display Petras

Q32. How to get home_dir with echo command only if string variable="User:123:321:/home/dir" is given ?

Ans. echo ${variable#*:*:*:}
echo ${variable##*:}

Q33. How to get “User” from the string above ?

Ans. echo ${variable%:*:*:*}
echo ${variable%%:*}

Q34. How to list users which UID less that 100 (awk) ?

Ans. awk -F: '$3<100' /etc/passwd

Q35. Write the program which counts unique primary groups for users and displays count and group name only

Ans. cat /etc/passwd|cut -d: -f4|sort|uniq -c|while read c g
{ echo $c; grep :$g: /etc/group|cut -d: -f1;}|xargs -n 2

Q36. How to change standard field separator to ":" in bash shell ?

Ans. IFS=":"

Q37. How to get variable length ?

Ans. $

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