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Go Language ( Golang ) Training


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Training Mode: Class Room / Live Online

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Go Language Training in Bangalore - Online & Classroom Training

To make the participants understand and use the fundamental principles and common tools of the Go Programming Language (GoLang)

go language training in bangalore

Introduction to Go

  • Purpose and Design of the Go Programming Language

  • Language and run-time library

  • Programs and Packages

  • The Go development environment

  • Workspaces

  • Dependency Management

  • Unit Testing

Go Basics

  • Structure of a Go program

    • Package

    • Functions and the main() function

    • Importing and using packages

  • Variables

    • Scalar data types: Numbers and Strings

    • Vector data types: Arrays, Slices and Maps

    • Pointers

  • Control structures

  • Functions

    • Parameters

    • Return values

    • Multiple return values

    • Closures

  • Errors and error handling

Intermediate Go

  • Complex types

    • Structs

    • Members

    • Anonymous members

    • Pointers to Structs

    • Arrays and Maps of Structs

  • Interfaces

    • Defining interfaces

    • Implicitness of Interfaces

  • Encapsulation

    • Packages as namespaces

    • Variable scope

    • Structs as namespaces

    • Methods

    • Polymorphism

  • Control flow

    • panic and recover

    • defer

Some core Go packages and tools

  • Formatting and Templates

  • Unit testing

  • File I/O

  • Database Connectivity

  • Web development

Advanced Go

  • Concurrency

  • Understanding the Go model of concurrency

  • Goroutines

  • Channels and coordination

  • Creating Go packages

  • Robustness and error management

  • Encapsulation vs. exposure

  • Documentation

  • Publishing

  • Interfacing Go with other languages

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Good learning environment Review by shahid
I have completed my Go lang training in mytectra. The training is really clear and good. Thanks to mytectra team
Good Training Review by Arjun
Good to learn Go with myTectra. This is my 2nd programming language training after Python with myTectra.

2 Item(s)

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myTectra flexible batch schedules enables you to start your class at your convenient date and time.

1. All the enrolled candidates must start the class by any date within 30 days from the date of enrollment.
2. Maximum of 3 Days will be taken by myTectra to schedule the batches from the date of schedule request from the candidate.
3. Individual Focus - Maximum 5 candidates allowed per batches
4. The candidate can request any one of the batch time slot from the below list
Batch Type Time Slab Hours/Day Time Zone Days
Regular Morning 6.30 AM - 9.30 AM Anytime Maximum 2 Hrs IST Monday-to-Friday
Regular Evening 6.30 PM - 9.30 PM Anytime Maximum 2 Hrs IST Monday-to-Friday
Week End 6.30 AM - 9.30 PM Anytime Maximum 3 Hrs IST Saturday,Sunday
Fast Track-Morning 6.30 AM - 9.30 AM Anytime Maximum 2 Hrs IST Monday-to-Saturday
Fast Track-Evening 6.30 PM - 9.30 PM Anytime Maximum 2 Hrs IST Monday-to-Saturday
Customized Batch Customized Timing Customized Hrs IST Customized Days

Note : We can schedule your batch anytime on Saturday and Sunday between 6.30 AM 9.30 PM at your convenient time

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