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Digital Marketing Interview Questions and Answers 2019 [UPDATED]

by Anuradha, on Mar 20, 2018 10:43:00 AM

Digital Marketing Interview Questions and Answers 2019

Q1. What is Digital Marketing?

Ans: Digital marketing is the marketing process of reaching your target customers in a more effective and precise way through various digital channels like internet, mobile, etc. to attract, engage and convert them.

Q2. What are the types of Digital Marketing?


  • Display advertising
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Search engine marketing
  • Search engine optimization
  • Referral marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Inbound marketing

Q3. How can we all use the internet as a marketer?

Ans: We can use the internet as a marketer so that we can give customers services, Social media marketing in the promotion of products and lots more.

Q4. Why you chose Digital Marketing job role?

Ans: Be honest with your answer to this particular question. The interviewer is checking your commitment to the industry here. Answer this in commitment terms and with enthusiasm for the digital marketing sector. Why you chose the digital marketing field? Try to answer in favor of the industry.

Your answer can include, Your love for blogging and website attracted you to work as a digital marketing professional, the digital marketing industry has got a good reputation, and lots of opportunities are available to progress your career, skills and expand your knowledge. It’s showing how consistent you are to improve and enhance your skills and your long-term commitment to the sector.

Q5. Do you know who invented or discovered WWW?

Ans: Sir Tim Berners-Lee came up with the world wide web (WWW). Sir Tim did a great thing by giving it for FREE without any patents, any royalties in 1994. And further at the end of 90’s it just exploded and around 60 million people were just using it and over 2005 the uses of the internet were around billions. And now at the end of 2010, the uses of the internet touched around 2 billion people. Today at the present time around 3 billion people are using the internet and it’s just phenomenal.

Q6. How can you categorize Digital marketing?

Ans: Digital marketing is categorized into two segments: Inbound Marketing and Outbound Marketing.

Inbound Marketing
It’s the marketing technique that takes the help of social media, e-books, e-newsletters or webinars to get more and more clicks and knowledge about the company, its products, and services.

Outbound Marketing
This marketing technique includes placing cold calls, ads or emails to reach out to potential customers through digital channels.

Q7. List the advantages of Digital Marketing?


  • Inexpensive
  • Large audience
  • Easy to measure
  • High conversion rates

Q8. What is SEO?

Ans: “What is search engine optimization?” Is a common but very important question in a digital marketing interview? Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the technique used to increase the number of users to your website by obtaining a high page rank in the search results page such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines.

SEO techniques improve your content, site’s structure, and organization so that your site can get its position on the search engine page results.

Q9. Should your Content Marketing strategy be more clearly geared toward Social Media/Engagement, SEO (Organic Rankings), or Onsite Informational purposes?

Ans: This again is a trick question. A good content marketing strategy encompasses all three. It is keyword focused, genuinely informative & encourages engagement.  Good content encourages engagement, builds brand & authority & contributes to organic rankings via the content itself onsite as well as the potential nurturing of organic link growth an active social presence can provide.

Kevin says, “This will also start to give an idea of whether or not the applicant possesses cross-platform skills or if they are more heavily skilled in some areas over others. SEO, Social Media & Content Marketing are all one in 2015.”


Q10. Why we prefer Online marketing than Offline marketing?

Ans: Offline marketing is very expensive while online marketing is cheap as results in better lead generation than offline marketing. It can reach to a large number of audience online. Everything is measurable and trackable in online marketing.

In offline marketing, it's hard to find out whether the audience that you are targeting is right or not but online marketing reaches the right target audience at the right time.

Offline marketing like newspapers, Magazines, Radio, and Billboard usually target the local location, but Online marketing is not restricted to location. You can get different customers from different countries through online marketing.

Q11. Which country has a maximum number of internet users?

Ans: China has the maximum number of internet users. Around 649 million people are using the internet in this country which covers 19 % of the total population of the world.

Q12. What resources do you follow to learn about new trends and stay abreast of industry news?

Ans: This is one digital marketing job interview question that you’ll be asked often. Be honest with your answer. Tell them about the books or blogs you read, podcasts or webinars that you listen to, etc. Don’t just say something that you have not done because a follow-up question that Courtney Cox plans to ask can get you in trouble.

Courtney says, “Most applicants can rattle off the blogs and podcasts they know are leaders in their industry. I then follow that question up with, What have you learned recently from one of those resources, and how will it change the way you do your job? This follow-up separates the contenders from the pretenders. You can’t fake it. Applicants either have a quick, confident response, or they flounder. Job seekers should prepare for questions like this by paying attention to the leading industry blogs, podcasts, and newsletters. Then, they should think about how recent changes impact their current or past companies.”

Q13. Why mobile marketing is important in Digital Marketing?

Ans: Mobile Marketing is an important part of Digital Marketing as Today, there are millions of people who are connected to the internet through mobile devices. More than 50% of internet connections are made through mobiles. People nowadays have multiple devices and mobile has now become a center of multiple device networks. And around 70% of mobile internet searches are connected and related to business. And it’s estimated that by 2017 with the help mobile devices the sale will be around 87%. As 60% of the people in this whole world check their mobile phones before and after going to beds. And this becomes a great advantage in digital marketing.

Q14. Explain what is Keyword and its importance in SEO?

Ans: The keyword in digital marketing is the word or phrase which you enter as a query in search engine pages to get relevant results. From an SEO point of view, keywords are very crucial for better page rankings. How and where you are using your keywords will reflect your site ranking.

Q15. How would you market yourself to be online?

Ans: We can market our self-online by the help of blogs, Google Ads, Mobile Marketing, by doing SEO and lots more.

Q16. What are the most effective ways to increase traffic to your website?

Ans: Provide good user experience, build referral links, social media shares, customer engagement, building relationship within your niche.

Q17. How would you monetize your social media?

Ans: We can monetize social media by monetizing it on YouTube, Twitter.

Q18. Explain Pay per click advertising or PPC advertising?

Ans: PPC or cost per click is a technique to direct traffic to your website. You will only pay for your add if it’s get clicked.

Q19. What is the best social media platform?

Ans: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Snap chat.

Q20. Explain Google AdWords?

Ans: Google AdWords is Google’s paid online advertising model that uses a bidding system to appear to the top or the right of the page results. When you are advertising, you are telling Google what keywords or phrases you are interested in.

AdWords allows you to show your ads to the right people, in the right place, at the right time.

Q21. How would you listen to people what they say about you online?

Ans: Google alerts, Facebook, search on Twitter with hashtags, Google search of your particular brand name, some software tools and lots more.

Q22. Explain OnPage and OffPage SEO?

Ans: Off-page SEO techniques deal with the measures taken to improve your site’s position in page rankings that are taken outside of your website.

On-page SEO techniques deal with the measures taken to improve the position of the website in the search rankings that are taken directly with the website, it’s content and structure.

Q23. What aspects should you consider with e-commerce websites?

Ans: Chain supply, we should tag the audience and lots more.

Q24. What do you mean by Bad Link?

Ans: Bad links are:

  • Links from sites that are not relevant to your site.
  • Links from link exchanges.
  • Paid links.
  • Spammy links from blogs or articles.
  • Link from the same anchor texts that come from multiple sites.
  • Links from low-rank pages.
  • Links from pages with low traffic.
  • Links from the sites that are out of Google Index.

Q25. Why is mobile important when considering e-commerce?

Ans: Because everybody has them, many people are on the mobile maximum number of times, lots of mobile users are there and everybody is using them.

Q26. What should you do to avoid the Google penalty?


  • Don't go for buying links
    This practice is very dangerous because Google is aware of this unscrupulous activity. If you buy links, then you could end up spending money to get your site penalized.
  • Do not link to bad page rank sites. 
    Check your backlinks and Disavow bad links. You can choose tools like Google Search Console and Majestic to check your backlinks. If you find any of them as spam, then you should Disavow them.
  • Don’t use sneaky mobile redirects.
    When someone lands on their website from some mobile device then, they redirect them to a different site which is not relevant even with the content of on original site. Google penalize the sites that use sneaky mobile redirects.
  • Don’t sell your link.
    Because of Google finds your link as link farm then you will be penalized and all your effort to rank your page will go in vain.
  • Don’t use duplicate content.
    If your site appears to be a duplicate one, then it won’t appear at all.
  • Don’t use hidden text.
    You might think that you can trick Google into thinking that certain text is visible on your website, even though it’s invisible to visitors. But it comes under Google’s violation policies, and Google will penalize you for these practices.

Q27. Why is social media important when we are considering e-commerce?

Ans: Because e-commerce and social media support each other.

Q28. Where do you want to see yourself five years down the line in the digital marketing sector?

Ans: This question is to test your ambition towards your career. Think about the role that you are interviewing for. How might you be able to progress in that particular role?

If you are interviewing for a digital marketing executive role, then you could say you want to be a digital marketing manager. Or else, if you are interviewing for a manager then you could say you want to see yourself as running your digital marketing agency.

Q29. What should you consider the most when setting up an ad campaign?

Ans: Keywords.

Q30. How will my ad perform?


  • It depends on the quality score. (quality score is the one which the google gives between 1 to 10).
  • We must also have a good click-through rate.
  • We must have relevant and proper keywords as this is very important in quality score.
  • Quality on the landing page is also very important at this point as it gives great importance in quality score.
  • We must have a great work history or account history because google compares the complete history.
    hence, AD Rank = CPC Bid X Quality Score.
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