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Taleo Recruitment Interview Questions and Answers

by Venkatesan M, on May 22, 2017 3:16:07 PM

Taleo Recruitment Interview Questions and Answers

Q1. When configuring multiple-choice prescreening questions, what is an important consideration?

Ans: Do not mix requirements and assets on a multiple-choice question.

Q2. What are the three types of questions that can be Implemented In the construction of a Job- specific prescreening question?


  • Single Answer
  • Multiple Choice
  • Text

Q3. When building a Career Section, in order to preview it, which area within the Career Section would you access?

Ans:Career Section Preview

Q4. Your client requires the ability to capture multiple payroll allowances as part of a candidate offer. What design option best supports this requirements?

Ans: Create Candidate UDFs for each Allowance category and complete these prior to creating the Offer.

Q5. Identify two reasons your Privacy Statement is displaying to some candidates but not to all candidates?

  • The Privacy Statement content type is assigned to appear on only one career portal.
  • The Privacy Statement is contextualized to display only for requisitions assigned to a given Location.

Q6. Your client wants to use a Candidate Ranking field to establish ranking (I-10) and then be able to sort candidates within the list view for a given requisition. This field should only be available for

Ans:Create a Candidate Ranking UDF, make it available for Recruiting Center, and add it to the Personal Information form on the Candidate file.

Q7: What is used to determine the required fields that remain to be completed when saving, posting, or routing a requisition for approval?

Ans:More Actions Menu

Q8: Your client would like to limit visibility of executive candidates in the system for the majority of the requiting staff and all hiring managers. What are the three steps to accomplish this using the staffing type functionality?

  • Adjust the user type permission whereby the candidates displayed to a user is determined
  • by the candidate's stalling type to exclude Executive Staffing Type.
  • Activate the Exact Match for Search Using Structured Fields (OLF) setting in Recruiting Settings.

Q9. Your client would like to allow the ability for candidates to reply directly to a specific email address of a recruiting coordinator who is responsible for monitoring incoming messages when a candidate receives a correspondence message regardless of the origin of the message. What are the two steps to enable this functionality?


  • Enable the setting Display "Reply To" Field
  • Copy a variable from the Variables list and paste it into the Reply To field.

Q10. Your client would like to ensure that all candidates that are being hired into the Information Technology department sit 'for a mandatory skills-based assessment. When constructing the candidate selection workflow, what are the two steps that you most take to ensure that this step is enforced for this Job type?

  • Ensure that the Assessment Test step in the primary CSW is contextualized to the job type.
  • When adding the Assessment Step to the CSW you must mark it as mandatory.

Q11. When setting up the Candidate Communication Agent it is important to understand if the Client uses multiple Requisitions hire types. What would be a determination that you would need to make prior to the configuration of the Candidate facing Status?

Ans:Determine what the default filters are for candidate matching.

Q12. When configuring a status used in a step, it is possible to ask the system to automatically change the status. Under what two circumstances can this functionality be enabled?


  • This functionality can be enabled for the interview step once an interview is scheduled.
  • This functionality can be enabled for a screening service such as an assessment that can progress the candidate to a new status based on the results.

Q13. Your client has expressed concern that one of the open positions that they have activated prescreening for is delivering a high volume of ACE candidates. What recommendations should you consider making to your client?


  • You should suggest that the recruiter unpost the Job immediately and add competencies to the prescreening form on the job.
  • You should suggest that the recruiter adjust the ACE Alert Threshold and employ weighting on the most important assets.


Q14. Your client requires the capture meal allowance terms as part of Offers generated for selected candidates in Mexico. How can this be accomplished?

Ans:Create an offer UDF for meal allowances and contextualize for the location of Mexico.

Q15. What is the default extension method selected by the system when a user of the system records the extension of an offer (within Offer Management)?

Ans: Verbal and Written (hard copy)

Q16. When configuring a CSW, why is it important to designate a completion status within a step?

Ans: The Completion Status will allow the candidate to progress to the next step in the CSW.

Q17. When assigning a user the ability to create, edit, manage, and delete questions, what is the correct path?

Ans:Configuration > [SmartOrg] Administration> [Users] User Types > Recruiting > Prescreening

Q18. Your client would like to create a simplified way for hiring managers to progress candidates in the workflow with a single click avoiding the need to open each candidate record to complete the progression in the More Actions menu. What recommendation would you make to your client?

Ans:Next Action column must be added in the hiring manager's candidate list format.

Q19. Your client would like to use the Taleo offer Management functionality for their corporate recruiting needs. What needs to be configured to enable offer management?

Ans:A step should be created called Offer with the reference model called Offer and added to the CSW for the corporate positions.

Q20. What are two scenarios in which you would build qualifiers into your Candidate Selection Workflow?

  • Your client would like to collect data on why the candidates are declining their offers.
  • Your client would like to collect data on why candidates are being rejected by their recruiters.

Q21. When you create a new department in the system, what can you associate with it?

Ans: Organization, Location, Job Field, Contacts

Q22. What is the primary advantage of using the elements in the competency library when constructing prescreening on a job requisition template?

Ans:The competency library provides a standard set of measures for years of experience and proficiency that can be leveraged in a structured data search, ACE Thresholds, and candidate compare.

Q23.When an ad-hoc prescreening question is created for a requisition and not saved into the prescreening library what are two disadvantages to this approach for an organization?


  • The question is not available for reuse on additional requisitions in a similar Job Family or Location.
  • The question is not available in the candidate tracking history.

Q24. When setting up prescreening on a requisition, which two parameters can only be applied to Competencies versus Questions?


  • Minimum Proficiency
  • Minimum Experience

Q25. Your client is looking to solve the issue of multiple hiring managers considering the same candidate and progressing them to the offer stage creating an internal competitive offer situation. What two recommendations would you make to your client that will make this scenario impossible?


  • Activate the User Type Setting View candidates in search results even If the submission status is beyond the threshold step to hide from search for recruiters.
  • Activate the Threshold CSW Step - Candidates Hidden from Search Results and specify the threshold in Recruiting -> Settings.

Q26. Your client would like ensure that candidates have the ability to search for jobs in a variety of ways. They would also like to provide visibility into jobs that candidates are a match for based on data that has been collected by the system. How would you ensure that this functionality is available?

Ans:Activate My Jobs Page on the Personal Jobs List on the Career Section Properties.

Q27. Your client would like to enable radius search on their Career Section to allow for jobs at specific locations to be identified by candidates. What three steps must you take to configure specific locations to be searchable via the radius search?


  • Create another level In the Location Structure designated as a Work Location.
  • Create Work Location by inputting Name, Address, City, and Zip Code.
  • Map the Taleo Reference Location to the Work Location.

Q28. Your client has decided that they would like to collect the candidate's Date of Birth and Social Security number for their background checking vendor in a secondary Application Flow that the recruiter will execute prior to requesting the screening service. Once you have completed building the new form with the data collection fields, what are the two steps that you must take in order to change which form displays to the candidate?


Deactivate the Application Flow
Edit the Page Properties

Q29. Your client would like to ensure that all applicants are presented with the correct set of questions that qualify that they meet the minimum requirements for employment with the organization that has locations in the United States and the United Kingdom. How would you ensure that candidates are presented with the correct set of questions for the job that they are applying for?

Ans:Associate the Disqualification Questions to the appropriate Locations and Job Fields.

Q30. When creating a new user type it is recommended to first____.

Ans:Duplicate one of the default user types, make modifications to the user type, and save it.

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