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Jet Airways Cabin Crew Interview Questions and Answers

by Anuradha, on Mar 26, 2018 3:22:27 PM

Jet Airways Cabin Crew Interview Questions and Answers

Q1. Do you like being around people?

Ans: Being a cabin crew member requires a person to have solid interpersonal skills.
The person should be always cheerful and should not show their frustrations or anger to the people around them. This is extremely important.

Q2. Would You Like to Work in a Team?

Ans: I am used to work in shifts and I love teamwork. I believe that I would fit for the role. I know that I would learn a lot being a cabin crew, not just on places and people, but also skills like first aid and to help others within my limits.

Q3. Why do you want this career? Why do you wish to join the cabin crew?

Ans: While this question may seem difficult to answer to people who are doing the job for the financial position that it offers, this question will seem simple to people who are interested in flying.
You have to do some research about this career and speak about your job-related skills. You can add that you are quite interested in flying and visiting new places; do not overly emphasize this. You can say further that you enjoy being with around people and are quite sociable.

Q4. Have you applied for other Airlines?

Ans: Yes, I am applying for other airlines too. But honestly I want to work for this airline because I always have positive reviews about it and it has professional image. So, I would surely be the part of this great team.


Q5. Give us an example where you really held your temper?

Ans: In your response, briefly share some of your challenging incidents, and how you successfully handled them.

Q6. What’s Your Turn-Off on your Old Job?

Ans: Never say “I didn’t like working environment, or your boss, or your team”. Never use these negative points. Be sure to tell everything was good and you just wanted to bring change in your life for your future.

Q7. Tell us of a situation when you were under real pressure? Tell us of a case when you have been upset or frustrated?

Ans: As you discuss experiences, focus on how your customer service skills allowed you to please the client and diffuse any further problems.

Q8. Would You Love to Do Repetitive Job?

Ans: Of course yes. I don’t just do repetitive stuff, but also earn and get handsome salary from the company. Next thing is that life is not all about interesting things till we don’t show any interest.

Q9. Have you ever worked in a customer care or customer service job?

Ans: If you did, you can tell about your valuable experience and the good gained practice that you’ve got.

Q10. Do You Have Any Experience to Share with Us Regarding Great Customer Service?

Ans: Around a few years ago, a guest didn’t know what to order as dessert in a restaurant, so I explained each dish to him and helped him to decide between two. I told the chef to bring a small piece of each so he can decide the best one.

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