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SAP Netweaver Interview Questions and Answers

by Sathish, on Oct 17, 2020 8:06:14 AM

SAP Netweaver Interview Questions and Answers

1.What is SAP NetWeaver?

Ans:  SAP NetWeaver is SAP's integrated technology computing platform and is the technical foundation for many SAP applications since the SAP Business Suite. SAP NetWeaver is marketed as a service-oriented application and integration platform. SAP NetWeaver provides the development and runtime environment for SAP applications and can be used for custom development and integration with other applications and systems.

2.List the various SAP applications based on NetWeaver platform?

Ans:In SAP system, user can see the following UI technologies which are provided as part of the software component User Interface Technology (SAP_UI):

  • SAP ABAP Web Dynpro
  • SAP NetWeaver Business Client (NWBC)
  • SAP Fiori Launchpad
  • SAP Visual Business
  • UI development toolkit for HTML5
  • UI Theme designer
  • Social Media Integration
  • Floorplan Manager

3.What do you understand by SAP NetWeaver?

Ans: SAP NetWeaver is technology platform for all SAP applications and is ABAP based foundation for many SAP products. This allows you to manage different applications using a single platform and hence reduce the cost of product management to significant amount. SAP NetWeaver has modules in all the SAP products from SAP BI, SAP Enterprise Portal, and also in SAP system integration.

4.What are the different installation modes for SAP NetWeaver installation?

Ans:When you run the installation, you are prompted to enter input parameters. Installation can be done in Typical or Custom mode.

Typical mode −

When you select typical mode as installation parameter, installation process takes default values as parameters. This allows that the installer prompts you only for a small selection of installation parameters.

  • Below are the installation parameters that you need to select −
  • SAP system ID and database connectivity parameters
  • Master password
  • Encryption key for the secure storage (Valid for NW 7.4 or higher)
  • SAP system profile directory (Optional)

Custom mode −When you select Custom mode, you are prompted to enter all parameters values. At the end, you can still change any of these parameters on the Parameter Summary screen.

5.How many types of processes are there in the SAP Netweaver application server? Explain

Ans:The types of processes in SAP AS are :

The dispatcher distributes the request to the work processes.

      • Dialog work processes fulfill all requests for the execution of dialog steps triggered by an active user. Every dispatcher requires at least two dialog work processes.
      • Spool work processes pass sequential data flow on to printers. At least one spool work process is required for each SAP system. It is possible to configure more than one spool work process for each dispatcher.
      • Update work processes to execute update requests. Similarly to spool work processes, you need at least one update work process per SAP system.
      • Background work processes execute programs that run without interacting with the user. You need at least two background work processes for each SAP system.
      • The enqueue work process administers the lock table in the shared memory. The lock table contains the logical database locks of the ABAP runtime environment of the SAP system. Only one enqueue work process is needed for each system.
          • 6.
What are the commands /nen and /nex in Netweaver used for?Ans:
        /nexin the t-code entry field of the SAP toolbar. This terminates all separate sessions and logs off immediately (without warning!)

7.What does the SAP Netweaver Application server offer?

Ans: SAP Netweaver AS is the logical result of the further development of the SAP Application server Technology. SAP Netweaver AS offers :

  • A reliable and extensively tested runtime environment, which has been developed further continuously over more than ten years.
  • A framework for executing complex business processes that meet the highest security standards.
  • A reliable and user-friendly development environment.
  • Support for open standards, including HTTP, HTTPS, SMTP, WebDAV, SOAP, SSL, Unicode, HTML,XML and WML
  • High scalability.
  • Support for different operating systems and database platforms.

9.Explain in how many ways SAP Netweaver AS can be installed?

Ans.For SAP Netweaver, there are 3 different installation options. These are :
  • SAP Netweaver AS ABAP: Complete infrastructure in which ABAP-based applications can be developed and used.
  • SAP Netweaver AS Java: Complete infrastructure in which J2EE-conform applications can be developed as well as used.
  • SAP Netweaver AS ABAP + Java: Complete infrastructure in which ABAP-based and J2EE-based applications can be developed besides being used. This installation lays emphasis on the Java ABAP integration which is seamless

10.How can the user complete list of software components on your NetWeaver Application Server Java?

  • First please opens http://<portal.domain>:<port>/startPage
  • Now clicks on the tab “System Information”
  • Then click on the "Components Info" tab
  • Now click on "Export to Spreadsheet"/ “Export to Excel” within Software Components table (please note, the button appears twice on the screen. It's the one under Software
  • Components that user has to press)
  • At last, user can finally save the file on his local drive

11.How do you confirm SAP NetWeaver Application Server installation? What are the default clients?

Ans:Once the installation is done, you can perform the below steps to verify the complete installation procedure −

Application Server −

You can verify if you are able to login to application server using SAP system user.

User name Client
SAP 000,001, 066

To logon to application server, you have to open SAP GUI on Windows. Add the entry for newly installed SAP system.

Use the user name and client to login.

After the installation of a new SAP system based on SAP NetWeaver 7.4 and higher, you have to configure the system to enable its usage.

12.How can we change the email id in distribution list?

Ans:Use transaction code SO23 in order to maintain distribution lists

13.What is SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio?

Ans: The SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio is actually SAP's environment meant for developing Java-based, multiple-layered business applications. This is based on Eclipse which is an open source product, and whose open plug-In architecture not only provides a sound basis of Java development core functionality but also provides a suitable platform which extends it with features which are is more specific.

14.What are various SAP Fiori Apps Available for SAP NetWeaver?


  • Maintain Email Templates
  • Maintain Form Templates
  • Display Email Transmissions
  • Application Jobs
  • Application Logs
  • Custom Fields and Logic
  • Configure Software Packages
  • Register Extensions for Transport

15.What is the use of SAP NetWeaver Enterprise Portal?

Ans: Using SAP Enterprise portal, business users can easily create and manage portal pages and publish their portal pages for others. It allows organization’s employee, suppliers and partners to access all the required information with a single point of access.

16.Explain SAP NetWeaver Process Integration application?

Ans:SAP Process Integration is part of SAP NetWeaver platform and in NetWeaver 7.0 ehp2 and older versions it is called SAP NetWeaver Exchange Infrastructure XI. SAP NetWeaver Process Integration is part of NetWeaver software component and is used for exchange of information in company’s internal system or with external parties.

SAP PI/XI enables you to set up cross system communication and integration and allows you to connect SAP and non-SAP systems based on different programming language like Java and SAP ABAP. It provides an open source environment that are necessary in complex system landscape for integration of systems and for communication.


17.What do you know about SAP Net Weaver mobile?

Ans: SAP NetWeaver Mobile contains the Java virtual machine JVM and provides a development environment that is platform independent and support mobile devices like PDA’s and tablets and hand phones.

18.What comes under SAP Net Weaver Network and Communication Security?


  • Network topology of SAP system
  • Firewall configuration
  • Transport layer security
  • Using multiple network zones

19.How you can create Identity and Approval task in Net Weaver system?

Ans: In SAP Net Weaver Identity and access management, you can create approval tasks to manage approvals in SAP system. Approval process in SAP Net Weaver uses entity type MX_PENDING. The first set of approval tasks are known as simple approvals as they don’t involve multiple approvals.

20:What are the various authentication types on SAP Net weaver?

Ans: SAP Net Weaver various different authentication types are:

  • Username and password
  • SAP Logon Tickets
  • Assertion Ticket
  • X.509 certificates (i.e., Single Sign-On) via Secure Network Communications or Secure Socket Layer
  • Client Certificate

21.How does the user connect to SAP Net Weaver Back end system?

Ans: For enabling the enable back-end connectivity for other application types, for instance, the composite views and processes, user utilizes Remote Function Calls (RFCs) and Web services, which have been configured in SAP Net Weaver Administrator.

22.What is SAP Net weaver Exchange Infrastructure?

Ans:SAP Exchange Infrastructure (SAP XI) is known as SAP's enterprise application integration (EAI) software. This is a component of the Net Weaver product group which enables the user to implement cross-system processes for instance, exchange of information among a company's internal software and systems and those of external parties. The component also enables the users in connecting systems from different vendors (non-SAP and SAP) in different versions and implemented in different programming languages (Java, ABAP, and so on) to each other.

23.Explain the concept of the SAP Net Weaver Business Client?

Ans: SAP Net Weaver Business Client (NWBC) is a new SAP user interface (UI), which presents the end users with an integration of classic SAP GUI-based transactions which is seamless and newly developed applications are based on Web Dynpro ABAP. A high-fidelity UI is offered for improvising the user experience, In the desktop variant. NWBC provides the user gets a user experience which is more modern and typical.

24.What’s the relation between the Net weaver Portal and the Universal Work list (UWL)?

Ans: The Universal Work list is for the Net weaver Portal what the SAP Business Workplace is for the ERP system. So if you want to enable any Workflow activities using the Portal, ESS and MSS, you will need to use the Universal Work list so that users receive their tasks and act upon them. The UWL is tied to the backend using a Portal System connector which has to be configured before being able to use it. Many users complain about data refresh issues using the UWL. Even though SAP is aware of this and try to advise some workarounds, like the optimization of the delta pull mechanism, the UWL is still the main functionality to deliver work items and tasks to users in the Portal, coming from SAP Business Workflow or Guided Procedures tasks. The UWL is delivered with a standard configuration but usually SAP consultants customize it to meet the client’s and project requirements. See how to configure the UWL for Guided Procedures on Composition Environment.

25.What’s the difference between SAP Enterprise Portal and SAP Net weaver Portal?

Ans:Before SAP’s strategy turn towards the SAP Net weaver Architecture, what we commonly refer to as “SAP Portal” was called just that or SAP Enterprise Portal. It was just a way to identify this SAP standalone product that was capable (and still is) to connect with all kinds of external systems. These systems could be SAP modules or external systems built on different technologies, such as proprietary client systems or legacy systems. By shifting it’s strategy around Net weaver, SAP put the Portal inside the Net weaver platform, arranging its components in order to improve and simplify it’s communication with other systems, as well as harmonizing some of its core capabilities and re-utilize those of the Net weaver platform. In a daily basis, we just refer to it as SAP Portal and specify the version (e.g. Portal 6.0, Portal 7.0 or NW Portal).

26.What are the main components of the SAP Net weaver Portal?

Ans: SAP Net Weaver Portal unifies key information and applications to give users a single view that spans IT silos and organizational boundaries. It allows you to take full advantage of all your information resources – and maximize the return on your IT investments. And, its predefined business content accelerates implementation and reduces the cost of integrating your existing systems.

27.What do you understand by the term SAP Net Weaver Business Client?

Ans: SAP Net Weaver Business Client (NWBC) is another SAP user interface, which gives the end clients a joining of exemplary SAP GUI-based exchanges that is consistent and recently created applications depend on Web Dynpro ABAP. A high-loyalty user interface is offered for ad-libbing the client experience, in the work area variation. NWBC gives the client an experience that will be better than the conventional yet with all the goodness of the latest technologies.

28. Describe what do you understand by SAP Net Weaver Proces Integration.

Ans: SAP Process Integration is a piece of SAP Net Weaver stage and in Net Weaver 7.0 ehp2 and more seasoned renditions, it is called SAP Net Weaver Exchange Infrastructure XI. SAP Net Weaver Process Integration is a piece of the Net Weaver programming segment and is utilized for the trading of data in the organization's inward framework or with outer gatherings. SAP PI/XI empowers you to set up cross-framework correspondence and mix and enables you to interface SAP and non-SAP frameworks dependent on an alternate programming language like Java and SAP ABAP.

29.Enlist the steps involved in the installation of a trial version of SAP NetWeaver.


  • The initial step is to get the product from SAP download focus.
  • Next is to execute out the Installation of the equivalent.
  • At that point, you need to perform an Eclipse establishment.
  • One can get a trial version, look for "SAP NetWeaver Application Server ABAP 7.03 64-bit Trial".

30.  What Components Does Sap Enterprise Portal Contain?

Ans: SAP Enterprise Portal contains the NetWeaver components Portal, Knowledge Management, and Collaboration. In addition, SAP provides pre-defined content. At the moment the portfolio contains more than 100 business packages, which are shipped in multiple languages.

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