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Alteryx Interview Questions And Answers

by Sathish, on Jun 11, 2021 8:33:16 PM

Alteryx Interview Questions And Answers

1. What is Alteryx?

Ans: Alteryx is an American computer software company based in Irvine, California, with a development center in Broomfield, Colorado. The company’s products are used for data blending and advanced data analytics. Alteryx has a stated goal of enabling advanced analytics to be performed by non-specialists.

2. What Is An Analytic Application?

Ans: Pre-packaged data and analytic integration published to the Alteryx Analytics Gallery by Data Artisans to answer specific strategic analytics questions.

3. Why do we use the Alteryx Tool?

AnsAlteryx provides easily learnable solutions. Through those solutions, organizations can quickly merge, analyze, and prepare the data in the provided time irrespective of the business intelligence capabilities the employees perceive. The enterprises that want quick results in data analysis without the help of code will use Alteryx.

4. Explain some key features offered by Alteryx?

Ans: The primary tool offered by Alteryx is the Alteryx Designer. With the utilization of Alteryx Designer, you can easily create repeatable workflows from an interface. Alteryx Designer is easy to learn. It can connect with multiple platforms, cleanse, merge, and produce results of analytics. Various tools are included in the Alteryx Designer:

  • Input/Output: From locations like local desktop, access data and deliver that data in different formats
  • Join: Combine various data sources through a variety of tools regardless of data structures and formats
  • Preparation: Prepare data easily for further processing or analysis with drag and drop tools
  • Spatial: Offers a large amount of information for understanding things and making decisions
  • Predictive: Provide access to more than thirty pre-packaged tools for prediction or forecasting
  • Investigation: Helps analysts to understand the details of the data before starting the analysis
  • Parse & Transform: Assists in changing the structure and formatting of the data for further analysis

5.  What Is The Analytics Gallery?

Ans: The Analytics Gallery is a publicly hosted web service where applications can be published, securely shared, and run in the cloud.

6. What Is A Viewer?

Ans: A Viewer is a free user of the Analytics Gallery. A Viewer can run all applications published in the Public Gallery.

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7. What Is A Data Artisan?

Ans: A Data Artisan is a user who creates analytic applications using the Alteryx Designer Desktop and then shares them publicly and/or privately in the Analytics Gallery. A Data Artisan also shares the privileges of a Member.

8. What Is Required To Publish Applications In The Analytics Gallery?

Ans:  Applications are published from the Alteryx Designer Desktop into a private Studio.

A Studio is automatically created for license holders of the Designer Desktop.

Trial users of the Designer Desktop can set up a Studio with a 30-Day Studio Free Trial

 A user with the Designer Desktop and a private Studio is known as a Data Artisan.

9. Which browsers support Alteryx Analytics Gallery?

Ans: Following Browsers Support the Alteryx Analytics Gallery:

  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Internet Explorer
  • Safari
  • Google Chrome.

10. Does Alteryx Analytics Gallery Support Chained Applications?

Ans: No, Alteryx Analytics Gallery does not support Chained Applications.

11. What Kinds Of Tabular And Spatial Data Output Can An Application Create?

Ans: Depending upon how the application was built, it may produce CSV, MDB/ ACCDB, DBF, FlatFile, MID/ MIF, SHP, TAB, YXDB, and/or KML files.

12. What Are The Results Of Running An Application?

Ans: Applications can be authored to create a variety of different reports and data outputs. When the application processing finishes, the results will appear in the same window as the questions you answered before running the application.

 Reports can be previewed after an application has completed by clicking on the Preview link.

 Additionally, results for applications that have been run can be found in the application detail view and the "App Results" tab on the left of the screen.

13. What Kinds Of Reports Can An Application Create?

Ans: Depending upon how the application was built, it may produce Word, Excel, HTML, and/ or PDF files, containing a variety of text, tables, charts, and maps.

14.How to deploy analytics across your organization using Alteryx?

Ans: An extraordinary aspect regarding Alteryx Server is that it is anything but difficult to set up and design on-premises or in the cloud, and it very well may be set up and sent around the same time. Furthermore, when you convey it, you can set up the booking and automation; utilize our Alteryx APIs to broaden forms into different work processes, share applications, and significantly more. It's genuinely the quickest and most straightforward approach to send examinations over your association.

15. How can you use big data analytics or large and complex datasets to predict future customer behaviors, trends, and outcomes?

Ans: The combination of internal-external, 3rd party cloud sources helps provide a far richer tapestry for understanding customer behavior, social media sentiment, and outcome modeling. We are very focused on bringing these capabilities to business users in particular data analysts who have been historically underserved in their analytical needs.

16.Why do you think a company should prefer Alteryx over other open or semi-open source apps?

Ans: There are numerous reasons why an organization or client would decide to utilize Alteryx rather than other open or semi-opened applications. Notoriety and appraisals can largely affect what instrument to utilize and Alteryx has the accompanying affirmations in the Gartner’s Magic Quadrants:

  • Top quartile for the unpredictability of examination
  • Top quartile for in general usability
  • Top quartile for client experience and activities
  • Rated most noteworthy for item quality
  • Top quartile for top help

17.How to change the field type in Alteryx?

Ans: Principally the best spot to change a field's sort is through the Formula apparatus. There is more control for custom transformation through the recipe instrument.

The following best spot to change a field's sort is the Select apparatus or, there are various devices that have an inserted select inside the device.

Along these lines, you can change a field's sort there too. 

18. Explain the pros and cons of an Alteryx Designer?

Ans: The pros and cons of the Alteryx Designer are-


  • Alteryx has phenomenal mixing capacities
  • Alteryx can collaborate with most mainstream databases and documents accessible today
  • Alteryx is the main ETL apparatus in the market that can yield scene information extricate (TDE)
  • Alteryx isn't only an ETL apparatus, it tends to be utilized to play out a mess of investigation on your information
  • Alteryx incorporates R flawlessly and can be utilized for the prescient display of data reports.
  • Alteryx can likewise be utilized to construct reports with brief channels


  • While Alteryx yields a scene information remove consistently it can't peruse a comparative concentrate
  • Alteryx doesn't have a great help for exceptional characters
  • Alteryx isn't steady and crashes much of the time when numerous clients get to a similar work process on the server
  • Slight expectation to absorb information to see all the devices and a portion of the Statistical R bundles aren't usually very clear.

19.How can you allow users within your Alteryx tool?

Ans: Every Collection combines a checkbox on the topmost right that asserts "Different clients may share this assortment." Meanwhile, this receptacle is reviewed, anybody in the Collection will be suitable to add complex clients to the given Collection.

The Data Artisan who created the Collection will perceive the titles of every new client who is attached to the Collection and can remove them.

20.What kind of Apps Can you Add To an Alteryx Collection?

Ans: Just those apps that have been published in the vicinity of the Data Artisan's Studio might be affixed to an Alteryx Collection. Applications that are present in the Data Artisan's Studio may besides (at their circumspection) be shared in the Public Gallery. Notwithstanding, applications that were present in the Public Gallery and were assigned from diverse Studios can't be united to a given Collection.

21.What Types Of Users Can Run Private Applications In A Collection?

Ans: If an application in a Collection has not been shared in the Public Gallery, Viewers (who have been invited to join the Collection) can view the application, but cannot run it. Only Data Artisans and Members can run the application.

22. Is there any restriction to the applications that a user wants to add to a collection?

Ans: No, users do not have any restrictions for adding applications to a collection.

23. How can we see more details about the application?

Ans: To see more details, we have to click the application name.

24.Can we add an application to multiple collections?

Ans: Yes, we can add an application to multiple collections. 

25. How a Data Artisan can share an application privately?

Ans: First, we need to publish the application to our private Studio through the Designer Desktop. After that, we need to insert the application in the collection, and then, we have to add the user to the collection.

26. What are the tool configurations and question types that we cannot use in Analytics Gallery?

Ans: The Input or Output files that we refer through tools should be in the directory where we have the application.
  •   We cannot use the Question Type “Folder Browse” in the applications that we publish on the web. 
  •    We cannot check the “Save As Dialog” Configuration, in the “File Browse” Question Type.
  •    Application results cannot comprise Browse tools.

27.  How do you turn annotations on and off?


Per Tool: You can turn them on/off per tool, meaning you want to keep some annotations while omitting others. To do this click on the individual tool. Go to Annotation from the Properties window and in the Display Mode, select the appropriate choice.

Per Module: There is a toggle switch on the Module Properties window where you can either turn all the annotations on or off for that particular module. Additionally you can have greater control leaving this feature on and controlling the annotations per tool as described above.
Through Global Settings: You can set up the global settings so that Annotations will appear the same way for each and every module and tool.

28.How can you save an expression?

Ans:  Expressions can be saved so that they can be used over and over again without having to create them from scratch.

Create your expression using a combination of selecting variables and inserting them into functions. Once you are happy with the formulated expression, click the Saved Expression tab. Hit the Save button and specify a name for your expression. Your expression is now saved for future use.

29. How can you change a field type?

Ans:  Primarily the best place to change a field’s type is through the Formula tool. There is more control for custom conversion through the formula tool.
The next best place to change a field’s type is the Select tool or, there are a number of tools that have an embedded select within the tool.

Therefore you can change a field’s type there as well. Tools that contain an embedded select are: Join, Join Multiple, Append Fields, Spatial Match, and Find Nearest.

30. Why did Alteryx decide to integrate R for predictive analytics over other programming?

Ans:  Integration of R allows Alteryx to utilize a third-party solution that many users may already have had exposure too as well as enhance the analytical capabilities by including predictive modeling and spatial analytics.

The predictive analytics become part of the entire workflow in Alteryx which results in a quicker turnaround in getting the end results.



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