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C# Training


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Training Mode: Class Room / Live Online

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C# Training in Bangalore

myTectra offers C# Training in Bangalore,using Class Room. myTectra offers Live Online C# Training Globally

Module 1: Introduction to Object Orientation
This ensures all delegates have a grounding in the principles of Object Orientation.

Module 2: OO and C Sharp
Get started on how C# implements Object Orientation

Module 3: Introduction to .NET Visual Studio & C#
The .NET Framework; The Common Language Runtime; The Common Type System
C# Features; Introduction to namespaces and assemblies
Get to know your way around Visual Studio

Module 4: Syntax I
Procedures and statements; Data types; Declaring variables; Assignments
Conversion; Arithmetic and other operators
Flow of control constructs
Passing parameters by value, by reference, named and optional parameters

Module 5: Syntax 2
Type concepts; Classes; Reference types
Fields, properties and methods
Accessibility modifiers
Object initialisation, Constructors and Constructor chaining
Instance members; Keyword 'this'
The 'null' reference
Enumerated types

Module 6: Collections
Generic Collections
Iterating collections

Module 7: Inheritance & Polymorphism
Concept of inheritance; Substitutability; Extending a simple class
'virtual', 'override' and 'sealed' modifiers
Abstract classes
Upcasting and safe downcasting

Module 8: Interfaces
Polymorphism with interfaces
Multiple interfaces

Module 9: Delegates and Lambdas
Delegates explained
Working with delegates
Creating your own delegate types
The evolution of Lambdas from anonymous delegates

Module 10: Generic Delegates
Using the framework-supplied generic delegates

Module 11: LINQ
The language features behind LINQ
The LINQ API and query pattern
Grouping and Joins

Module 12: Handling Exceptions
Errors vs. Exceptions
The 'try', 'catch', 'finally' paradigm
Using 'throw'
Creating your own exceptions
'checked' and 'unchecked' expressions.

Module 13: Consuming Events
Understanding events in .NET
Writing event handlers

Module 14: Producing Events
The event conventions
Raising custom events

Module 15: Garbage Collection
Garbage collection and its impact
Finalizers; The 'Dispose' pattern; IDisposable
The 'using' statement

Module 16: Reverse Engineer
At the end of the course we reverse-engineer the resultant code and compare the results to the Class Diagram we produced near the beginning of the course.

Module 17: The Way Ahead
Follow-on courses

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myTectra flexible batch schedules enables you to start your class at your convenient date and time.

1. All the enrolled candidates must start the class by any date within 30 days from the date of enrollment.
2. Maximum of 3 Days will be taken by myTectra to schedule the batches from the date of schedule request from the candidate.
3. Individual Focus - Maximum 5 candidates allowed per batches
4. The candidate can request any one of the batch time slot from the below list
Batch Type Time Slab Hours/Day Time Zone Days
Regular Morning 6.30 AM - 9.30 AM Anytime Maximum 2 Hrs IST Monday-to-Friday
Regular Evening 6.30 PM - 9.30 PM Anytime Maximum 2 Hrs IST Monday-to-Friday
Week End 6.30 AM - 9.30 PM Anytime Maximum 3 Hrs IST Saturday,Sunday
Fast Track-Morning 6.30 AM - 9.30 AM Anytime Maximum 2 Hrs IST Monday-to-Saturday
Fast Track-Evening 6.30 PM - 9.30 PM Anytime Maximum 2 Hrs IST Monday-to-Saturday
Customized Batch Customized Timing Customized Hrs IST Customized Days

Note : We can schedule your batch anytime on Saturday and Sunday between 6.30 AM 9.30 PM at your convenient time

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