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Internet Of Things (IoT) Applications in 2021

Feb 16, 2021 9:26:17 AM

In the last five years, the term internet of things(IOT) has become more popular and it looks like we will be hearing more about it in the coming years. The Internet of Things, for its acronym in English, is a term that refers to the connection of objects to each other and to humans through the Internet.

In this blog, we will gain knowledge on what is the internet of things, Applications of IOT, concept applying to different industries and future of the internet of things.

What is the Internet of things?

Internet of things(IOT) is a platform where the gadgets are connected to the internet. These gadgets can collect and exchange data with each other and it enables the devices to communicate with each other just like humans do.

Applications of Internet of things: 

  • Wearables: There are few examples of wearable sensor devices like Virtual glasses, fitness trackers, or GPS tracking belts that we have been using for some time now. Few companies(google, apple, Samsung, etc;) have developed and introduced the internet of things and the application into our daily lives.

These are small and energy-efficient gadgets, which are equipped with sensors, with the needed hardware for measurements and readings, and with software to collect and organize data and information about users.

  • Traffic Monitoring: In large cities, it is very important to control vehicular traffic. So the internet of things(IOT) can be beneficial to manage the traffic and contributing to the concept of smart cities.

When we use smartphones as sensors, which collect and share the data from our vehicles through applications such as Waze or Google Maps, we are using the Internet of Things to inform us and at the same time contribute to traffic monitoring, showing the conditions of the various routes, and improving the information on the various routes to the same destination, distance, and estimated time of arrival.

  • Agriculture: Nowadays everywhere smart farms are in fact. For good crop farmers need quality soil. The internet of things(IOT) offers farmers the opportunity to access detailed information about their cropping soil.

How to get information about soil through IOT. Internet of things implemented sensors, a significant amount of information can be obtained on the stage of the soil. Information like moisture level, acidity level, nutrients level, temperature and other chemical activities. IOT helps farmers to control irrigation, the efficiency of water use, and the best time to start and discover the presence of diseases in soil and plants.

  • Hospitality: In today’s technology, few of the industries(ex: hotel) bring interesting improvements in the quality of the services. They implement electronic keys, which are directly sent to the mobile devices of every guest, it is possible to automate the different interactions. 

The location of the guests sending the information on service of interest, the realization of orders, that automatic charge of accounts to the person or the request of personal hygiene supplies are activities that can be easily managed through integrated applications using the technology of internet of things(IOT).

  •  Manufacturing:  Another wonderful winning of the internet of things is manufacturing and industrial automation. Manufacturer tracking a product from its starting point to an ending point using the GPS and RFID technology. These sensors can collect the information on travel time, product condition, and environmental conditions that the product was subjected to.

Sensors attached to factory equipment can help identify obstacles in the production line. Other sensors mounted on those same machines can also track the performance of the machine, predicting when the unit will require maintenance, reducing costly breakdowns.

  • Smart grid and energy-saving: Meters equipped with sensors, or progressive use of intelligent energy meters, and the installation of sensors in various strategic points that go from the production plant to the various distribution points, and it allows better monitoring and control of the electrical network.

Future of the Internet of Things(IOT): 

Let, considering the above applications, just what does the future have in store for the Internet of Things?

In other words, the Internet of Things is balanced to create life-changing conditions in our daily lives, both in a professional and personal capacity. Many of the innovations acknowledge that already in place to one extent or another. One thing’s for sure there is no backwards. The IOT offers an unprecedented degree of control and efficiency that no industry can avoid.

What does that mean for you? The Internet of Things association with technologies such as ITIL, Block chain, and Big Data, is a lucrative field with lots of potential for careers. Check into offerings in the technologies  mentioned above to get your start in becoming proficient in the workings of the Internet of Things, and be prepared for the future.

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