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Everything You Need To Know About Fortinet Training

Aug 7, 2023 11:18:26 AM


In today's ever-evolving digital landscape, cybersecurity is of paramount importance. Fortinet, a global leader in network security and cybersecurity solutions, offers a comprehensive training program to equip individuals with the skills and knowledge necessary to protect organizations against cyber threats. This blog serves as a comprehensive guide, providing you with everything you need to know about Fortinet training.

What is Fortinet Training?

Who Needs Fortinet Training?

Fortinet Training Modules:

Who can do Fortinet Training?

Career Opportunities in Fortinet:



What is Fortinet Training?

Fortinet Training is a comprehensive program that provides individuals with the skills and knowledge to deploy and manage network security solutions offered by Fortinet. It includes certification tracks, hands-on labs, and practical exercises, covering topics such as firewall administration, network security, and secure email gateways, among others. The training enables participants to become proficient in Fortinet technologies and prepares them for real-world cybersecurity challenges.


Who Needs Fortinet Training?

Fortinet Training is beneficial for various individuals and professionals involved in cybersecurity and network infrastructure management. This includes network administrators, security analysts, IT professionals, system engineers, cybersecurity consultants, and anyone responsible for deploying and managing Fortinet's network security solutions. Additionally, organizations looking to enhance their cybersecurity capabilities and protect their networks can also benefit from Fortinet Training for their IT teams.


Fortinet Training Modules:

1. FortiGate Administration: Focuses on the configuration, management, and monitoring of FortiGate firewalls, covering topics like policy creation, VPN setup, traffic inspection, and high availability.

2. FortiManager and FortiAnalyzer: Covers the administration and usage of FortiManager for centralized management of multiple Fortinet devices and FortiAnalyzer for log analysis, reporting, and event management.

3. Network Security Design: Explores the principles and best practices for designing secure network architectures using Fortinet solutions, including firewall placement, network segmentation, and threat prevention strategies.

4. Secure Web Gateways: Covers the implementation and configuration of Fortinet's secure web gateway solutions, enabling organizations to secure web traffic, block malicious content, and enforce web usage policies.

5. Email Security Solutions: Focuses on Fortinet's secure email gateway solutions, covering topics like anti-spam and anti-malware filtering, data loss prevention (DLP), email encryption, and email security best practices.

6. Advanced Threat Protection: Explores advanced threat detection and prevention techniques, including sandboxing, threat intelligence, behavior-based analysis, and integration with FortiSandbox for proactive threat mitigation.

7. Secure SD-WAN: Covers the deployment and management of secure SD-WAN solutions, including SD-WAN architecture, traffic optimization, VPN tunnels, and security features for branch connectivity.

8. Fortinet Certification Tracks: Provides modules aligned with Fortinet's certification tracks, such as the NSE (Network Security Expert) program, covering multiple levels of expertise and specializations.


Who can do Fortinet Training?

Fortinet Training is open to a wide range of individuals interested in enhancing their knowledge and skills in network security and Fortinet's solutions. The training is suitable for:

1. IT Professionals: Network administrators, system engineers, security analysts, and IT personnel responsible for managing and securing network infrastructure.

2. Cybersecurity Professionals: Individuals working in the cybersecurity field, including cybersecurity analysts, consultants, and incident responders, who want to specialize in Fortinet technologies.

3. IT Managers and Executives: Managers and executives who oversee IT operations and want to gain a deeper understanding of network security and Fortinet's solutions.

4. System Integrators: Professionals involved in the integration, deployment, and management of Fortinet solutions for clients and organizations.

5. IT Students and Aspiring Professionals: Students pursuing a career in IT, particularly in the field of network security, who want to build a strong foundation and gain practical skills in Fortinet technologies.

6. Existing Fortinet Customers: Organizations already using Fortinet solutions and seeking to enhance their internal expertise and maximize the benefits of their Fortinet investments.


Career Opportunities in Fortinet:

A career in Fortinet offers a range of exciting opportunities in the field of network security and cybersecurity. Some potential career paths and roles include:

  • Network Security Engineer: Designing, implementing, and managing network security solutions using Fortinet technologies, ensuring the organization's network infrastructure is protected from cyber threats.

  • Security Analyst: Monitoring and analyzing network traffic, identifying security incidents, conducting vulnerability assessments, and implementing security measures using Fortinet solutions.

  • Cybersecurity Consultant: Providing expert advice and guidance to organizations on implementing Fortinet's network security solutions, conducting risk assessments, and developing cybersecurity strategies.

  • Systems Engineer: Configuring and integrating Fortinet solutions with existing network infrastructure, troubleshooting issues, and providing technical support to ensure smooth operations.

  • Security Operations Center (SOC) Analyst: Monitoring and responding to security alerts, investigating security incidents, and utilizing Fortinet tools for threat detection and mitigation.

  • Pre-Sales Engineer: Collaborating with sales teams to provide technical expertise, conducting product demonstrations, and designing solutions based on customer requirements using Fortinet technologies.


Fortinet training is a critical investment for individuals and organizations looking to bolster their cybersecurity defenses. By understanding the essentials of Fortinet training, certification tracks, practical experience, and continuous learning, you can equip yourself with the skills necessary to protect networks, data, and critical assets from cyber threats. Embrace the power of Fortinet and embark on a rewarding career journey in the dynamic field of cybersecurity.


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