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Top Course to do During Lockdown

by Venkatesan M, on Aug 5, 2020 4:30:45 PM



Covid-19 caused major setbacks to many industries which has lead to job loss and pay cuts. We need to develop new skills that will help us sustain and advance our career.

Employees are already working from home, connecting and collaborating through virtual platforms. Inevitably, one of the biggest trait for an employee(any industry) to survive in a post pandemic world is to be technically proficient.
Experts have predicted Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Robotics are some of the technologies that will help industries grow and bounce back to pandemics in future. Hence it has become important for employees to develop an aptitude to learn new technologies and stay updated.
myTectra is offering the best online courses on future technologies for your successful career. Learn about the essential skills you need to develop to survive the post Covid-19 world.
We discussed the below Top 4 courses in IT in our previous vlog Courses to Get a Job Post COVID-19 World.
Course 1: Cloud Computing - AWS, Azure
Course 2: Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
Course 3: Robotic Process Automation - RPA
Course 4: Cyber Security
In this video, we will see from Top 5 to 8 Courses.
Course 5: IoT - Internet of Things
Course 6: Web Development
Course 7: Mobile Apps Development
Course 8: Digital Marketing
Watch the video to know more!

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