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Interview Question : What are your Biggest Strengths?

by Venkatesan, on Aug 24, 2019 12:49:37 PM

"What are your strengths" interview question is a staple for all levels of positions in all industries. If you prepare well, this question can be turned into a great advantage.

From the employer’s perspective, he has to understand whether you are the best fit for the job and what sets you apart from other candidates. So even if the interviewer doesn't ask this question, you must be able to portray your strengths.

Your employer might want to check:

• If your strengths are in line with the skill set which is required for the role

• Whether you are self-aware

• Your qualities and experience that set you apart from others

• Your communication skills

• If you are a dependable and reliable person

Best answer for "What are your strengths" should focus on:

• Your technical, communication and interpersonal skills

• Dedication and enthusiasm

• Analytical and creative thinking

• Task prioritization

• Ability to learn new things

Common mistakes which has to be avoided:

• Lack of self-awareness

• Being too modest

• Strengths that are not relevant

Identify your strengths/positive traits, which may include your experience, skills, talents or achievements. Match them to the requirements and skills that are required for the role. Deliver your answer to "What are your strengths" along with an example to illustrate your strengths.

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