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How do I start my career after long ?

by Venkatesan, on Jul 26, 2019 8:42:28 PM

At myTectra career
advice we talk about, what could be the best courses to choose for someone who
has year gap, who are want to jump start their career into IT, but not recent
passed out like 2017,2018,2019, they are passed out in 2016,2014 and also we
candidates from 2010, 2011 passed out candidates. They all come across with a
question, what could be right course have to choose, those who want to jump
start their career again as a fresher, whether the industry will accept you as
a fresher, even someone passed out in 2012,2014,2015.

We suggest, for those
who want to know, which could be the best course to choose. if you are interested
to jump start as programmer. we recommend to go with python, rather than going
for traditional technologies like java, .NET, PHP or Ruby.

Python is widely used
programming languages even though it is older than java, its been picked up
since, last few years. Python is one of the most trending technology, python as
preferred language including Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data
Science, IOT and other technologies.

python could be one of
the best options with python can choose. For python developer, python
programming as python+ Djanjo(framework) + mysql + rest API. Second option could
be again python as programming language + Machine Learning + Artificial
intelligence. Third option could be python in Data Science. Fourth option could
be python in IOT. among these options, we suggest to go for python + Machine
Learning + Artificial Intelligence. These technologies, there are lot of job
opportunities coming, in fact job is growing day by day, significantly growing
with time, growing with future technology.

We suggest, if you choose
this technology, there are chances, that you can easily get into IT Industry.

Someone asked like can I
get into fresher even though he/she passed out 2012-yes, there are opportunities
if you want to jump start as  python developer
even though you are passed out in  few
years back, because these technologies, there are lot job vacancy, companies
look at skilled candidates rather than concept. Many Company look at recent
passed out candidates and the number of jobs more, then kind of skills
available in the market, so that’s why there are many opportunities coming up,
so still you can jump start as freshers.

In case, if someone want
to convert their existing experience into technology experience may be 2 0r 3
years. Still you can jump into a particular technology.

Someone asked like I don’t
want to get into programming, because its been long back, still python could be
the best option, because easy programming language to learn, scripting language
also, its powerful as java, it’s used everywhere.

Someone feels like don’t want to be programmer, you can choose something non-programmer course like Robotic Process Automation (RPA). And somebody don’t want to touch programming, but I may use less coding, don’t want to be full time developer, then we suggest one of the best option could be Cloud Computing, other words Cloud infrastructure, specifically can choose, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure-one of the best option, if you want to become Cloud Engineer. Even go for RPA, which is one of the most trending technology in IT. This technology every company want to adopt in the coming days. RPA means money saving for business. RPA is used to automate whatever we manually use to do it. we suggest course for RPA- UI Path, Blue prism, Automation Anywhere, so RPA is the best choice.

If someone looking for
Database course, then we suggest to go for NoSQL database which is new one, Cassandra,
Couchbase, this could be one of the best.

we recommend as one
programming language(python), one framework (Django), one database (MySQL) and
rest API, who want to jump start into IT as freshers as well as for experience

I hope above video is useful to you, do let us know if you
have any queries related to How Do I Start My Career After Long, you can send
us a message on whatsapp 7259010873.

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