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Courses for Software Testing Professionals | Career Advice

by Venkatesan, on Aug 4, 2019 7:03:18 PM ► Leading Training Company provides training on IT Courses and Business Courses. Join Now. Unlock your Learning Potentials!

In this video, we have suggested the best courses for Software Testing Professional who want's to migrate to different IT technologies. The following best options recommended from myTectra.

Option 1 :Machine learning & Artificial Intelligence

Option 2 : Robotic Automation Process (RPA)

Our Recommended Tools in RPA :

1. RPA using UIPATH.

2. RPA using Automation Anywhere

3. RPA using Blue Prism.

Option 3 : Cloud Computing - Amazon Web Services with/without Docker + kubernetes

Option 4 : Devops

Option 5 : IOT Development

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