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Best Software Courses for Mechanical Engineers

by Venkatesan, on Sep 16, 2019 3:43:42 PM

In this career advice, we discuss about what is the best software courses for a Mechanical Engineers, what is best course to choose in IT, being as a Mechanical Engineer. We get lot of questionnaire from people, those who are coming from Mechanical Background.

We recommend the courses such as, Design Courses like, Computer Aided Design (CAD)course, procurement, quality management, Warehouse Management. ERP Courses like, SAP, Oracle.

We suggest the following best courses in IT for Mechanical Engineers

Option 1, Virtual reality and Augmented reality, these courses could be one of the best option to choose, if you are mechanical engineer, very much similar to the Design Course. Less of C sharp programming language. AR/VR is extensively used in many areas, such as education, product design, construction Industry and so on.

Option 2, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), this also could be one the best course to choose. Don’t need to do as much of programming. Because it is a non-programming language technology. RPA tools are UI Path, Blue Prism, Automation Anywhere. Every company want to adopt it.  Either can go UI Path or Automation Anywhere or both.

Option 3, python developer, if you are coming from Mechanical background, doesn’t mean can’t get into programming, it depends as long as you are interested in learning programming. Python is extensively used for development, Web Application Development. The best suggestion to adopt it, python as programming language, one Framework Django, one Database mysql and rest API development using python.

Option 4, Cloud Computing, if you don’t want to get into as much of programming, this could be one of the best option for the non-programmers. Best course in Cloud Computing are Amazon Web Services (AWS), Azure.

Option 5, Artificial Intelligence, one of the most trending technology and growing day by day. Every company want to adopt it. Best recommended courses, python as programming language, machine learning and Artificial Intelligence. AI is used everywhere, it is used in every industries.

Option 6, UI Development, best courses to choose in UI development-Html5, CSS3, Java Script, Angular 7/React Js, Node Js.

We summarize it up, if you are a Mechanical Engineer, you want to get into IT jobs, what is the best course to choose, best software courses for Mechanical Engineers.

The best option to go for is AR/VR course, RPA, then cloud computing course, followed by cloud computing it is Artificial Intelligence, UI Development (html5 +CSS3 + Java Script + Angular 7/React Js+ Node Js) and python developer (Python + AI+ ML).

I hope above video is useful to you, do let us know if you have any queries related to Best Software Courses for Mechanical Engineers, you can send us a message on whatsapp 7259010873

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