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How the Internet of Things relates to Artificial Intelligence

Apr 29, 2019 9:44:00 AM

IOT stands for Internet of Things, an IOT is nothing but it is a system of interrelated computing devices, digital machines, and objects, humans or animals that all provided with particular identifiers and it is able to transfer data over the web without demanding human-to-human or human-to-computer communication

It indicates to the ever-growing structure of physical phenomenon that features an IP location for the web connectivity.

If you are newly entering into IoT and if you are planning for a place to start learning or even if you are professional in IoT products and services, this IoT blog agenda will help you start and develop your projects. This IoT blog will help you to superior understand evolving IoT technology and find up-to-date info with the Trending IoT news. Learning IoT is a long Progress that involves old and new knowledge from different technology areas.

What is IOT Platform?

How the IOT platform is useful for my Business and why it needed?

Actually, IOT platform is a collection of components that enables deployment of apps that monitor,  manage and control all the connected devices to the server, The suite also allows the connected device to transmit and collect data from one another.

An IoT platform is a multiplied technology that empowers straightforward provisioning, management, and automation of linked devices within the IOT universe.

Advanced IOT Platforms

We have few fundamentals that differentiate IoT platforms among each other, such as scalability, customizability,  combination with 3rd party software, deployment options, and the input conservancy level.

Scalable – The advanced IoT platforms assure elastic scalability across any number of endpoints that the client may need.

Customizable – This decides the factor of the speed of delivery. It nearly relates to  the flexibility of integration APIs, API is more enough to fly small scale undemanding IoT solutions

Secure –  These are the basics of how to avoid potentially negotiable breaches in your IoT solution.such as data security involves encryption, comprehensive identity management, and flexible deployment. End-to-end data flow encryption, including data at rest, device authentication, user access rights management, and private cloud infrastructure for sensitive data

Why IOT is important?

IOT is so important nowadays because it finds solutions for every problem. The further Industrial Revolution is going to change our lives in ways never thought before, Fast changes in IOT technology makes it a demanding task for the most Professional experts to anticipate the future of standardization in the field. For humanity, which is moderately clutter by nature, the IoT is a phenomenal advancement.

Strategic Trends For IOT Platforms: The future generation of business ecosystems will be increasing more digital, intelligent, and connected.

Digital twins: Digital twins contribute a comprehensive digital representation of real-world devices and systems, This provides thus improving their state monitoring and enabling faster output to internal and events.

The operations of digital twins very extensively asset from inventory and predictive maintenance to event simulation and usage analytics. In the future, they were expected to grow into a keystone of every efficient IoT ecosystem.

What is Artificial Intelligence in IOT?

Artificial Intelligence For Cloud-based IoT, The Internet of Things is a language that has been introduced in the latest years to determine objects that are capable to connect and transmit data via the Internet. IoT ecosystems generally require developers to have a greater degree of control all over the system, its source code, integration interfaces, deployment options, data schemas, connectivity and security mechanisms, etc.

Already we can talk to virtual assistants like Siri or Alexa to search for a movie or order new stuff with delivery at door. Why can’t we do the same thing in other things?

The best example of AI and IoT is successfully working together is self-driving cars by Tesla Motors. Cars act as “things” and use the capability of Artificial Intelligence to predict the behavior of cars and pedestrians in different circumstances.

How is Artificial Intelligence Helping IOT Grow

There is a lot of interesting thing around artificial intelligence Experts told that AI is expected to change our lives in extraordinary ways.

There are numbers of thing written about artificial intelligence. AI is expected to execute a number of intelligent function like speech recognition, decision-making, language understanding, etc.

5 Key Wireless Technologies for IoT :

  1. WiFi
  2. Bluetooth
  3. Z-Wave
  4. Zigbee
  5. LoRaWAN

Artificial Intelligence for Cloud-based Internet of Things (IoT):

The cloud-based IoT is used to relate a wide range of things such as vehicles, mobile devices, sensors, industrial types of equipment and manufacturing machines to promote different smart systems it consists of smart city and smart home, smart grid, smart industry, smart vehicles, smart health, and smart environmental monitoring.

In the IoT, cloud computing environment has built the job of handling the few amounts of data produced by coupling devices easily and provides the IoT devices with resources on-demand.


The recent survey of top IT executives suggested not only are IoT and AI the most popular technologies currently in use. The top list of future investment for businesses searching for increased capability and competitive advantage.

But why are IoT and AI so far in front of other popular technologies such as Edge Computing or Blockchain?

The logic is very simple, Combining IOT with fast-growing IOT technologies can create all ‘smart machines’ that replicate brilliant behavior to make well-informed decisions with little or no human interference. A small miracle in the IOT and AI is rapidly developing in the organization

Examples of AI in IOT?

Let’s have a look at business and industries that have earlier managed to cut charges. Open up create a new business idea using AI in IOT. These industries will make you consider achieving AI and IoT in your business.

  • Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)
  • Healthcare
  • Smart Home

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