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Wordpress vs Django? Can Wordpress be replaced by Django ?

Dec 30, 2020 1:54:15 PM

In the early stages of a web development project, your first stride is a big choice: what is the right tool for the development?To answer that question,WordPress is created using the PHP programming language. 

On the other hand,Django, is what is called a web framework. Created on the Python programming language, it is a set of tools and libraries that can be Quickly deployed to create custom web applications.

Why WordPress?

Basically, WordPress is the dashboard through which you organize text and images to display on your website.It is the most popular content management system available. Now-a-days, even 28% of websites run on WordPress, and 59% of websites with a WordPress website is made very easy by the large amount of online services that are offered.

Why Django?

As a software engineer and web application developer, to create customized applications.I have now worked with a vast amount of content management systems.It is the only system that can be distinguished with WordPress in future potential and technical quality.

How WordPress and Django work

Where Django CMS is created on Python, WordPress is created on PHP. The Django goal is to give a stable, safe and fast 'framework' for websites. 

Both can solve the same problems, but do in a different way. From this it can be quickly deduced that both systems are exceptionally well suited for specific purposes. They do not necessarily solve the same problem by definition, but they each have their specialisms.

1.Functionalities and extensibility

One of the biggest advantages of WordPress is the possibility to choose from a large number of plugins and then install them yourself. Number of plugins and templates power a flexible and simple interface, which shorten the development costs and deployment time.


WordPress is popular with hackers . Although attention is paid to safety for this reason, this does not prove to be enough in practice.To prevent some of the frequent security problems, there is fortunately a plugin called Wordfence Security.  It is very desirable to keep your WordPress site a bit safer.

Django CMS is average safe. A system that, as mentioned earlier, is used by a large number of applications and companies . Django itself also puts safety as one of the primary reasons to use Django on their website . Therefore, much is invested in the security of the system.


A loading time is two seconds are already slow to name. You actually want to ensure that your site shows the first piece of content within 1 to 1.5 seconds.The rest of the content, such as photos, can be loaded later. WordPress is very extensive, and with many plugins or some themes also very slow.

Django has been extended and in some cases go through the same different situation. Because Django CMS is a system that is extra effort on the best websites for which you are better off with professionals, you at Django CMS are less likely to suffer from large obstacle.

4.Ease of use

WordPress has an extensive administration system at the back. Think of managing users, creating and building pages and managing portfolio items in your website.But if you become more familiar with it, you can soon achieve a whole lot.This is also a piece of convenience for developers.

Django has both an administration panel and a fully unified system for managing your website from the front.In addition to this system, it is also possible for developers to add all type of customized functionalities to the Admin. 

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