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Science of Happiness @ Workplace Training in Singapore


About Program

Employee Happiness is the next level of Employee Engagement !! Happier employees mean Higher productivity, Greater levels of engagement, Greater motivation levels, the Higher degree of collaboration, Higher retention rates and Employee-centric brand image.
As per Gallup, Organizations focusing on employee happiness tend to deliver: Higher profitability, Higher earnings per share and higher customer satisfaction.  This experiential workshop helps leaders understand how to create a culture of happiness and engagement at the workplace, where employees feel the ability to self-express and connectedness.

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What Do Participants Learn?

  • Workplace happiness frameworks
  • Role of culture and values.
  • Value to result model.
  • Workplace happiness challenges.
  • Workplace happiness initiatives.

Why Choose myTectra?

  • Check Track Record.
  • Training Methodology and Course Material.
  • instructor
  • Standard Fees.
  • syllabus

The Challenge

  • Most of the organization focused on employee management. Today employee happiness is the next level of employee engagement.
  • It tells address challenges around the lower level of motivation and a lower level of attention.

Who Should Attend?

 Seniors leaders and people managers
HR managers

The Result

What Participants Say About Science of Happiness @ Workplace Experience: 


say they are better prepared for future responsibilities


say this program was worth the time & effort


say they are better prepared to take the next step in their career

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VP Sales & Marketing, Xappp

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