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Splunk Developer and Admin

Training Mode: Class Room / Live Online

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Splunk Developer and Admin Training in Bangalore - Live Online & Classroom

The Splunk certification training is specially designed to provide the requisite knowledge and skills to become a Splunk expert. The course encompasses fundamental concepts of Licensing, Indexing, Roles & Authentication, along with advanced topics like Clustering, Reports & Dashboards.

myTectra the Market Leader in Splunk Developer and Admin Training in Bangalore

myTectra offers Splunk Developer and Admin Training using Class Room. myTectra offers Live Online Splunk Developer and Admin Training Globally.


Course Objectives
After completion of the Splunk course at myTectra, you will be able to:
1. Understand Splunk Admin/Developer concepts
2. Apply various Splunk techniques to visualize data in different kinds of graphs and dashboards
3. Implement Splunk in the organization to analyse and monitor systems
4. Configure alerts and reports for monitoring purposes
5. Troubleshoot different application issues using SPL (Search Processing Language)
Who should go for this Course?
This course is designed for IT professional who wishes to learn Splunk. It is ideal for:
1. IT Operations, IT Monitoring, IT Support and Data Center teams
2. Developers and Analysts who want to gain knowledge of Splunk development for creating apps and dashboards.
What are the pre-requisites for this Course?
As such, there are no pre-requisites for learning Splunk. However, it is highly recommended for professionals coming from IT Operations and analytics domain.
Project Work
As part of the course, you will get an opportunity to work on a live project where you can leverage Splunk concepts in real life.
Project: Splunk Implementation
Industry: Employee Details Management
Data: Log Files
Problem Statement: Setup and configure Splunk with the different log file inputs. Once the inputs are setup, Alerts, Reports and Dashboards should be created.
Why Learn Splunk?
Splunk is a leading analytics, monitoring and data visualization tool. This training certifies and helps you to grab top paying Splunk Admin/Developer jobs. This training also makes Splunk the ideal strategic platform for companies looking to solve data analytics issues of any size. You can easily implement Splunk in your organization upon completion of this course.

1. Splunk Basics, Licensing and Configuration Files
Learning Objectives - In this module, you will understand the basic concepts of Splunk, Splunk licensing, Configuration files and How to install and configure Splunk search heads, indexer and forwarders.
Topics - Introduction to the course, What is Splunk? Prerequisites, Setting up Splunk search head, indexer, Setting up Splunk forwarder, Splunk Licensing, Configuration files on Linux, Configuration files on Windows, Difference between Linux and Windows OS in Splunk configuration. Types of files supported in Splunk: Common Splunk configuration files, Configuring inputs.conf and outputs.conf, Configuring props.conf, Configuring index.conf, Configuring savedsearches.conf
2. Managing Users, Indexes, Splunk Admin Roles and Clustering
Learning Objectives - In this module, you will learn about creating and managing users, clustering and indexes. Also you will learn about the admin role in managing Splunk and coordinating with Splunk support.
Topics - User creation and management, Managing indexes, Importance of roles, Different permissions of each indexes, Splunk development concepts, Roles and responsibilities of Splunk Developer, How to configure LDAP authentication in Splunk. Admin role in managing Splunk, What is alert? Reports and dashboards, Coordinating with Splunk Support, Implement Search Head Clustering, Implement Indexer Clustering
3. Splunk Search Commands and Reporting Commands
Learning Objectives - In this module, you will learn basic and advanced Splunk queries and use different keywords to search and filter indexed data based on any individual team requirement.
Topics - Different keywords, Splunk Basic search queries and using various commands to perform searches: fields, table, rename, rex&erex, multikv. Usage of following commands and their functions: Top, Rare, Stats, Addcoltotals, Addtotals. Explore the available visualizations, Creation of charts and timecharts, Omit null values and format results.
4. Deployment Process, Alerts, Tags and Event Types
Learning Objectives - In this module, you will learn how to deploy apps? Creating tags and using them in a search, Defining event types and their usefulness, creating and using event types in a search, creating and modifying alerts.
Topics - Deploy Apps using Deployment server, creating tags and using them in search. Defining event types and their usefulness, Creating and using event types in search, creating and modifying alerts and use of Alerts.
5. Analyzing & Calculating Results, Fields Extraction and Lookups
Learning Objectives - In this module, you will learn about overview of creating and defining lookups, fields extraction , Omit null values and format results , using eval command etc.
Topics - Using eval command, Perform calculations, Value Conversion, Round values, Format values, Conditional statements, Filtering calculated results, Raw Data Manipulation, Extraction of Fields, What are lookups? Lookup file example, Creating a lookup table, Defining a lookup, Configuring an automatic lookup, Using the lookup in searches and reports
6. Splunk Visualizations, Reports and Dashboards
Learning Objectives - In this module, you will learn to create reports and dashboards along with different visualization
Topics - Explore the available visualizations, Creating reports and charts, Creating dashboards and adding reports.

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I have completed Splunk course from myTectra Review by Vijay Varma
I have completed the splunk course in mytectra.
Trainer was very good with knowledge, He showed real time programs that's helped me lot of, Whoever looking for Splunk training in Bangalore myTectra is the perfect institute to learn.
Thanks for trainer and support. I recommended..
I have completed Splunk course from myTectra Review by Rahul Dsouza
I had a good experience with myTectra. I had taken the course on Splunk .Trainer was good with sound knowledge of Splunk. He will make you understand every concept so easy by giving the real time scenarios. He is having good knowledge on Splunk and works on same domain too. Apart from course, he would tell us what kind of questions were asked during interviews.
I would recommend myTectra for anyone who is trying to take up a Splunk course. It's a best place to learn.
Good institute for training Review by Harishitha
Hi, I got trained in mytectra learning solutions. The training provided by them is from the basics and one can learn deeper.

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