Social Media Masterclass Training

Social Media Masterclass Training

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  • Understand how social media can help to generate leads in low-budget business.
  • Learn techniques to engage more audiences via social media channels.
  • Small class sizes for optimum delegate trainer interaction.

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About Program

myTectra the Market Leader in Social Media Masterclass Training in Bangalore
myTectra offers Social Media Masterclass Training in Bangalore using the Class Room. myTectra offers Live Online Social Media Masterclass Training Training Globally.

Social Media Masterclass Overview

Social media is helping you to improve brand awareness, lead generation, branding, and increasing the recognition of your brand. Through social media profiles, you can get new opportunities such as sharing content and presenting your brand's personality in front of the right audience.

Our 1-day social media course provides a thorough introduction to the essentials of social media and how to use it in the right way to support your objectives and grow your business. Delivered with a practical and strategic focus, the training answers fundamental questions many business owners may have, such as:

  • How to engage a larger audience?
  • How to Increase Brand Awareness?
  • How often should I post?

And many more. We won’t just cover the principles, we’ll help you to formulate a strategy for optimizing your social media activities and to truly deliver meaningful business impact.

Who should attend this Social Media Training Course?

The course is aimed primarily at marketing professionals and small business owners, but it is also recommended for anybody who is willing to enhance their website traffic and conversion rate.


You should have set up or have access to Twitter, Linked In, Facebook, and Pinterest account before attending.

Success Factors:

  • High-Quality Training
  • Top Technical Trainers
  • Comprehensive Course Curriculum
  • 100% Placement Assistance
  • Superb Satisfaction Score
  • Internship on Real-Time Project 
  • 3I- Individual Focus, Innovative & Interactive


The course covers the following topics:


  • What is social media?
  • The power of social proof
  • How can social media help my business?
  • Risks and drawbacks


  • How social media aligns with your business plan 
  • Establishing your identity and your message
  • Social media and SEO


  • Why blogging is so important
  • What to blog about
  • Guest blogging and commenting
  • Using graphics and images


  • How to get the best out of Twitter
  • Understanding Twitter jargon
  • Using retweets, hashtags, and lists
  • Tools to make Twitter easier
  • Finding people with influence
  • Adding a Twitter widget on your site/blog
  • Customizing your Twitter background  


  • Enhancing your profile
  • Building connections and recommendations
  • Using groups and answers to drive traffic


  • Comparing profiles, groups, and pages
  • Developing a page
  • Making the most of the timeline
  • Promoted Posts & Ads on Facebook​

Business for Social Media

  • Set up Business Page on Social Media
  • Growth of Business through Social Media
  • Campaign Management on Social Media

Creative Strategy on Social Media

  • What type of Creative required for Social Media
  • Page Structure of Social Channel.

Online Reputation Management

  • Customer Relation Through Social Media
  • Branding awareness
  • Business to Customer

Content Marketing for SMM

  • CTA, Infographic, Information contents for Social Media

ROI for Social Media

  • Small Scale Business Idea
  • Revenue Generation Marketing.

Trending Social Media Marketing

  • Comparison of Different Channels on Social media marketing

Analytics and Reporting on Social Media Marketing

  • Hashtags analysis
  • Time Management
  • Audience Targeting KPI

Social Media Groups

  • Understanding of the Groups
  • Viral Marketing
  • Sharing Tips and Idea
  • Organic Promotion

Module 10: Key features of SM Marketing

  • Sustain Growth for Marketing
  • Posting Calendar Managements

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We are here to help you. You will find the general Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) here.

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