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Remote Selling

Remote Selling Training

Gain a strong knowledge of Remote Selling Training. Get started Now!
  • Gain an understanding of methods used to transit from in-person to online selling.
  • Attain in-depth knowledge about how to implement the video selling process in an organisat
  • Acquire skills to communicate successfully with clients and build trust online.

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About Program

myTectra the Market Leader in Remote Selling Training in Bangalore
myTectra offers Remote Selling Training Training in Bangalore using the Class Room. myTectra offers Live Online Remote Selling Training or Onsite Training Globally.

Remote Selling Training​ Course Overview

Remote Selling, also known as virtual selling, is defined as the process of selling simultaneously from a remote place over the phone or in video meetings. Nowadays, many organizations have rapidly transited to virtual selling, and it is a method which is practiced for a long time and has been enhanced along with the progress on online meeting gears, like the tech tools. Remote Selling has many benefits for organizations like it provides a business continuity plan, provides access to more stakeholders, and encourages decision-making momentum from customers. Holding the knowledge and skills of Remote Selling will provide delegates with opportunities to work as highly paid sales professionals in various world-renowned organizations.

In this 1-day Remote Selling training course, delegates will learn how to transit sales from in-person to online. They will attain in-depth knowledge about crucial techniques to be IT support for themselves and their meeting attendees. They will also gain an understanding to use multimedia functions such as videos, slides, and screen shares to keep their viewers engaged. Further modules of this training are designed to provide delegates with the knowledge to go from in-person to online selling, with guidance about a particular technology, how to develop trust, and how to administer an efficient online meeting. Our highly skilled and professional trainer will conduct this training who have years of experience in teaching sales courses.

This course consists of various essential concepts such as:

  • Remote Selling techniques
  • Remote Selling during a pandemic
  • How to build trust selling remotely?
  • Turning Pro in Remote Selling
  • Making the fast transition from in-person to online selling
  • Video selling and building trust online
  • Sales process – how to create your own

After attending this course, delegates will be able to make their own sales processes and implement them in their organizations. They will also be able to use various multimedia tools in their daily tasks for effective and meaningful communication with customers.


In this Remote Selling training course, there are no formal prerequisites.


The myTectra’s Remote Selling Training course is suitable for anyone who wants to gain in-depth knowledge about how to sell remotely without physically meeting people.


Success Factors:

  • High-Quality Training
  • Top Technical Trainers
  • Comprehensive Course Curriculum
  • 100% Placement Assistance
  • Superb Satisfaction Score
  • Internship on Real-Time Project 
  • 3I- Individual Focus, Innovative & Interactive



Module 1: How to Transition from In-Person to Online Selling

      • What is Remote Selling?
      • Remote Selling Techniques
      • Remote Selling During Pandemic
      • How to Build Trust Selling Remotely?
      • Best Remote Selling Tools
      • Content for Remote Selling
      • Running a Remote Sales Meeting
      • Remote Sales Training
      • Turning Pro in Remote Selling

Module 2: Fast Transition from In-Person to Online Selling

      • What is Fast Transition?
      • Selling Online
      • In-Person Selling
      • Selling Online vs In-Person
      • Making the Fast Transition from In-Person to Online Selling

Module 3: Video Selling and Building Trust Online

      • What is Video Selling?
      • How does video Marketing Work?
      • How do you Build Trust with Customers Online?
      • Techniques to Gain Customer Trust Online
      • How to Sell Through Video and Build Trust Online

Module 4: Sales Process

    • What is the Sales Process?
    • What are the Various Steps of the Sales Process?
    • Selling Remotely
    • How to Create Your Own

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We are here to help you. You will find the general Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) here.

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