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  1. Advanced Negotiation Skills Training in Bangalore - Live Online & Classroom

    Negotiating is for some sheer misery. However, negotiation skills are critical whether selling products or services, purchasing supplies and materials, negotiating salary and job requirements or obtaining internal resources for project support. With skill and practice, facilitating a collaborative negotiation that leaves all participants victorious is achievable. This negotiation skills workshop develops the skills participants need to drive mutual victory.

  2. Advanced Presentation Skills Training in Bangalore - Live Online & Classroom

    A great presenter has two unique qualities: appropriate skills and personal confidence. This confidence comes from knowing what you want to say and being comfortable with your communication skills. In this two day workshop, participants will master the skills that will make them a better speaker and presenter.

  3. Advanced Supervisory Skills Training in Bangalore - Live Online & Classroom

    This programme provides supervisors with the essential skills, knowledge and techniques to become effective supervisors and leaders. The programme will allow delegates to significantly improve the performance, motivation and quality of work delivered by them and their people.

  4. Basic Communication Skills Training Online and Class Room Training by myTectra Learning Solution

    This Basic Communication Skills Training course is one of the top Soft Skill course includes Class Room and Online Training. Good communication skills have to be developed and trained on an on-going basis. We Train you to Boost your skills and create positive results!

  5. Business Etiquette Training in Bangalore - Live Online & Classroom

    Understand the concepts of business etiquette and learn how to apply business etiquette rules in a wide variety of typical business situations.

  6. Competency Based Interviewing & Assessment Skills - Certification Online and Class Room by myTectra Learning Solution

  7. Critical Thinking And Problem Solving Training in mytectra Learning Solution.

    The Critical Thinking And Problem Solving Training course provides you with the skills you need to make decisions that are aligned to business goals. The course considers a range of models and techniques and provides practical guidance on how to implement them in your workplace.

  8. Effective Time Management Training Online and Class Room myTectra Learning Solution

    Learn time management techniques with myTectra the Market Leader. Effective Time Management Training in Bangalore by myTectra This Course will help you to Learn more then 40 time management skills,tools and tips that will help you manage your time and be more productive which benefit both individuals and organizations. in mytectra learning solutions

  9. Emotional Intelligence Training in Bangalore - Live Online & Classroom

    Emotional Intelligence is the capacity to recognize and effectively manage emotions in ourselves and with others. Emotional intelligence increases our ability to make good decisions, build relationships, deal with stress, and cope with change.

  10. office communications & telephone behaviors Training Online and Class Room by myTectra Learning Solution

    This Course will help you to Understand the process of communications in a business setting,Build business communication skills, Understand and practice the proper telephone behaviors, Realizing the best practices and tips for effective handling of all sorts of activities related to calls, voicemail, cellular/mobile phones and technologies.

  11. Team Building Training is sought after by corporates as it helps leaders in developing skills to bring people together to work towards a common goal. A group of people working together towards a common goal is called a Team. The skill to build teams is a critical competency that every manager should have, but few have. However, it is a skill that can be learnt. In many cases Team Training Programs can initiate this process and pass the baton to the leader to carry them through.

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