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Getting Started With Data Science And Recommender Systems
Data Science Overview
Reasons to use Data Science
Project Lifecycle
Data Acquirement
Evaluation of Input Data
Transforming Data
Statistical and analytical methods to work with data
Machine Learning basics
Introduction to Recommender systems
Apache Mahout Overview
Reasons To Use, Project Lifecycle
What is Data Science?
What Kind of Problems can you solve?
Data Science Project Life Cycle
Data Science-Basic Principles
Data Acquisition
Data Collection
Understanding Data- Attributes in a Data, Different types of Variables
Build the Variable type Hierarchy
Two Dimensional Problem
Co-relation b/w the Variables- explain using Paint Tool
Outliers, Outlier Treatment
Boxplot, How to Draw a Boxplot
Acquiring Data
Discussion on Boxplot- also Explain
Example to understand variable Distributions
What is Percentile? – Example using Rstudio tool
How do we identify outliers?
How do we handle outliers?
Outlier Treatment: Using Capping/Flooring General Method
Distribution- What is Normal Distribution
Why Normal Distribution is so popular
Uniform Distribution
Skewed Distribution
Machine Learning In Data Science
Discussion about Box plot and Outlier
Goal: Increase Profits of a Store
Areas of increasing the efficiency
Data Request
Business Problem: To maximize shop Profits
What are Interlinked variables
What is Strategy
Interaction b/w the Variables
Univariate analysis
Multivariate analysis
Bivariate analysis
Relation b/w Variables
Standardize Variables
What is Hypothesis?
Interpret the Correlation
Negative Correlation
Machine Learning
Statistical And Analytical Methods Dealing With Data, Implementation Of Recommenders Using Apache Mahout And Transforming Data
Correlation b/w Nominal Variables
Contingency Table
What is Expected Value?
What is Mean?
How Expected Value is differ from Mean
Experiment – Controlled Experiment, Uncontrolled Experiment
Degree of Freedom
Dependency b/w Nominal Variable & Continuous Variable
Linear Regression
Extrapolation and Interpolation
Univariate Analysis for Linear Regression
Building Model for Linear Regression
Pattern of Data means?
Data Processing Operation
What is sampling?
Sampling Distribution
Stratified Sampling Technique
Disproportionate Sampling Technique
Balanced Allocation-part of Disproportionate Sampling
Systematic Sampling
Cluster Sampling
2 angels of Data Science-Statistical Learning, Machine Learning
Testing And Assessment, Production Deployment And More
Multi variable analysis
linear regration
Simple linear regration
Hypothesis testing
Speculation vs. claim(Query)
Step to test your hypothesis
performance measure
Generate null hypothesis
alternative hypothesis
Testing the hypothesis
Threshold value
Hypothesis testing explanation by example
Null Hypothesis
Alternative Hypothesis
Histogram of mean value
Revisit CHI-SQUARE independence test
Correlation between Nominal Variable
Business Algorithms, Simple Approaches To Prediction, Building Model, Model Deployment
Machine Learning
Importance of Algorithms
Supervised and Unsupervised Learning
Various Algorithms on Business
Simple approaches to Prediction
Predict Algorithms
Population data
Disproportionate Sampling
Steps in Model Building
Sample the data
What is K?
Training Data
Test Data
Validation data
Model Building
Find the accuracy
Deploy the model
Linear regression
Getting Started With Segmentation Of Prediction And Analysis
Cluster and Clustering with Example
Data Points, Grouping Data Points
Manual Profiling
Horizontal & Vertical Slicing
Clustering Algorithm
Criteria for take into Consideration before doing Clustering
Graphical Example
Clustering & Classification: Exclusive Clustering, Overlapping Clustering, Hierarchy Clustering
Simple Approaches to Prediction
Different types of Distances: 1.Manhattan, 2.Euclidean, 3.Consine Similarity
Clustering Algorithm in Mahout
Probabilistic Clustering
Pattern Learning
Nearest Neighbor Prediction
Nearest Neighbor Analysis
Integration Of R And Hadoop
R introduction
How R is typically used
Features of R
Introduction to Big data
Ways to connect with R and Hadoop
Case Study
Steps for Installing RIMPALA
How to create IMPALA packages

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Well Explained Review by R channa
We attended Python with Data Science course in July. My daughter is new to programming and I was new to Data Science. Ankit explained the concepts well and was very thorough. He follows up on mail questions and helped with assignments. Please pass on our sincere thanks to Ankit
I have completed Data Science course from myTectra Review by Praveen Shetty
I am overall satisfied with the course content and the way it progressed.
The facility possess good knowledge on the subject, explained the real time scenarios and the material provided by trainer very useful for our preparation.
I have completed Data Science course from myTectra Review by Kiran Sonar
I have completed Data Science.Need to bring to your attention of my status of program to complete my level of expectation. Trainer has put expertise and commitment towards course & he is very passionate. Thanks for your support from Support Team....
I have completed Data Science course from myTectra Review by B S Natesh
I have completed Data Science course, All the classes went very well. Trainer showed real time example that helps to us & achieved, I would like to say special thanks for Support Team, myTectra. Awesome...
I have completed Data Science course from myTectra Review by Kalyan
Awesome place to learn and enhance the technical skills, skilled trainers and best staff. Friendly environment. Recommended.
Job oriented software training provided Review by Nickson
Hi, I thank mytectra team for providing me good faculty and practical sessions . Good placements are also provided by them.

6 Item(s)

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