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Knockout.js Training

Training Mode: Class Room / Live Online

Introduction to Knockout and First Example

  • Introduction to knockout.js
  • Knockout Features
  • Benefits of using knockout
  • MVVM
  • Your first knockout Example

Bindings and Observables

  • Understanding Observable Property
  • Reading and writing Observables
  • Notify Subscribers
  • Delay change notifications
  • Observable Arrays

Binding Text and Appearance

  • Binding
    • Visible
    • Text
    • Html
    • CSS
    • Style
    • Attr

Control Flow and Containerless Bindings

  • Binding
    • if
    • ifnot
    • with
    • foreach

Binding Form Elements

  • Click Binding
  • Passing data to method
  • Event Binding
  • Submit Biding
  • HasFocus Biding
  • Checked Binding
  • Options and selectedOptions Binding
  • Unobtrusive Event Handling

Template Bindings

  • Understanding Template Binding
  • Rendering Named Template
  • ForEach option with a named template
  • Using as to give an alias to forEach
  • Dynamically choosing a template

Component Bindings

  • Define a Component
  • Register a Component
  • Specifying a Template
  • Using Component without a container
  • Login Component
  • Using Template

Custom Binding

  • Writing Component
  • Using Custom Component
  • Module 8: Handling JSON objects
  • JSON ViewModel Interoperability
  • Updating View Model using JSON
  • KO Mapping PlugIn
  • Unmapping to JavaScript Objects
  • Working with JSON Strings

KO with Web API

  • Example to perform CRUD operations using KO and Web API

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