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Blockchain Training

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Training Mode: Class Room / Live Online

Course Topics and Objectives

Topic Week Objectives
Modern Cryptography 1 Learn cryptographic techniques as applied to blockchain
Introduction to Cryptocurrency 1 Understand how cryptography is applied to bitcoin cryptocurrency
Introduction to Blockchain 2 Understand key terminologies, architecture and data models Differentiate between cryptocurrency and popular blockchains
Bitcoin Architecture 3 Learn fundamentals of distributed consensus and ecosystem in play Understand various incentive mechanism Differentiate anonymous vs. pseudonymous transactions
Bitcoin Transactions 4 Understand mechanics of transactions including detailed data structure Learn few transaction scripts and its use-cases Learn how bitcoin networks works
Introduction to Hyperledger 5 Understand Hyperledger Fabric architecture and data model Learn components of Hyperledger Composer Create high level architecture and design for a sample use-case
Hyperledger Composer Playground 6 Run few sample applications on Composer Playground Install Hyperledger Fabric locally on your machines
Building Hyperledger application 7 Review the Fabric file structure Learn how to import a sample application on local client and deploy

Cryptography topics

  • Origins of Cryptography
  • Various schemes in Cryptography
  • Elliptical Curve for Cryptography
  • Digital Signature (ECDSA)
  • Hash Function in Cryptography

  • Cryptocurrency

  • Introduction to Cryptocurrency
  • Use-cases of Cryptocurrency
  • Hash Functions, Pointers, Data Structure
  • Addresses and Private Keys
  • Summarize
  • Assignment

  • Introduction to Blockchain

  • Blockchain and its evolution
  • Key Terminologies used in blockchain
  • Enterprise Blockchain vs. Cryptocurrency
  • Blockchain – Architecture and Data Model
  • Popular Blockchain and their comparison
  • Blockchain use-cases
  • Summarize
  • Assignment

  • Bitcoin Architecture

  • Bitcoin Currency and its Origin
  • Distributed Consensus
  • Anonymity and Pseudonimity
  • Incentives and Proof-of-Work
  • Ecosystem
  • Summary
  • Assignment

  • Bitcoin Transactions

  • Transaction Flow
  • Transaction Data Structure and Verification
  • Transaction Scripts and Use-cases
  • Bitcoin Network
  • Limitations of Bitcoin Blockchain
  • Summary
  • Assignment

  • Hyperledger Architecture

  • Hyperledger Fabric Introduction
  • Fabric Architecture & Data Models
  • Key Concepts in Hyperledger Fabric
  • Detailed Transaction Flow
  • Introduction to Composer
  • Hyperledger Use-cases
  • Sample use-case design considerations

  • Composer Playground

  • About Composer Playground
  • Run sample applications on Playground
  • Create an app for one use-case
  • Install Hyperledger Fabric locally
  •     VMWare, Ubuntu
        Pre-requisites
        Fabric and Composer CLI

    Install a sample app

  • Import the app created into fabric
  • Deploy the app
  • Execute the app through CLI

  • Conclusions

  • Blockchain and future
  • Discuss use-cases for industries
  • BaaS
  • Summary and key take-away
  • Course feedback
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    One of best training on Blockchain Review by Ankit Kumar
    I just completed Blockchain training with Mr. Raghu . He is may be one of the few trainer in India delivers such as brilliant training on Blockchain. I thank myTectra for providing excellent training.
    Best training institute Review by Pavani
    I completed Block chain training in mytectra. The training was clear and the team provided good support

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