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Mastering Typescript

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In this course, we will learn about TypeScript, the new, JavaScript inspired language by Microsoft.
The introductory TypeScript course will teach the student the TypeScript basics necessary for junior workplace skills.
By taking this course you will,
- Set your PC or Mac up to develop TypeScript
- Be able to understand why TypeScript is used to build large web applications
- Use TypeScript's classes and error checking
- Create and extend TypeScript classes
- Share Code via Modules
In the first section, we will learn about what projects TypeScript is appropriate for. We will learn who makes TypeScript, and what projects use TypeScript every day.
In the second section, we will learn about using Node and NPM to install TypeScript, and how to use the command line to compile TypeScript into JavaScript. As a bonus, we'll learn a bit about TypeScript compiler errors.
In the final section, we will take a look at a few of TypeScript's many features.
We will learn about types, how they are used, what kinds are available in TypeScript, and how to make your own.
We will learn about interfaces, inheritance, and TypeScript classes. Using the module system, we will share code between TypeScript files and compile them to JavaScript.
This course includes many videos, as well as links to useful tools like the TypeScript handbook.
This course should take 3-4 hours to complete, as you may wish to pause frequently to try the many code examples provided yourself.
This code is ideal for anyone wanting a solid beginner's foundation in TypeScript, as the hands-on lecture format will ensure that any pupil has a working knowledge of the basics.

What Will I Learn?
Compile, Test and Run TypeScript on your workstation
Use TypeScript classes and type annotations
Build and run a simple app using TypeScript

Solid understanding of JavaScript
Basic understanding of Node.js

Who is the target audience?
You should take this course if you are already well-versed in JavaScript and want to take your course to the next level
You should take this course If you already know a similar language like Java, ActionScript or C#

course outline:

Why Learn TypeScript?
Course Breakdown

2.Getting Started
Installing TypeScript
Compiling Your First TypeScript Program
Understanding TypeScript Errors
Installation & Basic Use

3.Basic TypeScript
The Type System
Basic Types

4.TypeScript Implementation
Automatically Compile TypeScript with Grunt

5.Building an App with TypeScript



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good institute Review by Radhika
The institute is best in providing good classroom environment for students to learn . they give placement assurance and realtime projects.

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