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Mastering Python

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myTectra offers Python Training in Bangalore,Chennai, Pune using Class Room. myTectra offers Live Online Python Training Globally

Python is a general-purpose interpreted, interactive, object-oriented and high-level programming language. Currently Python is the most popular Language in IT. Python adopted as a language of choice for almost all the domain in IT including Web Development, Cloud Computing (AWS, OpenStack, VMware, Google Cloud, etc.. ), Infrastructure Automations, Software Testing, Mobile Testing, Big Data and Hadoop, Data Science, etc. This course to set you on a journey in python by playing with data, creating your own application, and also testing the same. We call this course as Python for Everyone. myTectra offers Python Training in Bangalore,Chennai, Pune using Class Room. myTectra offers Live Online Python Training Globally.

Chaper 1: An Introduction to Python
Chapter 2: Beginning Python Basics
2.1. The print statement
2.3. Python Data Structures & Data Types
2.4. String Operations in Python
2.5. Simple Input & Output
2.6. Simple Output Formatting
Chapter 3: Python Program Flow
3.1. Indentation
3.2. The If statement and its' related statement
3.3. An example with if and it's related statement
3.4. The while loop
3.5. The for loop
3.6. The range statement
3.7. Break & Continue
3.8. Assert
3.9. Examples for looping
Chapter 4: Functions & Modules
4.1. Create your own functions
4.2. Functions Parameters
4.3. Variable Arguments
4.4. Scope of a Function
4.5. Function Documentation/Docstrings
4.6. Lambda Functions & map
4.7. An Exercise with functions
4.8. Create a Module
4.9. Standard Modules
Chapter 5: Exceptions
5.1. Errors
5.2. Exception Handling with try
5.3. Handling Multiple Exceptions
5.4. Writing your own Exceptions
Chapter 6: File Handling
6.1. File Handling Modes
6.2. Reading Files
6.3. Writing & Appending to Files
6.4. Handling File Exceptions
6.5. The with statement
Chapter 7: Classes In Python
7.1. New Style Classes
7.2. Creating Classes
7.3. Instance Methods
7.4. Inheritance
7.6. Exception Classes & Custom Exceptions
Chapter 8: Regular Expressions
8.1 Simple Character Matches
8.2 Special Characters
8.3 Character Classes
8.4 Quantifiers
8.5 The Dot Character
8.6 Greedy Matches
8.7 Grouping
8.8 Matching at Beginning or End
8.9Match Objects
8.10 Substituting
8.11 Splitting a String
8.12 Compiling Regular Expressions
8.13 Flags
Chapter 9: Data Structures
9.1 List Comprehensions
9.2 Nested List Comprehensions
9.3 Dictionary Comprehensions
9.4 Functions
9.5 Default Parameters
9.6 Variable Arguments
9.7 Specialized Sorts
9.8 Iterators
9.9 Generators
9.10 The Functions any and all
9.11 The with Statement
9.12 Data Compression
Chapter 10: Writing GUIs in Python
10.1 Introduction
10.2 Components and Events
10.3 An Example GUI
10.4 The root Component
10.5 Adding a Button
10.6 Entry Widgets
10.7 Text Widgets
10.8 Checkbuttons
10.9 Radiobuttons
10.11 Frames
10.12 Menus
10.13 Binding Events to Widgets
Chapter 11: Network Programming
11.1 A Daytime Server
11.2 Clients and Servers
11.3 The Client Program
11.4 The Server Program
11.5 Recap
11.6 An Evaluation Client and Server
11.7 The Server Portion
11.8 A Threaded Server
Chapter 12 : Python MySQL Database Access
12.1 Installation
12.2 DB Connection
12.3 Creating DB Table
12.5 COMMIT & ROLLBACK operation
12.6 Handling Errors
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Teaching is unique and understandable. Review by vaibhav mahajan
i have completed my python course under Mr.Santosh. Even though being from a non-cs background it was easy to understand concepts and how he relates the difficult and complex topic and comparing with daily life help me to easy understand the concepts.
Really an experienced trainer Review by AnanchaPerumal N
Good python training conducted by an excellent trainer Santhosh. Really an experienced trainer.
Focused more of basic and advanced concepts and a reasonable level of real time examples.
A recommendable trainer to begin our learning curve with python.
should have added some more hours in the course duration for sample project implementation areas.
would have appreciated if mytectra team can provide some materials for references as part of this course.
Excellent tutor Review by vaiplavi yalamarthi
I have got trained on python in mytectra under the guidance of the trainer santhosh and i felt he is the best trainer
Teaching is unique and understandable. Review by nitesh singh
I completed Python and Python advance course from Mytectra under Santosh. His way of teaching is unique and understandable.
Excellent tutor Review by Nithish Chandra
I enrolled for python course in mytectra, under the santosh , the training was therotical as well as practical,I learned a lot from here,I can say that This is the best place to learn. I recommended
Training was excellent Review by Reshu Sharma
I have completed python and adv python from Mytectra under Santhosh .His way of teaching was unique and he did a great job.
Really good Review by Raghav Milind
Python course was taught to me in a fun and entertaining way .Our instructor is very knowledgeable and resourceful.He teaches in a very lively way and gives us real time examples which helps in easy understanding of topics.I learned a lot in one month .I thank my trainer 'Santosh Sir' for giving me a good head start in the world of automation.
Very satisfactory Review by harsha sogala
Training has been really very satisfactory and understood python in easiest possible way from Santosh. I am really confident in python only because of his way of teaching.
Training was excellent Review by Lingaraju Raju
I have taken python course at myTectra under Santhosh sir. The way mentor teaches is easily understandable. The real life examples he gives makes you understand more easily. Santhosh sir is very friendly and helpful.
Fully satisfied Review by Hari Lal Kumar
Hi Mytectra,

This is the confirmation mail from my side that I have completed
Python training under Trainer - Umakant Mane.

@Umakant Sir: Just wanted to thank you for a good training and great
time with you. It has helped me focus and will be a great asset to me.
I didn't able to take full benefit as could not able to practice
because of a looming deadline of office works , but I believe the
hours spent will be repaid many times over. I would like to be
in-touch with you for further helps.

Items 11 to 20 of 189 total

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