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Competency Based Interviewing & Assessment Skills - Certification

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Training Mode: Class Room / Live Online

Competency Based Interviewing & Assessment Skills - Certification:

Introduction to Competency Based Interviewing & Assessment Skills:

  • Have You… Ever felt your candidates were pulling the wool over your eyes? Ever found your chosen candidate failed to deliver the promised goods? Ever found your perfect candidate looks great on paper but can’t actually do the job??
  • Recruitment and selection and assessing people on the job have been everybody's business in the corporate world. The belief is that any person who is holding a responsible position is eligible to interview/assess a person. While the right to participate in the selection and assessment process is legitimate to a supervisor at interest, the feeling of taking it for granted that the person would have the skills to interview, assess and select/reject the right person is not necessarily correct.
  • Many of us confess to the fact that we have not been trained on how to conduct a selection interview or assess the competencies or have received any update about the emerging trends in this process.
  • The program on competency based interviewing and assessment skills has been conceived with this need in mind. The program would immensely benefit all those responsible persons who spearhead recruitment, selection and assessing people for initiating developmental process like mentoring/coaching in industry and will provide the participants with certain tools and techniques that can be put to use right away on the job.


    By the end of the program participants will be able to:

  • Explain what competency based interviewing is.
  • Demonstrate the appreciation for the success of competency based interviewing
  • Develop skills and action plan for implementation in their own job situations
  • Develop an understanding on mentoring and coaching concepts and dovetail people development initiatives to align appropriately with individual employee gaps Organization through their trained personnel will project positive image to all the interviewees through this process. The interviewees would perceive the depth / seriousness in selection process. The trained managers will develop clear appreciation for employee and mentoring and coaching programs. The program will focus on creating awareness to the importance of identifying key competencies required for a specified job. It will enable the participants to make selection/assessment decision based on concrete information, rather than on subjective gut feel.

  • Competency Based Interviewing & Assessment Skills Course Outline:

    Methodology The program would be entirely based on interactive adult learning process. Simulation, role plays and experiential learning will be supplemented by concept building lectures.

    Session 1:

    All interviewers over a period pick up some ideas about the interviewing process. This session would clarify the myths that one has about this expensive process and once clarified, how effective a tool it can be. The session would also arrive at an agenda, for the next session, to address and bring out certain live issues simmering in the minds of participants, to work during the program.

  • What is an interview?
  • What is not an interview?
  • What is competency?
  • What is an interview as we practice mock interview?

  • Session II:

    The participants will acquire a conceptual understanding about the competency focus, as an emerging job need. This session will also focus on, what to seek in an interview, what process to adopt and how to prepare oneself for this, clarification on core competencies, functional competent methods of identifying competencies will also be covered.

  • Understanding the behavioral interview process
  • Learning to identify data on competencies
  • Objectives of an interview & planning for it
  • Important focus issues
  • Structure of an interview
  • Details of competency based interview process
  • Opening
  • Core
  • Close
  • Post interview activities
  • Planning for an Interview - An Exercise
  • Conceive an organization and a position in the organization
  • Spell out the job specification
  • Draw out the competencies required to perform the job
  • Critical success factors
  • Framing of question and probes

  • Session III:

    This session will build the requisite skills to conduct competency based interview through experiential learning. The participants will get to experiment the process with tools and guidance so as to familiarize themselves with the techniques and translate the same to their work place.

  • Process experience of competency based interview to be captured on video/audio
  • Replay a sample interview identify relevant data
  • Relate to identified competencies for decision making

  • Session IV:

    This session will enable the participants to understand the concepts of mentoring and coaching such as to apply the same to employee development situations. The participant will align the previous learning of competency assessment to situations of performance assessment and development initiatives.

  • Differentiate coaching and mentoring
  • Understand the importance of various questioning techniques and their application
  • Relate the questioning techniques to application through role play process.

  • Session V:

    The deliverable and translation of the learning for tomorrows' work situation use. Tips and tools to face familiar / likely issues in work situations and clarification on doubts and queries.

  • Feedback and analysis
  • Certain frequently asked questions by the interviewee
  • Certain frequently asked questions by the interviewer

  • Line mangers and HR Specialists in the corporate world who are involved in selection & employee development processes of employees will find this program highly useful.
  • The program would be of immense use to consultants and facilitators who provide a conduit or are involved in selection process in various capacities

  • To Learn Competency Based Interviewing & Assessment Skills ENROLL TODAY at myTectra.

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