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Elasticsearch Training in Bangalore - Live Online & Classroom

myTectra the Market Leader in elasticsearch training in Bangalore
myTectra offers elasticsearch training in Bangalore using Class Room. myTectra offers Live Online elasticsearch training Globally.


In the recent years – the term BigData has been gaining popularity as well and there has been a paradigm shift is the volume of information and the ways in which it can be extracted from this data.
ELK is one of the few new-age frameworks which is capable of handling Big Data demands and scale.
Over the years the ELK stack has become quite popular. And for a good reason. It is a very robust, mature and feature rich framework. ELK is used by large enterprises, government organizations and startups alike. The ELK stack has a very rich and active community behind it. They develop, share and support tons of source code, components, plugins and knowledge about these tools freely and openly.
If you ever had to search a database of retail products by description, find similar text in a body of crawled web pages, or search through posts on a blog. You wonder if there was a search tool, which could make such jobs easy.
In this course, we will focus on one such enterprise search engine- The ElasticSearch which is one of the core components of the ELK stack. We will look at the overview and explore the technology that goes into this tool.
Knowledge and experience about ELK and ElasticSearch could be very valuable for your career. The latest stats and figures show some amazing numbers like jobs requiring these skill sets pay higher than most of the jobs posted on public job boards within the US and annual salaries for professionals could be as high as $100,000. That is the exact reason why you must enroll in this course and take your career to the next level.
As the title suggests – this course aims to provide you enough knowledge about ELK and ElasticSearch so that you can run and operate your own search cluster using these components together.

What Will I Learn?
Understand the features and utility of ElasticSearch
Understand the basic concepts about Big Data
Install, configure and administer ElasticSearch cluster

Who is the target audience?
Developers and IT Engineers
Tech Founders and Co-Founders (Technical or Non-Technical)
Mobile and Web App Developers
IT Administrators
Software Architects

course outline:1.Introduction
Course Overview
About the instructor
About the learner
Special offers
Get ready for ElasticSearch

2.Overview Of ELK
Introduction to ELK
Introduction to Big Data
Tools for Big Data
Benefits of ELK
ELK in the real world

3.Getting Started With ElasticSearch
Introduction to ElasticSearch
ElasticSearch as a distributed framework
ElasticSearch features
ElasticSearch features (contd.)
ElasticSearch terminology
ElasticSearch terminology (contd.)

4.ElasticSearch In Action
ElasticSearch vs. RDBMS
Why use ElasticSearch?
ElasticSearch pre-requisites
Deploy AWS EC2 instances
Connect to AWS EC2 instances
Download install packages
ElasticSearch configuration
ElasticSearch configuration (contd.)
Explore ElasticSearch API editor
Install Head plugin for ElasticSearch
Explore Sense plugin for ElasticSearch
Add a new document to ElasticSearch
Anatomy of a PUT API request for ElasticSearch
Add documents to ElasticSearch
Retreive data from ElasticSearch
ElasticSearch indexing - behind the scenes
Introduction to ElasticSearch search queries
Execute ElasticSearch search queries
ElasticSearch advanced features
ElasticSearch CAT APIs
ElasticSearch high availability
ElasticSearch scalability

5.Putting It All Together
Review sample dataset
Prepare sample dataset
Query the sample dataset
ElasticSearch type mappings

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Customer Reviews

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Best corporate training Review by Mayank Agarwal
Course content is good, A new technology which will help to achieve many things a lot of areas to learn for personal growth.
Trainer have depth understanding of the course. Immense knowledge in the area of subject and ready to provide any support.
Overall good corporate training Review by Bhargodeba samal
Course content is elaborate and covered all aspects of the topics. Trainer is overall good with proper demonstration. He explained the topic very well and proper example. He shared the required documents.
Overall good corporate training Review by Hrishikesh Podder
Course content was elaborate and covered the aspects of the topic. The faculty is overall good and provided proper demonstration and explained the topic with proper examples and shared the requirement documents for further help.
Best corporate training provided Review by Saravana Kumar
Explained about ELK- Architecture wise and how it is functioning in the environment. Trainer covered Elastic search query part etc... and explained with better example.
Good for corporate training Review by Jivin
Useful and very good for our team. Explained all the things clearly and shown the demo as well.
mytectra is good for corporate training Review by Ramya Baratam
Course content is elaborate, all topics were covered with architecture, installation, etc. Admin part is more descriptive. Documents and course pattern are very well designed and maintained. I am happy with the trainer provided, He have good understanding of the course and able to handle the queries . Good grip in multiple technologies and ready to provide any support or help needed.
verygood Review by islam
The training was good and I gained more knowledge .
good institute Review by nadika
The trainer is very good .They will teach each and every thing in our course and provide good labs also.
good institute Review by nadika
The trainer is very good .They will teach each and every thing in our course and provide good labs also.

9 Item(s)

per page

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