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Salary in all industries is forever subject to the employee’s experience, training, and knowledge. The more you score in these domains, the better you are paid. If you are aiming for one of the best jobs in India, the salary package is not the only part. Career growth, job security, and respect build a career engaging. Moreover, various industries give different‘highest’ salaries. So, it will be low to compare the salary of a Chartered Accountant in the Infomation Technology division to that of ...

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Why do people fall in love with Python?


Most of the people think the word “python” is a snake but it is the most popular programming language. Everyone will fall in love with life and some people may face an END in love, but those who fall in love with python there is no END (i.e “ ; ”) with it because python programming has no Semicolon. So, people fall in love with Python programming.

Why do people fall in love with Python? Why do people fall in love with Python?



Benefits of Python over other languages :


Less coding:

Compared to other languages python has fewer syntaxes ...

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Python Vs Php

Python has been watching a steep upward trend in the last two years. In backend development, PHP and Python web development are two among the most trendy choices that profession, as well as developers, make.


Preferring Python for web development in place of PHP is not a difficult task, but there are some reasons which advise a developer to pick the former one. In this blog, we will look at that logic which makes python an excellent programming language than PHP.


How does Python Compare to PHP?



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What is Computer Vision?

12/29/2017 10:07 AM


Computer vision allows machines to identify people, places, and things in images with accuracy at or above human levels with much greater speed and efficiency. Often built with deep learning models, it automates extraction, analysis, classification and understanding of useful information from a single image or a sequence of images. The image data can take many forms, such as single images, video sequences, views from multiple cameras, or three-dimensional data.

Applications are far-reaching, fro...

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7 Reasons to Learn DevOps

12/28/2017 3:12 PM



Who have not heard of SONY…?


Sony Pictures Entertainment is a Digital Media Group (DMG), a American entertainment company and a subsidiary of Sony entertainment inc.


As company SONY faced a challenge in managing entertainment software development and delivery.


 In Every Companies Time play a huge role with revenue. As the time taken to Develop Software increased the Revenue got affected in order to overcome this problem SONY


Implemented an automated cloud delivery system composed of open sour...

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Virtual reality, the idealised next step in both gaming and simulations. With the rise of Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Sony’s Project Morpheus and the recent OnePlus Cardboard virtual reality is beginning to find a place in the consumer household, rather than with only arcades and technology enthusiasts.

The question is, and will be whether virtual reality is here to stay and how will it affect the current gaming market. TMR, a market intelligence company has released a report estimating that the Unit...

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AWS stands for Amazon Web Services which is a subscription service that offers quite a number of services to its users, helping them scale and grow their businesses as they see fit.

Services available from AWS range from servers to storage to devices you can use to test your applications. The list of services offered by AWS is growing daily, allowing enterprises, start-ups, and even public sector customers to access theright combination of a-la-carte tools to react quickly to changing business r...

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Can I learn Python in a Month

4/25/2017 1:32 PM


The question is simple! Can you learn Python coding in a month? Before we get into that we should learn why Python! There are several reasons why one need to learn  Python programming as a career choice. Python is a general-purpose interpreted, interactive, object-oriented and high-level programming language used for general-purpose programming, as it is simple and readable. Currently Python is the most popular Language in IT. Python has figured in varying degrees among the top programming lang...

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Will Python Replace Java?

4/24/2017 12:18 AM



According to the IT programming trend, Java is currently more popular than other programming languages in terms of number of jobs, number of existing Java developers and overall usage statics in IT compared to Python. According to the latest usage statistics posted on a popular Technology Survey site, Java is being used by 3.0% websites as a server-side programming language, whereas only 0.2% of websites use Python. However, all the recent reports have highlighted that the usage and popularity...

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6 Reasons to learn AngularJS

4/21/2017 6:04 PM


Angular 2 was released in late 2016 and brought Angular into the modern web with its desktop and mobile applications. If you build Web applications, chances are you’ve heard of Angular, the popular JavaScript framework for building full-featured, client-side, browser-based applications. The recent release of Angular 2 (September 2016) brought Angular into the modern Web and expanded its reach into mobile and desktop applications.


So what’s all of the Angular 2 excitement about? How is it differ...

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