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Let’s say that a new technology is developed that could allow many parties to transact a real estate deal. The parties get together and complete the details about timing, special circumstances and financing. How will these parties know they can trust each other? They would have to verify their agreement with third parties – banks, legal teams, government registration and so on. This brings them back to square one in terms of using the technology to save costs.

In the next stage, the third partie...

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It Trends 2018
The technology of today is incredibly impressive. At myTectra we have been continuously monitoring the Information Technologies (IT) courses trends year on year.Personally, I’m amazed at the technology we have available to us and how frequently new technology adapted in the IT industry. There’s always something new on the horizon, and we can’t help but wait and wonder what technological marvels are coming next.The way I see it, there are ten major tech trends we’re in store for in 2018. If you’...
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What is Machine Learning?

1/13/2018 10:46 AM

Machine Learning


Machine Learning is a new trending field these days and is an application of artificial intelligence. It uses certain statistical algorithms to make computers work in a certain way without being explicitly programmed. The algorithms receive an input value and predict an output for this by the use of certain statistical methods. The main aim of machine learning is to create intelligent machines which can think and work like human beings.

Requirements of creating good machine learning systems

So wh...

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What is a Chatbot?

12/29/2017 10:35 AM


Derived from “chat robot”, “chatbots” allow for highly engaging, conversational experiences, through voice and text, that can be customized and used on mobile devices, web browsers, and on popular chat platforms such as Facebook Messenger, or Slack. With the advent of deep learning technologies such as text-to-speech, automatic speech recognition, and natural language processing, chatbots that simulate human conversation and dialogue can now be found in call center and customer service workflow...

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What is Text-to-Speech?

12/29/2017 10:28 AM


Text-to-speech is the generation of synthesized speech from text. The technology is used to communicate with users when reading a screen is either not possible or inconvenient. This not only opens up applications and information to be used in new ways, but also has the ability to make the world a more accessible place to individuals who are unable to read text on a screen.

The technology behind text-to-speech has evolved over the last few decades. Using deep learning, it is now possible to produ...

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What is Computer Vision?

12/29/2017 10:07 AM


Computer vision allows machines to identify people, places, and things in images with accuracy at or above human levels with much greater speed and efficiency. Often built with deep learning models, it automates extraction, analysis, classification and understanding of useful information from a single image or a sequence of images. The image data can take many forms, such as single images, video sequences, views from multiple cameras, or three-dimensional data.

Applications are far-reaching, fro...

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What is Artificial Intelligence?

12/29/2017 10:03 AM

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Imagine there are two girls standing in front of you – The first girl is cute, beautiful, interesting and has the smile that any guy would die for. And the other girl is average-looking, quiet, not-so-impressive… no different from the ones that you usually see in the restaurant cash counter. Which girl will you call out for a date? If you’re like me, you will choose the attractive girl. You see, life is full of options and making the right choice is what matters the most.

If you’re a Java develo...

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3 Steps to Become a Cloud Computing AWS Expert

The cloud computing domain in IT industry is a sector that continues to see significant growth and a huge demand for skilled people. Currently there is a wide gap between the skill requirement and the skilled resource available on cloud computing especially Amazon Web Services (AWS) and the professionals with a high knowledge of AWS cloud are among the highest earners in the IT field.

The people with the AWS skills have the ability to use new methods...

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7 Reasons to Learn DevOps

12/28/2017 3:12 PM



Who have not heard of SONY…?


Sony Pictures Entertainment is a Digital Media Group (DMG), a American entertainment company and a subsidiary of Sony entertainment inc.


As company SONY faced a challenge in managing entertainment software development and delivery.


 In Every Companies Time play a huge role with revenue. As the time taken to Develop Software increased the Revenue got affected in order to overcome this problem SONY


Implemented an automated cloud delivery system composed of open sour...

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