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Big Data Analytics

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  1. Apache Spark and Scala

    Apache Spark and Scala Training in Bangalore - Live Online & Classroom

  2.  HBase Training

    Hbase Training in Bangalore - Live Online & Classroom

  3. Hive Training

    Apache Hive Training in Bangalore - Live Online & Classroom

  4. MapReduce Design Patterns

    MapReduce Design Patterns Training - Live Online & Classroom

    MapReduce Design Patterns course takes the MapReduce developers on the path of writing MapReduce code as experts would, using well established Design Patterns.The concepts like Shuffling Pattern, Description, Applicability, Structure (how mappers, combiners & reducers are used in this pattern), use cases, analogies to Pig & SLQ, Performance Analysis, and how to apply MapReduce to real world use cases will be covered in the course.
  5. Cassandra Crunch training

    Cassandra Crunch Training - Live Online & Classroom

  6. Big Data and Hadoop

    Hadoop Training in Bangalore- Live Online & Classroom

    Big Data and Hadoop is an ecosystem of open source components that fundamentally changes the way enterprises store, process, and analyze data.
  7. Hadoop Administration Certification Training

    Hadoop Administration- Live Online & Classroom

    Hadoop administrator training course from myTectra provides participants with a comprehensive understanding of all the steps necessary to operate and maintain a Hadoop cluster using Apache Hadoop Distribution. From installation and configuration through load balancing, security and tuning,myTectra’s training course will provide hands-on preparation for the real-world challenges faced by Hadoop administrators.
  8. Mastering Python

    Python Training in Bangalore- Live Online & Classroom

  9. Mastering Devops

    Devops Training - Live Online & Classroom DevOps Certification Training helps you master Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment with tools such as GIT, Jenkins, Puppet, Chef , Docker, Ansible, SaltStack and Nagios to automate multiple steps in SDLC. myTectra is the Market Leader in offering DevOps Training in Bangalore using classroom and Online Training Globally.
  10. Pentaho BI Training

    Pentaho BI training in Bangalore - Live Online & Classroom

  11. Tableau

    Tableau training in Bangalore - Live Online & Classroom

  12.  Mastering OpenStack

    OpenStack Training in Bangalore - Live Online & Classroom

  13.  Mastering MongoDB

    MongoDB training in Bangalore - Live Online & Classroom

    This MongoDB® Training Certification course will help you to master one of the most popular NoSQL databases. This course is designed to provide knowledge and skills to become a successful mongoDB® expert. The course covers a range of NoSQL and mongoDB® topics such as CRUD Operations, Schema Design and Data Modelling, Scalability etc.
  14. Mastering Cassandra

    Cassandra training in Bangalore - Live Online & Classroom

    The Apache Cassandra course at myTectra starts with the fundamental concepts of using a highly-scalable, column-oriented database to implement appropriate use cases. It will cover topics like Cassandra Datamodels,Cassandra Architecture, Differences between RDBMS and Cassandra to name a few. There will be many challenging, practical and focused hands-on exercises for the learners during this course. Apache Cassandra™ , an Apache Software Foundation project, is an open-source NoSQL distributed database management system. Apache Cassandra was originally developed at Facebook, and is used by many companies today. While many developers have embraced simpler NoSQL variants (like MongoDB and CouchDB), Cassandra is possibly at the forefront of the NoSQL innovation, providing a level of reliability and fine tuning not found in many of the competitors' offerings.
  15. Data Science

    Data Science Training in Bangalore - Live Online & Classroom

    Harvard Business Review named data scientist the "sexiest job of the 21st century".This Data Science course will cover the whole data life cycle ranging from Data Acquisition and Data Storage using R-Hadoop concepts, Applying modelling through R programming using Machine learning algorithms and illustrate impeccable Data Visualization by leveraging on 'R' capabilities.With companies across industries striving to bring their research and analysis (R&A) departments up to speed, the demand for qualified data scientists is rising.

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